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  • Extreme Events and Transportations Role in Global Warming  By : Elias Maseko
    Gasoline-burning cars are a major contributor to global warming. In fact, they are the second largest cause of global warming pollution in the United States. It would be beneficial if the cars could be more efficient. If they could burn cleaner fuels, it would even be better.
  • The Effects Of Global Warming On Ice Age and Forestry  By : Wandile Maseko
    In the movie The Day After Tomorrow, there are many special effects including an ice event caused by global warming. Much of the science of the movie has been called into question. However, there may be some truth to the idea that global warming could cause an ice age.
  • The Climate Changes and Other Effects Due To Global Warming  By : Norman Mhlanga
    Climate changes due to global warming can be seen in the prevalence of drought. Years are becoming drier in recent decades due to global warming. This is caused by the heat that is building up around the earth's surface. Excessive evaporation intensifies drought even more during the spring and fall.
  • Climate Changes Due To Global Warming  By : Jass Sukati
    The past 9 years has produced the warmest years due to global warming. In fact, every year from the first to the second warmest years, ranked within the warmest 25 years in the US. In 2006, the annual average temperature was 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Recent warm years point to a climate change being brought on by global warming. There have been more and more frequent droughts in the West in recent years. The last 30 years in particular have seen numerous droughts. These droughts have spawned wildfires that set new records in 2006 for number of fires and of acres burned. Further proof of global warming is seen in these destructive wildfires.
  • Global Warming: The IPCC Reports  By : Alson Maseko
    With the release of the IPCC reports, attention was given as to how much of the problem was due to human activity and how much to causes in nature. Which then this report makes predictions of how the course of global warming will run in the future.

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