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  • Advice On Operating The Smith Hawken Biostack Compost Bin  By : Lawrence Jones
    You can use a compost bin to recycle junk from your backyard and kitchen. This kind of bin can trap warmth, manage water content, and guard compost from animals like dogs and insects. Products that offer more benefits can quicken the decaying process of your compost and give you the highest quality compost for your backyard. Consider the awesome features of the Smith Hawken Biostack Compost Bin and follow the guidelines on how to utilize the bin correctly.
  • Choosing the Best Plants for your Garden  By : Slavco Stefanoski
    Many times we buy plants on impulse then find there is nowhere in the garden that really suits them. Before buying plants carefully examine your garden to see how much sun and shade it gets, whether the soil is well drained or waterlogged and whether your aspect is sheltered or windswept.
    how to cultivate your vegetables in the right way.
  • Get Growing with Hydroponics  By : Angelina Pyrkins
    Modern gardeners love hydroponics for growing fresh produce year-round, but there's nothing new about this ancient gardening method.
  • Build a Hydroponics System and Get Gardening  By : Darnell Istead
    Love fresh produce, but just don't have the space for an outdoor garden? When you lack the land for a traditional garden, consider building an indoor hydroponics system.
  • Types of Water Features, Part 1  By : Terry Morrill
    There are several different types of water features out there: large, small, deep and shallow ponds, streams, waterfalls and Pondless´┐Ż Waterfalls. But what are the primary differences? And how do you know which one is right for you?
  • Delicious Vegetables From Your Garden  By : Phillip Blunzon
    There are many benefits to growing your own vegetables. It's easy and fun to do. You know whether or not pesticides have been used. The initial cost is a fraction of what you'd pay for market produce. Best of all, you can revel in the pride of reaping the rewards of your hard work.
  • Orchid Growing Tips You Need To Know  By : Vick Sutton
    Orchid growing is a splendid hobby for those who appreciate Mother Nature's beauty and grace. While enjoying orchids' exotic looks, one may think it's impossible to grow them indoors. However, nowadays a wide range of orchid species and hybrids as well as availability of orchid growing supply stores gives anyone a chance to nurture these amazing flowers at home. But don't get it wrong, it does take patience and love, no wonder an orchid has been a symbol of commitment and love for centuries.
  • Aloe Vera Plant Care  By : Jo Johansson
    It's actually very easy to care for your Aloe Vera plant. It makes a good choice for a houseplant, and you get the added benefit of having pure aloe vera gel at hand!
  • A Backyard Water Fountain Will Certainly Enhance Your Garden  By : Don Tedson
    Installing an attractive water fountain in your garden, yard or patio can generate a new focal point of acclaim. It adds an air of beauty and calmness that is certain to please all who see and hear it.
  • Summer Flowers - How and When Do You Plant Them  By : Bobbie McKee
    Are you fascinated with flowers that you can't get enough of them just by looking and/or buying from flower shops? Well, I think it's about time that you make and care for your own flower garden - that way you can sit all day and relax watching the blooming flowers in your garden. Summer flowers are and bedding plants are perfect in adding interesting look to your lawn.
  • Spring Flowers - Sign of New Beginnings  By : Bobbie McKee
    Spring season is a sign of new beginnings and delights after a long winter season. This makes the best time for wedding and nature trips, because during this time is when plentiful of different flowers can be found anywhere.
  • Preserving Flowers - How Can You Do It  By : Bobbie McKee
    Sparkling sunshine. Pretty blossoms. Evergreen leaves. Fresh zephyr. All these and more, aptly describe April approaching. Far from the knowledge of many, such month makes the desert region look stunning. It is there that bright color abounds with the sprouting of the hedgehog cacti, penstemon, acacia and palo verde, among the others.
  • Caring for Your Bonsai Tree  By : Alan Allport
    The first thing to consider when looking after a bonsai tree is watering. Watering is the most important aspect of bonsai tree care. This is especially true if the bonsai tree is kept indoors for prolonged periods. How much water you need to give will depend primarily on two things: the type of soil and the species of bonsai. Different types of soils absorb and retain water at differing rates. You will also find that different bonsai tree species need differing amounts of water to thrive.
