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  • Facts to Know About The Bird Flu  By : Gail Mason
    Should you be worried about the bird flu? Probably, but especially if you learn that it has mutated into this much more lethal form of being able to move from a human to another human. Hopefully, enough preventative measures will be in place to keep this from becoming the pandemic that it can be.

  • The Bird Flu As It Is  By : Gail Mason
    The bird flu story is one that is continuously changing. Because this virus is a virus, it has the ability to mutate into, well, whatever it would like to be. The world is full of various viruses. In the United States and most modern countries, the most common viruses that you probably know are those that you get every winter. That is, the common cold and the common flu. These two are usually different, at least slightly each year. Unlike a disease that is caused by bacteria, there is no cure for these viruses because of just how fast they can mutate. For example, should a doctor find a cure for the common cold, it would likely be rendered useless by the next cold season.

  • What Are the Symptoms of the Bird Flu?  By : Gail Mason
    The bird flu is a strain of the influenza A virus. That means that it is quite similar to other types of flu. But, what makes the bird flu so troublesome is the fact that it is a deadly virus. The bird flu is a virus which is heavily dominated in Asia and Northern Africa as well as in the Middle East. In these areas, birds that have become infected with the bird flu have had a mortality rate that is 100%. In human cases of the bird flu in these areas, the mortality rate is around 60%. That is still quite a big number and a much too scary number to not worry about.
  • Do I Have the Bird Flu?  By : Gail Mason
    In the flu season this year, it may be a little more worrisome if you do come down with the flu. So many people are hearing stories on the nightly news claiming that the bird flu is likely to spread and there are going to be millions of people that will perish from it should it actually happen. The problem with this is, though, that the bird flu is as of yet not able to move from one person to another person. It can only go from a bird to a human. Unless you work with birds heavily, you probably have no way of contracting the bird flu as of yet.
  • What Could Happen If the Bird Flu Mutates?  By : Gail Mason
    The biggest fear of those that know about the bird flu is that they are worried, and rightly so, that the bird flu could become a virus that can move from one person to another person like other influenza viruses do. If you think about it for a moment, it will worry you. Just think about how many times you have been at work and your co worker has come in with the flu. They have too much work to do, right? The problem is that within a matter of minutes, you have become infected. Within a week you are sick. In the case of the bird flu, this could be potentially deadly.

  • Is Anyone Doing Anything About the Bird Flu?  By : Gail Mason
    With the news media scaring everyone about the bird flu, there is no doubt that many people are wondering just what is being done to stop it from spreading from one person to the next person. It is commonly thought to be a deadly virus, which is true. But, what people do not realize is that there are many people working to develop antivirals to help ward off the strain of the flu that is so deadly. The bird flu, as of yet, has not been able to be spread from one person to another person. It can only be transmitted from an infected bird to a person.
  • How Does the Bird Flu Spread?  By : Gail Mason
    One of the most important things that scientists are working on is learning just how the bird flu moves from one bird to the next and how and why it goes from the infected bird to the human. Like any other type of virus, it is hard to tell the specifics about it because it is continuously mutating. But, it can very well be understood by those that are studying it closely. The good news is that they are learning quite a bit about this possible pandemic before it becomes anything close to that. Hopefully, that is a good sign.
  • Understanding the Bird Flu  By : Gail Mason
    You may have heard a lot about the bird flu on the news. Everyone is talking about it because there is the potential that millions of people could become infected with it and many of them (more than half) may die from it. With that said, you should also know that the bird flu is not a major threat to the human population as of yet because it has not mutated into a virus that can be spread from person to person. It can only be spread from one bird to the next. But, just what is the bird flu and where did it come from?
  • Should I Be Worried About the Bird Flu?  By : Gail Mason
    The bird flu, or the avian flu, has become something that is talked about heavily in the news media. That is because it has fast become one of the world�s largest concerns as far as health matters go. Many people have little knowledge of what the bird flu is, but hear so much on the television and radio that it is worrying them. Avian flu has not gotten to the point where people should be overly concerned. That does not mean that it can not get to that point just yet. That has yet to be seen.

  • What Makes Bird Flu So Bad?  By : Gail Mason
    Now, the common flu and the common cold are things that most of us will deal with on a regular basis. But, serious flu strains, as they are called when the virus has mutated and is different from others, can also be deadly. The bird flu happens to be one of those deadly cases of flu. It is believed to be strong enough and fast enough moving in the body to cause a person to become sick quickly and then worsen until it becomes fatal
  • What Is the Bird Flu?  By : Gail Mason
    The bird flu is making noise around the world. This is quite a deadly virus that is moving from country to country making its rounds. But, what is it and where in the world did it come from? Having the knowledge you need about this virus can help you to better understand and prepare for it, should the time come.

    The bird flu is actually the H5N1 virus.

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