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  • Top Ten Ways to Work Less and Be More Productive  By : Sergeant Carpenter
    Although that title sounds akin to a get rich quick scheme, and is rather paradoxical, let me assert that it is neither. It really is a paradigm that will benefit anyone who is willing to pay close attention and take action to make it happen.
  • Who Should Set Goals?  By : Mike Johnson
    Have you ever wondered why some people never achieve a fraction of what they dream of? It's because if they don't set goals than all they are doing is just dreaming.
  • Life Coaching - Is it for you?  By : Georgina Kirk
    Is your life as you would choose it? If it isn't, why not? With a life coach to help you, you could soon be living the life you've always wanted.
  • If You Aren't Setting Goals Your Not Trying  By : Mike McMahon
    It seems like there are two different types of people in the world. The ones that are driven and seem to be bound by all the rules. And the ones that are carefree that just seem to take life as it comes. You've probably noticed that the driven ones aren't always successful or happy for that matter. What do you think setting goals has to do with it all?
  • Personal Development Goals -- Easy!  By : Wyatt Pottoe
    Everyone needs a goal to achieve -- a golden carrot -- in order to truly succeed. Goals are what draw us ahead when times are tough. They are what help us overcome resistance and problems. The most important of these are personal development goals.
  • Defeating the Homework Blues  By : Mark Lakewood, Relationship Specialist, Author, and Motivational Speaker
    If you find it difficult getting your child to complete daily homework, this article offers many suggestions and techniques by getting to the heart of the problem by challenging unhealthy beliefs and values.

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