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  • Great Golf Vacations: Living in Spain Is Not Required  By : Clinton Maxwell
    For the golf enthusiast who lives where the weather conditions do not permit playing all year round, a golf vacation is the great way to get some playing time in during the off seasons.
  • Golf Vacation With a La Manga Property  By : Clinton Maxwell
    For the golf enthusiast who lives where the weather conditions do not permit playing all year round, a golf vacation is the great way to get some playing time in during the off seasons.
  • Finding an Effective Grip On Your Golf Club  By : Leroy Calstard
    Saying something is often far easier than actually doing it or making it happen. For golfers, it is easy to suggest that a good grip will result in a poorly played game. It is also easy to state that a good golf grip is essential to a quality golf swing. But, what exactly is a �good grip?� If you do not already have one, how can you get a good grip? These are only some of the questions a new golfer, in particular, may have.
  • Above Par Golf Resorts  By : Winifred Holstone
    Sun, sand, blue skies . . . and golf? If this sounds like your idea of paradise, then a golf resort vacation could be the ideal retreat you've been looking for.
  • Golf Putting Tips To Help You Sink More Putts Consistently  By : Mary Chillders
    Putting is a tough part of the game of golf yet it can also be the part that can dramatically lower your golf scores. Most people are actually naturally pretty good putters. If you watch a lot of kids you will notice that they tend to putt pretty well even without being given any instruction of any sort.
  • Senior Golf: What You Need To Know  By : Maxwell Maseko
    With senior golf, having the right equipment makes a difference in your swing and the distance you get on the ball. As a person ages, they need different clubs that can help you swing better and drive the ball farther. The thing to look for is the club shaft flex, the length of the club and of course the lie angle. These are important factors in a golf club. Sometimes the senior golfer may take a lesson or two from a pro. This just enhances the game and you can learn some techniques that the pros use.
  • Driving Range: Improve Your Shot and New Technique  By : Peter Mason
    Most golf courses also have driving ranges, at least the reputable ones do. Driving ranges act as a practice ground for golfers. He or she can practice shots and loosen up for the actual course.
  • Better Golfing with the Seven-Wood  By : Eric Slarkowski
    If you are overlooking the potential of your seven-wood, you may want to take a closer look at the collection of clubs in your golf bag. Many golfers believe the seven-wood to be the best field wood in a golf bag.
  • Finding Equipment for the Left-Handed Golf Player  By : Linden Walhard
    The reality is that most of the world is designed for right-handed people while the left-handed are, basically, ignored. The right-handed golfer will have no problem finding proper equipment. They can find clubs anywhere in Costa Blanca, but this is not the case for the left-handed golfer who wants to play from the left-side.
  • Golf Tips - Discover Useful Tips To Lower Your Handicap  By : Mary Chillders
    The game of golf can be a very challenging one to learn and master. It requires patience and discipline to develop into a low handicap player. We all want to learn how to lower our golf handicap but the truth is that there is no magic solution. Here are some tips that may help you on your way to shooting lower golf scores.
  • Evolution of the Golf Ball  By : Emery Noile
    Ever since the first game of golf was played on a field in Scotland some 300 years ago, the sport has steadily risen in popularity. Golf itself hasn't changed much over the years, but the equipment has certainly come a long way. We can only imagine how different it was, way back in the 1700s. Even the simple golf ball has undergone many revolutionary changes until it became the dimpled, white form that we use today.
  • Buying a Better Bag: Nike Discount Golf Bags  By : Abbott Tearce
    Like many sports, golf can be a pricey way to find fun and recreation. You'll need to buy special shoes, purchase proper clothing and get all of the latest gizmos and gadgets to keep on hand. Golf clubs carry a hefty price tag, and then there are those expensive club memberships and green fees to contend with. When all that shopping is done, you may have little left over for a golf bag.
