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  • Missing Out On The Delight Of Who You Are, For What? By Elysha  By : Elysha
    What is generally known - but not really seen - is that anything that anyone does affects everyone and everything else. The ripple affect of any movement has far reaching consequences.
  • Deeply At Rest In And As Who You Actually Are by Elysha  By : Elysha
    You realizing this �you� of you on a momentary basis while flowing through this mindbody that you find yourself flowing through; you learning to move from this place of the seeing and being of who you truly are; you coming to realize - for yourself - how there is nothing for you to do as this �you� of you is already complete
  • The Energetic And Spiritual Times Have Changed by Elysha  By : Elysha
    You however, have the energy and attention � if you so wish � to actually find this �you� of you that is flowing through your eyes and to stop right here as this one. This you now can do, if you so wish � it is entirely up to you and what you are willing to do to make this work for you.
  • If You Wish To Come Home And Be Deeply At Rest In The Immensity Of Your Heart by Elysha  By : Elysha
    A wave of the heart enters your life movement of trying to be who you think you are and you are desirous of being the clarity of this heart; this same wave recedes and you are left with the isolated and separated movement of trying to be who you think you are - again and again. This is what you suffer.
  • The Practice Of Not Furthering Out From This One by Elysha  By : Elysha
    You can certainly receive "siddhi" - spiritual juice or power - from outside of yourself but this cannot relieve you of your own daily activity of trying to be something that is not true of who "you" are.
  • Meditation Kabbalah Style  By : Darnell Istead
    Is Kabbalah wisdom? Where can you find it? How can you achieve it?
  • Falling In Love With Who You Are Is Inevitable by Elysha  By : Elysha
    It not only has you in love with your self but it also has you in deep gratitude with having the capacity to being able to find and stop at and as this "you" of you, and of coming to being deeply at rest as this one that is flowing through the eyes of this mindbody that you find your self flowing through.
  • Who You Are Is Already Free Of All Of This Stuff by Elysha  By : Elysha
    Transcendence of the very activity that keeps you so utterly bound up by its resistance and informancy of this mindbody that you find yourself so intimately involved with, is freely available to you right now.
  • A Simple "Flick Of The Switch" Of Your Attention From The Inattention Of Unconsciousness To Conscious Attention by Elysha  By : Elysha
    You are to find this one that is seeing through your eyes - the seer - by consciously aligning your focus of attention to this very "aliveness" that is flowing through your eyes in this moment. Then you are to stop at and as this one that is "you". This you can do because it is "you".
  • This "You" Of You Is What Is Real And Is The Pure Energy Of Life Itself by Elysha  By : Elysha
    You will realize that there is no fight left - nothing to fight; no one to fight with; nothing to defend; no stance to take - as this "you" of you is already free of such childishness. You will be at peace, fully content, being the love of the heart of "you."
  • The Timeless Now Of Eternity by Elysha  By : Elysha
    This you can "do" - the "doing" being an act of no longer doing what you are currently trying to do - because this "you" of you already is. Who you are is this "motion of seeing" that is flowing through your eyes right now; it is the seer, the one that is looking and peering through.
  • Refuse To Play The Game Of Your Mind by Elysha  By : Elysha
    This being the "you" that you already are will have you turning away from the thoughts of your mind, rather than having you lost in these thoughts - as if you were your mind. Your mind is not your concern. It is just more of the many arisings of what is notyou notyou. Leave it alone. Let it do what it does - it does anyway - it has nothing to do with who you are.
  • The Incremental Delight And Wonderment of Realizing Your Self by Elysha  By : Elysha
    The beauty of the perplexity that arises out of the old tendencies of moving as if you are the mindbody and the incoming learnings and awakenings of the seeing and being of this "you" that you are beginning to become aware of as actually being "you." You would not want to miss any of it for all of the rice in Asia.
  • The Foundation Of All Desire Is The Desire To Be The Heart by Elysha  By : Elysha
    The magic of being "you" runs a lot deeper than this beginning stage of finding this "you" of you, but you cannot come to the clarity and quality of who you are if you do not get on with the seeing and being of who "you" are to begin with. First things first, one step at a time, from this moment to the next "this moment."
