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  • Important info about your First Aid Kit  By : RM Coheni
    When an individual is in the area where someone is injured, wounded, burned or suffers any other injury, it is beneficial to have a FIRST AID KIT immediately available in order to assist. When someone requires help, he/she ( and even an animal) depends on you to provide first aid in some manner. In daily life, many instances of medical intervention can be accomplished, if a good first aid kit is readily available. Treating a wound with appropriate aids, keeps the injured person stable until expert medical assistance arrives. If the wound is dressed properly, the injured person can continue his/her activity. Having a first aid kit and learning how to use it is the first step in preventing a serious medical problem.
  • First aid for asthma  By :
    Asthma is a never-ending, inflammatory disease in which the airways become sensitive to allergens (any substance that triggers an allergic reaction).
    Give 4 puffs of a blue Reliever inhaler� Ventolin, Airomir, Bricanyl, or Asmol
  • Choking first aid  By :
    Causing difficulty in breathing and especially through lack of fresh air and presence of heat. Free breathing needs to be restored within four minutes or brain damage could result. As a person will most likely die if breathing is not restored within 8 minutes or less, so there is rarely time to wait for help to arrive. Immediate first aid techniques need to be administered to clear the airway as quickly as possible.
  • Basic First Aid: Right Aid at the right time can save a life  By :
    Life is full of uncertainties. Accidents happen uninvited. Providing the right aid at the right time can save the victim. What is most important is to give the correct response. Every person should always be prepared to face all such incidents. The simple way to handle them is to have he knowledge of the first aid. This will always come in use in case of emergency. If the emergency is late be sure you can save a persons life by giving him the right aid.

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