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  • The best approach to hormonal troubles  By : Mitamins Team
    Hormonal worries are best dealt with by combining a good diet with the right nutritional supplements. As your body changes, you should alter your habits to keep apace. Vitamins add more than you might expect to your health. Don�t be left behind by your body�s internal hormonal activities. After all, your hormones regulate the most important aspects of your health and wellbeing.
  • Do Herbs for Menopause Really Ease Menopausal Symptoms  By : Wendy Jones
    Going through the menopause is an experience every woman will experience in her life as it's part of the natural process of female development and growth. The name given to this change of life - menopause - comes from the Greek meanings of "cease" and "month". Roughly translated it means the end or ceasing of the monthly cycle or periods. In general, most women start to experience early menopause symptoms from their early 50s - but it can start as early as 40 and end as late as their late 50s.

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