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Don't Let Obstacles to Make you Fail in your Diet

By: Amy Nutt

Going on a diet is no simple undertaking. It takes careful planning, time, energy, willpower and money to reach a diet goal. And the journey to losing weight and keeping it off is plagued with potholes, pitfalls and danger zones.

The number one obstacle to your successful diet? Not losing weight fast enough. We have been fed an incredible amount of misinformation about weight loss. TV commercials and other advertisements as well as content in magazines, blogs and TV shows have all fed us fairy tales about losing large amounts of weight very quickly, usually with the aid of some "miracle" diet or product. These situations are either highly unusual or based on an unsustainable weight loss caused by a fad diet or product. The truth is that real, meaningful weight loss is a slow process. For years, doctors and nutritionists have said healthy weight loss means losing no more than two pounds per week. For a person who wants to lose 40 or 50 pounds, that might seem extremely slow and lead to impatience and frustration.

Another obstacle to a successful diet is the fact that many food products that are misleadingly market, causing people to believe they are eating healthy food when they are not. Before the low-carb craze became so widespread, many very sugary products were sold with big, flashy labels on the front that said "fat free." Much of these products are still sold that way. A quick look at the nutritional information on the back will reveal that while such foods are low in fact, they extremely high in diet-wrecking sugars.

Now that the Atkins Diet and other low or no carbohydrate diets have become prevalent, some food manufacturers are taking advantage of legal loopholes to falsely sell products as "low carb." They use mathematical trickery to label products with phrases like "5 Net Carbs," when the nutritional panel reads otherwise. These companies accomplish this by using sugar alcohols as sweeteners, which aren't classified as carbohydrates but elicit the same response. These food products are often labeled with confusing jargon, but the truth is they are just as unhealthy as conventionally sweetened products. if you are committed to your diet, be sure and check the nutritional information on everything you buy.

Why else do diets fail? Because they're difficult. People derive a significant amount of pleasure from eating unhealthy foods. As time goes on, more and more research is coming out that examines the effect of sweet and fatty foods on our brains. Many people struggle with addiction to unhealthy foods like others struggle with alcohol or nicotine. Again, it takes a huge amount of willpower to diet successfully. If you are attempting a weight loss program, having the support of your friends and family can help a great deal.

Trends in today's world present even more obstacles to weight loss. The prevalence of fast food in combination with increasing demands on our time can be a toxic combination. We are rushed to get out meals, which can lead to very unhealthy choices like hamburgers or pizza. Committing to a diet means taking time to buy and prepare healthy foods. Also, the increasingly prevalent presence of technology tempts us to spend our free time watching digital cable on our HD TV's, playing video games or using the internet rather than exercising. Exercise is crucial to the long-term success of any diet, and cannot be neglected.

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