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Common Hemorrhoids Symptoms

By: Sandy Rowde..

Inflammation of hemorrhoid tissue usually comes without warning or prior notice. One can just realize that he or she has hemorrhoid problems if bleeding and pain from the anal canal occur. Notably, hemorrhoids are the skin tissues that can be found in the anal canal. Extensive pressure towards the blood vessels of these hemorrhoid tissues leads to inflammation - thus, the swollen-effect in the vein or the sac-like protrusion in the anal canal.

Common Hemorrhoids Symptoms

1. Bleeding in the anus or blood in stool is one of the major sign and symptom of hemorrhoids. Bleeding can be detected during bowel movements as can be seen at the stool or at the toilet paper being used for cleaning after defecation. Bleeding might be a result of a ruptured hemorrhoid during bowel movement. Meanwhile, unexplained bleeding should be reported immediately to a doctor since this could be another symptom for a higher and more complicated illnesses such as gastrointestinal problems, rectal polyps, and colorectal cancer.

2. Pain in the anus or rectum is also another symptom of hemorrhoids. Usually, this pain also comes with bleeding. Unusual pain is very evident among external hemorrhoids because it is the one that is likely being more exposed to outside disturbances such as accidental touches and uncomfortable clothing.

3. The protrusion of a sac-like tissue out of the anus is also another big sign of hemorrhoids. Any tissue that protrudes from the anus and does not disappear for longer days is something that should be given attention. This sac-like protrusion might be a manifestation of an external hemorrhoid, or it can also be an internal hemorrhoid that protrudes until the outer lining of the anal canal.

4. Rectal itching can be another form of a hemorrhoids symptom. The sudden itchy feeling and burning sensation in the anus due to other reason than pinworms can be attributed to the existence of hemorrhoids. An individual should refrain from over rubbing his or her anus in cases like this in order to avoid further irritation that might eventually lead to pain.

5. Chronic diarrhea and constipation without any known cause can be another sign of hemorrhoids. Uncontrolled abdominal bloating can also serve as another sign. Early stages of symptoms such as this should be referred right away to a doctor so that proper medical care will be provided.

Different causes of hemorrhoids may be as follows:

- pregnancy: the pressure brought by a bulging heavy belly can be a cause for hemorrhoids - obesity: just like pregnancy, the heavy built of the person contributes a lot in putting pressure on the lower abdomen. - coughing/sneezing/vomiting: doing one of these things often can trigger pressure in the body since it involves force in doing such - prolonged sitting and standing in one position - constipation: this often result to straining during bowel movement; intense pushing during defecation might aggravate the formation of inflamed/swollen hemorrhoid tissues. - anal intercourse: too much rubbing in the anal area also triggers hemorrhoids.

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