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  • Build Muscle Without Weights - Simple Yet Effective Methods  By : Lawrence T.
    When I couldn't make time to go gym for my workouts, I can still get a good workout at home even without using dumbbells but purely using my own bodyweight.
  • The Real Definition Of Physical Fitness  By : Reeveso
    My definition of physical fitness is quite different than the average persons views on this subject. To me, physical fitness goes way beyond looks. It involves the ability to use your body in various situations and training it as a whole.
  • Seven Mistakes Cyclists Make  By : Colin Johnson
    The Tour De France seems to capture the imagination of an increasing number every year and results in more and more fitness and health conscious folk dusting off their cycles and hitting the streets. For the enthusiast, expert or novice, there are a number of points to consider and act upon before embarking on your adventures. Ignorance is not bliss. Absorb all the advice you can get before heading off and having fun.
  • An Effective Cardio Workout That Torches Body Fat  By : Rusty Moore
    The Traditional Cardio Workout Programs
  • Keep Fit While Traveling: 7 Tips for Taking Your Workout on the Road  By : Jeanie Callen Barat
    Vacations are the perfect time to enjoy much needed rest & relaxation but keeping your exercise routine consistent while you�re traveling can make your time away more enjoyable. Here�s how.
  • Gain Weight: Why Do It?  By : Roger Gordon..
    There are many different reasons why people want to gain weight. The important to understand before you start trying to gain weight is why you are underweight. Since there are so many reasons why people are underweight you need to know what your own personal reasons are all about. You might want to talk to your doctor to see if you really are at low body weight for your body type of if you are have poor body image that is affecting the way you feel about yourself.
  • Physical Fitness Education as Part of School Curriculum  By : George Petrova
    Physical fitness is a tremendously important topic for school aged children today. These classes stress the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle that has become crucial now more than ever. With kids living a sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy diets, physical fitness should be a top priority in schools across this country. Unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints, many school districts are forced to drastically cut or completely eliminate this part of education.

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