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Vacation Spots in Bahamas

By: Damey Wiskersen

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The excellent position on the globe increases the chances of its flourishment as a vacation spot. The Bahamas is located on the north of Cuba and Caribbean, northwest of Britain overseas area, and the east of United States of America. Now the object of this article is to mention some of the names of the vacation spots of Bahamas so the people may be helped somewhat.

First we have to mention some names, which represents the most beautiful landscapes and sightseeing inBahamas. Since the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is the collective name of some 700 odd islands so that one has to visit some special islands to enjoy the beauty of nature. From those islands we have to mention some islands like Bimini, Aboco, Cat Island, San Salvadore, Crooked Islands etc. Also the biggest attraction is the island Nassau which also servers as the capital city of The Bahamas.

Now let us see some specialties in The Bahamas can thoroughly be enjoyed. There is a garden full of excellent statues called Versailles Gardens, which is located in the Paradise Island of The Bahamas. Among all the statues of the garden, the most famous one is the Cloisters made of the French Stones of about 14th Century. One of the largest Rum refinery factories called Bacardi Distillery is situated in the New Province Island of The Bahamas! A 102-foot staircase, linking the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Fort Fincastle called Queen's staircase is one of the main attractions in Bahamas. Ardastra Gardens and Conservation center of Nassau is a famous place, where some rare animals and plants! The buildings like Government House and Balcony House of Nassau have real beautiful architectures and also praised by the tourists from the ages!

Now, one must feel him unlucky if he couldn't be able to visit 'The Changing Of The Guards' held in Nassau. This Change of Guards is basically a beautiful ceremony use to be held in every Saturday. The Police band of Nassau performs in this beautiful ceremony. And if the people are planning to visit Bahamas during the X-MAS, the Junkanoo Festival Expo will be the must-visiting place for them. Junkanoo is a colorful festival with lots of music.

The history comes in front of eyes when one sees the old forts like Fort Charlotte, Fort Fincastle or the Fort Mantagu in his eyes. There is also a garden in Nassau, which only dedicated to the wide range of palm trees. The garden is known as The Retreat!

One of the wonders of Bahamas is the Crystal Cay! This Crystal Cay is one of the largest zoo cum aquariums of the world. Interestingly, t occupies a whole island of Bahamas.

Along with the above-mentioned names one must visit the following vacation spots of Bahamas. Some them are Christ Church Cathedral, Parliament Square, Royal Victoria Gardens, Roselawn Museum, The Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation, The Bahamas Historical Society Museum, Pirates of Nassau etc.

Now, Bahamas is too beautiful vacation place to write about in some words. Though it was a little attempt to inform you about the specialties of The Bahamas. But the real-life visiting of The Bahamas will always be more beautiful and more interesting than this article!

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