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How to contact your Higher Self

By: Basavaraj Udapudi

In finding true expression of your life, the higher self epitomizes that goal. Fullfilling your heart's desire and finding the purpose for your soul is why the higher self exists. Joy, empowerment and self confidence are the positive experiences that come as a result of a higher self being acknowledged. It uses the faculties-mental ability of clairvoyance-(the supposed ability to see things beyond the range of normal human vision), along with Clairaudience-(the ability to hear things beyond the normal hearing), clairsentience-(the condition of being conscious or aware and intuition), to guide us before we realize the need. Connecting with the higher self takes practice, refinement, dedication, and discipline.

Higher self is a wise and highly perceptive, unconditionally interested in your highest good, and capable of figuring out where you are getting off track with the same intensity that is required to get you to really listen.In this sense your higher self is a powerful mentor. You can certainly get assistance from your powerful mentor if you are setting out to change your life or achieve other types of seemingly impossible things and get stuck in important decisions of your life.

How to get assistance from your higher self: Here is a two step formula to contact your higher self. 1) The more relaxed you are mentally and physically, the better your contact with the higher self will be. So the best way to contact the higher self is through meditation. Then ask the higher self for the solution to any area of your life situations and decisions. 2)Keeping the conscious mind in an expectant but detached attitude is very important. Otherwise the other levels of mind would attempt to pose guesses as true knowledge thereby often confusing the true information received from the higher self. Usually the first impression or thought to pop up in your mind is the right one. Record it at once or speak it out-before your conscious mind has a chance to argue you out. However, you must analyze each experience to make sure it is not made up of your fears, worries, wishful thoughts, prejudices or imaginations before accepting the impressions as genuine or acting on them. As a matter of fact, a true higher self experience generally carries a feeling of joy, well being, authenticity, enthusiasm, contentment, clarity and conviction about it. As you gain more proficiency in using your ability to recognize answers from the higher self you will be able to recognize this feeling of conviction quite easily.

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