  • Putt Yourself in Golf Lessons  By : Nadia Eshott
    Ever wonder where those pro golfers got their sweet swings and perfect putts? They certainly weren't born with superhuman golfing abilities. The learned the hard way: through old-fashioned golf instruction. And so can you.
  • Some Information and Tips on Senior Golf Strategies  By : Maxwell Maseko
    As a senior golf player, a strategy you need to consider is the stance. If you are a little older, the way you present yourself to the ball will have a big impact on the game. You are going to stand differently as well as move differently when you swing. You should always keep this in mind when you are trying new clubs. If you have back problems, you will probably stand and move your body differently, which will great affect the distance you get with the ball as well as how you use the golf club.
  • Don't Forget Your Putting Practice  By : Paul Wilson..
    Putting is a huge part of a round of golf. It accounts for almost half of your shots. Because of this high percentage, practicing your putting should be high on your list when you go out to the course. Too many people neglect this part of their games and only work on their long game. Here are a few reasons why people don't practice their putting:
  • Golf Fitness Training - Build Muscle For A Better Swing  By : David Walcott
    In the game of golf, having the ball go where you want it to is not always as easy as it looks. There are so many different elements that all have to come together to culminate in the perfect swing, golfers who aren't doing as well as other players are turning to golf fitness training to improve their game. One of the first things they learn is how to strengthen their legs in order to maintain balance during the swing.
  • Funny Quotes from Golfers  By : Aazdak Alisimo..
    Golf is a game of glory and humiliation. You can shoot a birdie on one hole and hit it onto the roof of a house on the next. They have yet to build the rollercoaster that can even remotely compare and golfers know it as these quotes show.
  • Save Over $1200 On Your Golf Clubs!  By : Kevin T. Fairbanks
    Summary: Professional golfers use name brand golf clubs that are specially modified and fitted to their exact specifications. They also have a load of talent and practice practically every day for hours. Unless you fit into this mold, you are an amateur golfer probably looking for a way to save money in your favorite hobby. Here is a way to save quite a bit on what's in your golf bag and still come out ahead.
  • Bring your golf game to a new level Ram Concept Tour 400cc Driver  By : Cindy Thiesse
    Mid to high handicap golfers the Ram Concept Tour 400cc 10* Driver is perfection your looking for. Low center of gravity gives this ram driver 400cc 10* a higher initial launch trajectory for a longer distance. Designed to improve the mid to high handicap golfers game.
  • Review Of Bushnell Non-Laser Golf Scope 10-0520 Rangefinder  By : Jerry Taylor
    Do you find it hard to estimate the distance on the golf course? Then you must have a Bushnell Non-Laser Golf Scope 10-0520. This rangefinder provides you exact distance so that you can improve your game and succeed.
  • Everything You Wanted to Know about Golf Clubs, almost!  By : Kevin T. Fairbanks
    The modern golfer has an arsenal of golf clubs in their golf bag. The typical set would contain a driver, fairway woods, irons, and a putter. Each golfer has their own unique style and would have different combinations of these golf clubs. Also included would be a replacement golf club for the longer irons and fairway woods known as the golf club hybrid.
  • Secret Golf Tips  By : Bob Green..
    The better golfer is the one who knows golfing secrets that other players do not, as you may see by watching his game. Once you unearth the truth about golf, you can be as good as the very best.
  • Detailed Review Of Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour XL Rangefinder  By : Jerry Taylor
    Do you want to play golf games much easier and with better scores? Are your approach shots are stopping closer to the hole? Then you need a Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour XL Rangefinder.
  • Review Of Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 20-5103 Golf Laser Rangefinder  By : Jerry Taylor
    If you are a golf lover and want to win the game easily, choose Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 20-5103 Golf Laser Rangefinder. Because it helps you avoid yardage mistakes, improves your score and makes you a winner.
  • Golf Instruction A Good Idea For Beginners  By : Bob Green..
    Beginners that get golf lessons will get off on the right foot so they do not have to feel uncomfortable on the fairways with more experienced golfers. There are rules and regulations that all golfers should follow as not to annoy the other golfers on the course, that will be covered in the lessons.
