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  • The ideal way to live healthy while aging  By : Graham Waite..
    Aging or getting older is something we all will face someday in our lives. As we age our bodies starts to work less effectively. As the body declines, noticable aging signs appear including wrinkles, crows feet, weight gain, weight loss, cellulite, other visible effects. To reduce the aging signs we must take action to maintain our health as it was when we were younger.
  • Aging and what you eat the facts and the fiction  By : Graham Foster..
    As you begin aging you have to eat correctly in order to remain healthy. If you do not eat right, your body does not get the right nutrition it needs to stay healthy as you continue getting older. Your body needs food that promotes energy, making it run effectively. Too much food is not healthy for you and not enough of the right foods can also be detrimental to your health

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