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  • How To Lose Weight  By : Bob Gill
    If you are more than 20% over your ideal body weight, then you are considered overweight. Be careful, because being obese or overweight and you will be considered as a health risk and you should be losing weight. If you fail to listen to this advice, you could be a candidate for diabetes or heart disease.
  • Childhood Obesity: More Problems Than Most Know  By : Molten Marketing
    Childhood obesity is on the rise, and Americans know it better than anyone else. In fact, it is estimated that there are roughly millions of children currently considered overweight or obese. The question then becomes what exactly is the cause, and how are we, as a nation, to fix it?
  • Why the Diet Industry Wants to Keep You Fat  By : Stuart Hill
    On every high street there are legalised drug pushers peddling stuff every bit as addictive as any hard drugs. They are in your supermarket and even your small local shops. I'm not talking about cigarettes or alcohol. I'm talking about all the processed and convenience foods that practically everybody uses. I'm talking about such apparently harmless substances as sugar and artificial sweeteners. The processed food manufacturers want to make us junkies on their junk food.
  • Why the Diet Industry Wants to Keep You Addicted  By : Stuart Hill
    There is an abundance of addictive substances in every supermarket and most local shops. Not alcohol or cigarettes, although they are bad enough, but the actual 'food' we eat. Every bit of processed food contains substances to which we are addicted because of the way we evolved. Foods such as TV dinners, ready meals, canned foods, snacks, candy, ice-cream, fizzy drinks all contain this stuff. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, MSG - the list goes on. The processed food manufacturers feed our addiction and feed their bottom line.

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