  • Learn To Leave Alone The Unconscious Activity Of Trying To Be The Mindbody by Elysha  By : Elysha
    True happiness is completely causeless; it is not reliant on a thing; it is its own reward, its own pleasure. It is immutable and immovable even as it is constantly changing and forever increasing in its movement into its own manifestation.
  • Freedom Of Your Heart by Elysha  By : Elysha
    You already are what you say you are looking for. You keep on trying to work out what you are doing "wrong" in terms of "being" the clarity of your heart without coming to understand that you are constantly and consistently furthering "out" from this "you" that is already here and flowing through the eyes of this mindbody that you find yourself flowing through.
  • This Motion Of Seeing Which Is Flowing Through Your Eyes by Elysha  By : Elysha
    The only reason you can be this "motion of seeing" is because it is you. You cannot be what you are not. You cannot be your mind - it is "your" mind. "Me" and "mine" are not you. Anything that you can perceive is not you. Anything that is "yours" is not you - who you are. You cannot "attain" who you are - you can only be who you are.
  • Shift The Focus Of Your Conscious Attention To The Eyes by Elysha  By : Elysha
    Realizing that who you are is impersonal, even as it flows through and animates a person - with no contradiction in the facts of it all; realizing that the mindbody that you find yourself driving around through is nothing but a "hollow bamboo" for the lips of the divine one - this "you" of you - to flow the song of existence through.
  • Causeless Happiness Is Who You Are Already by Elysha  By : Elysha
    As more of this divine one that you are is seen, through you being deeply at rest at and as this one - instead of you being distracted by the movement and motion of you trying to be who you think you are - you learn to move from this "you" of you while the dance of life continues to be danced through this mindbody that you find yourself flowing through.
  • Simple Freedom As The One Flowing Through Your Eyes by Elysha  By : Elysha
    The immediacy of consciously being that which you are and have always been is not something that has ever been available to humans before. A completely new wine has fountained forth and it cannot be stored in the manner that we have been accustomed to storing wine; the old wine skins are no longer a valid receptacle; they are no longer capable of storing the quality that this new wine is.
  • Is There Something Missing In Your Life?  By : Elysha
    As you begin to realize who you truly are right now you will begin to see just how much in love with your self you are. You really do love yourself. It is primal.
  • Are You Waiting On Grace To Intervene?  By : Elysha
    You can even run around laying your hands on peoples heads while thinking of your guru, informing them that they might become enlightened while you are persisting in not "seeing and being" who you truly are - you may even be the one that is having the hands layed on your head while you are experiencing beatific visions. This is not you.
  • A Very Different Mode Of Attention Is Required For Self Realization  By : Elysha
    Without a clear desire to be home you will only whistle around in the wind being distracted by whatever should "wink" at you - kind of like what is currently going on.
  • The Golden Elixir Of Self Realization  By : Elysha
    Internally "out there" or externally "out there" is not going to have you standing freely in the reality of who you already are. Going "within" means aligning your focus of attention to that which already is. And it is flowing through who you think you are. It is flowing through your mindbody. Without it your mindbody would not even be.
  • Aligning Your Conscious Attention To Who You Are  By : Elysha
    If you are not being who you are then you are attempting to be something that was never true of you to begin with. This brings you misery, pain and suffering - with "spatterings" of pleasure.
  • You Are Already Good Enough To Be Enlightened  By : Elysha
    Many of today's teachers have come to this place where they have "experienced" a moment of who they are but they do not simply abide here. They do not lose who they think they are in the moment by moment beingness of their self, their heart. They talk all "about" what it is like to be the one that is true of everyone. They do not truly "know" who they are and they do not "draw" those who are suffering the illusion of their own creation and sustenance into the "well of being."
  • Living Life According to Conditioning  By : Elysha
    Even if you did have "free time" you would not know what to do with yourself. There is no shortage of distraction to keep you occupied, to keep you from investigating just who it is that you truly are. No matter what you manage to "attain" for yourself it finally turns to custard.
  • Amantadine Antiviral Drug  By : Olivia Andrews
    Amantadine is an antiviral drug. It is used to prevent or treat certain influenza infection. Amantadine will not work for colds, other types of flu, or other virus infection.

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