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Finding an Effective Grip On Your Golf Club

By: Leroy Calstard

Saying something is often far easier than actually doing it or making it happen. For golfers, it is easy to suggest that a good grip will result in a poorly played game. It is also easy to state that a good golf grip is essential to a quality golf swing. But, what exactly is a �good grip?� If you do not already have one, how can you get a good grip? These are only some of the questions a new golfer, in particular, may have.

Well, the latest a golf gadget that helped you put and end to your awful slice will not do it, nor will you find a perfect golf grip at your local golf store. In fact, if you were to ask a variety of golfers what the perfect grip was, they would very likely demonstrate an equal number of �perfect grips.�

This is because a good golf grip is really comes to several factors. The game of golf is not a science and cannot be played according to a pre-determined formula. Fortunately, though, there are some things you can do to improve your trip. Here are some tips recommended by professionals.

Be sure the grip on your golf club is right for you. If you are not playing with your personal club s, you may find that you play a fairly poorer game. A new set of clubs may be a great gift, but to the golfer, they may not be so great once out on the course since the clubs need to fit the golfer. One pair of gloves do not fit all golfers, and the same theory applies for golf grips. Since golf grips are made for the individual golfer, spend a little time finding a fit that is best for you.

Comfort is also important. Regardless of the golf grip you prefer, you must be comfortable with that grip. If you are continually thinking of �how� to grip, then you cannot focus on anything else, like the game. Most golfers do spend time practicing his or her grip, but this should not be the most time-consuming part of playing the game.

Do not hesitate to change your grip if it is simply not working. If you are not happy with it, then try something else. If the grip on your golf clubs is too large, or the grip is uncomfortable, fix the problem. Take a closer look at your methods and equipment you are using and make any necessary adjustments. The only caveat would be if you are working with a professional coach who will not permit any such adjustments. Otherwise, you will appreciate the changes you make as comfort in your golf grip is important.

Finally, if someone is suggesting another method that may work better, go ahead and try it. Any change in your golf grip will likely result in some minor discomfort, but with some practice, the grip change will gradually feel more natural. You can always go back to your former grip if it is not working. Remember, if your golf grip is not right for you, it will show through in your overall game once on the course.

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