  • Guide to Preserving Flowers  By : Bobbie McKee
    Admit it or not but, receiving a well-arranged bouquet or even those that have been freshly- picked from the garden by your special someone, will always be significant. It will unmistakably brighten up your facade as you gaze at one of Mother Nature's beautiful offspring. You cannot put into words that you feel like you are the loveliest person in the whole world. It may sound as an exaggeration but undeniably true. Recall the moment when you were given one, did you immediately place it in the trash bin or did you do some flower preservation?
  • Water Garden Ponds - Should You Add One To Your Yard?  By : Ingrid Kea
    A well landscaped yard can make a home appear even more beautiful. Flower gardens are lovely, however a water garden can make a home stand out even more. A water garden can be unique and beautiful making a home stand out from others in its area, more memorable than a normal flower garden.
  • Enjoying Your Backyard Retreat  By : Kelly Gillis
    With the price of travel today more and more homeowner are opting for vacations closer to home. How about a vacation in your own backyard! As a homeowner you should look at your backyard as your place to escape and a place to enjoy family and friends. What would it take for your backyard to become your oasis from the world? It may be simpler than you think to have the backyard of your dreams. And the best part is that any improvements you make in your home is the best money you can spend.
  • Lawn Mover Cuts Out The Perfect Garden!  By : Glen Crawford
    In most parts of the US the lawn mover makes a regular Saturday morning appearance. On a nice sunny morning you will be able to hear the hum of the lawn mowers as they keep up with the never ending task of clipping the lawn to perfection. A great number of people absolutely love this pursuit, and as many again think it is a necessary chore, one that has to be attended to as quickly as possible so that more interesting activities can be enjoyed.
  • Roses: All About Roses  By : Sandra T Stone
    Ask anyone who has a green thumb about rose gardening, and you may need a tape recorder to remember all the advice you'll get! Almost anyone who has an interest in gardening flowers and plants will eventually mosey into rose territory. It's almost irresistible because of the beauty and scent of one of the most popular plants on earth.
  • Build Natural Ponds In Your Garden  By : Kip Fynn
    A natural pond is a hive of activity. All sorts of animals such frogs, pond skaters, dragonflies, turtles, even the odd fox will pay a visit. These ponds are very important for the conservation of wildlife, animal and plant. As these wild oasis disappear, and they are going at a very fast rate, the plants and animals disappear too. Animals travel to man made watering holes that may be dangerous for them.
  • Great Tools for Great Gardening  By : Leilani Rolphe
    It's no wonder so many people love gardening. It allows one to spend time in perfect tranquility, tending the earth and enjoying the stillness and serenity of nature. Gardening gives you a good reason to get dirty, and feel the warm earth between your fingers and toes. You are able to enjoy a sense of accomplishment when you garden, as you carefully plant and attentively pamper your crops. Best of all, gardening produces tangible, colorful, and delicious results for all of your hard work.
  • Get Into Gardening with These Easy Steps  By : Dionne Voughar
    How many of us remember being kids, running around the yard, with the earth under bare feet, and the wind in our hair? Well, it is possible to regain that feeling as an adult, and it feels just as good! Maybe it is time to reacquaint yourself with the beautiful outdoors, and the feeling of freedom. Maybe it is time to get into gardening.
  • Simple Tips To Keep Your Tulips Looking Gorgeous  By : Hugo Bolzonello
    Did you know that tulips didn't originate in Holland even though they celebrate the tulip festival? Tulips actually came from Turkey. Tulip means turban in the Turkish language. Despite the misconception of where tulips came from they are one of the most popular, beautiful flowers today.
  • What IS Compost?  By : Jodi Reichenberger
    Compost can be a mystery if you don't understand what it is and what it's for...
    It's more than a pile of leftovers in the backyard behind the tree. It's pure gold to the organic garden. Find out why.

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