  • Your Golf Swing - How You Can Make It Better  By : Bob Green..
    You are most likely aware that there are various techniques that you can implement to help enhance your golf swing, and so whether you are a rookie to the game of golf and need to learn how to begin, or whether you are a old pro who simply wants to improve your golf swing, then you will absolutely want to read on to learn more.
  • Golf Balls That Are Personalized  By : Bob Green
    Often, for that special person in our lives, we wish to purchase a gift that represents our appreciation and that is something they will find useful. If that person is a golfer you may have already purchased that special golf sweater, shoes or golf cap. The question is what can you get this year that will reflect your sentiments as well as something that they will enjoy.
  • Detailed Review Of Nikon Prostaff 440 Golf Rangefinder  By : Jerry Taylor
    Every golf player needs a golf rangefinder. Otherwise it would be difficult to estimate the exact distance between golf post and where you stand. And without knowing the correct distance, it's highly difficult to decide the accurate club to hit the ball to the right place.
  • Tips for curing your golf slice  By : Rick Gargin
    Here you will find interesting and hopefully useful to you tips and tricks on how to cure the golf slice.
  • Some Serious Help For Golfers  By : Ken Blaylock
    The golfing world is a funny world - many people on the sidelines watching, but a few actually playing. And among those who actually play the game, most would admit that their game leaves much to be desired.
  • Your Personal Primer Course on Golf Clubs  By : Kevin T. Fairbanks
    The modern golfer has an arsenal of golf clubs in their golf bag. The typical set would contain a driver, fairway woods, irons, and a putter. Each golfer has their own unique style and would have different combinations of these golf clubs. Also included would be a replacement golf club for the longer irons and fairway woods known as the golf club hybrid.
  • Country Club Golf Courses  By : adrian calow
    How much golf do you play? Can you justify the cost of membership against the amount you spend on green fees every time you play a round at your country club golf course?
  • Golf Etiquette Explained  By : Emery Noile
    Golf is a game rich in culture and age-old tradition. There are strict rules of etiquette to be followed in playing a game of golf -- including your choice of attire. Most golfers respect and happily comply with the rules of etiquette, and so are welcome to play at proper golf courses.
  • Great Golf with a Strong Swing  By : Farrell Harber
    You can have the most expensive clubs, the whitest shoes, or the most technically-advanced golf balls, but you'll never be a great golfer if you don't have a good, strong swing.
  • Lower Your Golf Score  By : Velda Johnes
    Virtually every athlete strives to have the highest score. If you're a golfer, though, you'll do just about anything to bring your score as low as possible. The rules may be different in the game of golf, but the competitive spirit is just as fierce.
  • Comments on the "Stack and Tilt" Golf Swing  By : Rick Hendershot
    In the most recent issue of Golf Digest (June 2007) there is a detailed description of what is called the "Stack and Tilt" swing. This golf swing is being promoted by golf coaches Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett.
  • Swing Your Head - a Surprising Golf BackSwing Technique  By : Paul Wilson
    When you are learning to play golf, a tip you will often hear is to keep your head still. Some instructors and well-meaning coaches will say it to you at leasst 50 times per round, especially when it comes to perfecting the your backswing.
  • Golf Equipment: How to choose the right Iron Set?  By : Deam Rass
    Today�s golf eqipment manufactures make several different lines of golf clubs to fit many golfers & budgets. In order to find the best fit for your game is research. Many factors that go into this descion is Skill level, Price & Brand appeal.
  • Get Fit for Golf Season: Don't Neglect These Tips  By : Morgan Fobbs
    The annual ritual of the start of golf season is coming up fast. If you want to have a better season than last year (fingers crossed!), then here are some tips for preparing in advance. And I am not simply talking about getting your golf shoes out of the garage to clean them off. Rather, you need to prepare your body itself for golfing.

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