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  • Dont Get Lasik unless you got a good surgeon  By : Johnny B. Goode
    laser eye surgery is a type of operation that is gaining much popularity these days. Lasik is surgery with a high success ratio but it is very important to make sure you have a highly reputable doctor. Finding a good Lasik doctor is absolutely necessary to avoid any adverse outcomes later.
  • Flattening the Recalcitrant LASIK Flap Fold & Epithelial Ingrowth after Lasik  By : Sam Melki
    Lasik flap folds can induce irregular astigmatism with optical aberrations and loss of BCVA especially if they involve the visual axis. 'Macrofolds' are easily seen by slitlamp exam and represent full thickness flap tenting in a linear fashion. On the other hand, 'microfolds' within the flap itself may represent wrinkles in Bowman's layer or in the epithelial basement membrane.
  • Lasik Flap Dilemmas  By : Sam Melki
    Obtaining adequate suction to certain globes is occasionally an elusive target. This includes small hyperopic eyes, flat or small diameter corneas, narrow palpebral fissures´┐Ż If the level of myopia permits, one has to remember that PRK is always an available option and patients must be made aware of this alternative and be consented for it prior to the procedure.
  • Managing Lasik Flap Buttonholes  By : Sam Melki
    Thin, irregular and perforated flaps seem to result from a common etiology; an inadequate coupling of the blade to the cornea. Steep corneas have been compared to tennis balls that would buckle centrally upon applanating pressure.
  • Managing Lasik Keratome Complications  By : Sam Melki
    State of the art LASIK technology avoids the following problems during
    quality laser eye surgery

    The Sliding Suction Ring

    Application of adequate suction is essential
    for intraocular pressure
    upsurge and dissection of good quality corneal
    flaps. On occasion, the suction ring slides prior to the buildup of
  • LASIK. Laser Eye Vision Correction. Is it the Right Choice for You?  By : Dr. Kim Robbins
    LASIK or Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis offers a number of benefits over other forms of laser vision correction because it is performed under a protective layer of corneal tissue.

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