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  • Home Air Purifies Bring Allergy Relief and More  By : Sam Ellis
    As homes have become more energy efficient by being more airtight against the weather and elements, the need to have a home air purifier has become more important. A purifier will keep the indoor air clean, ensuring a safer environment for all.
  • It's Teatime, Mind Your Manners  By : Emanuel Elley
    Tea is the beverage of choice for people around the world. Tea Time, however, belongs to the British.
  • Simple Ways To Efficiently Heat Your Home  By : Stuart Fendor
    For many people, the cold winters can be almost unbearable. If you home isn't staying warm during cold weather periods it can be awful and uncomfortable. Increased energy costs make it prohibitive for people to merely turn up the heat, but the other alternative, to suffer through isn't a better solution. There actually are other solutions. Your home may either be inefficiently producing heat or it may be inadequately insulated, allowing heat to escape. With simple changes, keeping your house toasty and warm may be easier than you think.

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