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  • Your Hybrid Car Engine  By : Anton Rowd
    Your hybrid car's environment-friendly features lie in its engine. They are a combination of a gas engine and an electric motor that assists a car as it accelerates, slows down and even when it stops. Throughout all these basic actions, the hybrid car engine plays a major role so that the least amount of gas is used and cleaner emissions achieved.
  • The Types of Hybrid Cars and General Battery Packs  By : Gugu Maseko
    There are several different types of hybrid cars, so people have a good amount of choices available to them when they make their way to the dealership. This may be good or bad for consumers. Some car buyers were already blown away by all of the colors and accessories available to them. Now, they have to deal with this fact: There are many different types of hybrid cars. In any case, a person should choose the hybrid car that is suitable to their needs.
  • What's All the Buzz on Hybrid Cars?  By : Sandy Maseko
    You could buy a smaller car and sacrifice style, size, and reputation, but who wants to drive around in a dumpy little car when they could be driving a gigantic SUV? With all of the options that exist for saving gas, there is one that makes a lot more sense than all of the others: Get a hybrid car. However, does a hybrid car really save you money?
  • The Basics on Hybrid Cars  By : Gugu Maseko
    Surprisingly, hybrid cars were around even before gas-powered cars. Back in about the year 1665, a Jesuit priest by the name of Ferdinand Verbeist began plans for a certain type of vehicle. That vehicle would be very simple, nothing complex, or intricate. Simple was all he wanted. So Ferdinand planned out a car that would have four wheels and would run only on steam. It took about fifteen years of work for Ferdinand to go through with his plan. He labored to perfect his dream car. But no one knows if he ever finished because there is no evidence that his concept existed.
  • Some Quick Reviews on Hybrid Cars  By : Gugu Maseko
    Just where did a hybrid car get its start? Well, read on to find out. Hybrid cars are very popular for today's car buyers, and there are many reasons why. But before you even think about choosing to buy a hybrid car, you might want to know a little bit about the history of a hybrid car first.
  • New Hybrid Car Comparison  By : Anton Rowd
    Hybrid cars operate on the concept of utilizing gas and electric motors in maximizing fuel consumption and longer mileage. However, this does not mean that all the hybrid vehicles available on the market all achieve the same mileage and use up the same amount of fuel. Here is a hybrid car comparison of some vehicles from different brand manufacturers.
  • Low Fuel Economy:The Number One Reason!  By : Scott Siegel
    There is one activity that is the number one gas robbing activity. It is a constant battle to minimize this problem. Every day you drive your car you face this problem.
  • Hybrid Vehicles - Two Incorrect Assumptions  By : Aazdak Alissimmo
    If you demand it, companies will come up with it. This has never been more apparent than with hybrid autos, the companies answer to a consumer nation that has become more environmentally aware.
  • How Hybrid Cars Work  By : Anton Rowd
    The Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is quite the technological wonder. As a work in progress, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology has done much to improve the gas-dependence situation and has saved several households and individuals from having to spend so much on fossil fuels.
  • Bogus Fuel Pill Schemes To Rip You Off!  By : Scott Siegel
    Have you seen ads for pills that you put into your gas tank and then magically you will get up to 30% better fuel economy? A number of months ago the most popular fuel pill out there was a product made by Bioperformance. Their product was known as gas pills or fuel pills.
  • How Would Our Environment Respond To Air-Powered Cars?  By : Green Feat
    A Development that I've been keeping an eye on since the late 1998 is a company called MDI, now established in Spain the business was established in France by an inventor named Guy Negre who's background in the car racing business supplied his inspiration.
  • If You Want To Save Gas, Take Care of Your Oil!  By : Scott Siegel
    A vehicle that performs at it's peak will realize the best fuel economy. If something interferes with peak performance it will decrease gas economy and will cause you to use more gas and spend more money. For that reason proper management of the oil in your engine is a critical component of good fuel economy.
  • How a Few Simple Checks Can Save Gas and Save Money  By : Scott Siegel
    Most people don't realize that even small problems with the way their car is running could be costing them fuel economy. If your car is not running at peak performance then you are loosing gas and money every time you drive it.
  • A Few Tricks To Save Gas  By : Scott Siegel
    1. The evening or morning is the time to buy your gasoline.
  • Is Nitrogen the Key to Better Fuel Economy?  By : Scott Siegel
    There is a relatively new strategy that you might consider that supposedly will save you fuel and money. It actually is utilizing one gas to save another gas. The gas you save is the liquid gas you fill your car with. The gas that saves this liquid gas is nitrogen.
  • Organize to Save Gas and Money  By : Scott Siegel
    There are only two ways to save money on fuel, pay less and use less. If you have the ability to plan ahead and organize your driving you can use less fuel, pay the best price and maximize your savings. Organizing when and where you purchase your gasoline will reduce the amount of fuel you use and the price you pay for it.
  • How To Save on Gas Without Changing Your Driving Habits  By : Scott Siegel
    There are many ways you can try to reduce your expense of gasoline purchases without having to consider changing the way you drive. You can utilize these strategies without having to modify or service your car. These methods entail the intelligent buying and proper management of your gasoline purchases.
  • Spend Less on Gas Without the Need to Change Your Driving!  By : Scott Siegel
    There are a number of methods you can use to reduce your overall expense of gas purchases even before you consider changing your driving habits or taking any actions on your car. These strategies consist of smart buying and good management of your gas purchases.
  • How the Internet Can Help You Lower Your Gas Costs  By : Scott Siegel
    There are a few quick and easy ways to lower your gas costs. You can do it without the need to change your driving habits or the need to add anything to your car. The simplest and easiest of these ways is to find the stations that offer the lowest prices.
  • Do You Really Know Your Annual Cost of Gas?  By : Scott Siegel
    Do you really know how much you spend on gas over a 12 month period? As the price of gas has grown so has your yearly gas cost. If you do figure it out you may very well be surprised and it won't be a pleasant surprise. Gasoline has become a major piece of your family budget. Do you really know how much you are spending for gas annually? Most drivers know much it costs to fill their car but not many can state with accuracy how much they spend per year.
  • More Deceptive Claims for Fuel Saving Devices!  By : Scott Siegel
    Because of rising gas prices you may be looking for an easy way to improve your gas economy. You may be considering one of the many gas saving devices on the market. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission), has a warning: be very skeptical of claims made by the sellers and manufacturers of gas saving devices or additives. The federal government has evaluated over 100 fuel enhancing and fuel economy products and not a single one of them did what their advertising claimed.
  • Gas Saving Tips For That Summer Driving Trip  By : Scott Siegel
    As gas prices set records and you spend more and more at the gas pump, you realize the driving vacation you were planning will be more expensive than ever. It is so much more expensive you might be thinking of not taking that driving vacation at all. Do not fear, you can travel and not break your budget on gas by following a few simple tips.
  • Deceptive Ad Claims for Gas Saving Devices Can Cost You Plenty!  By : Scott Siegel
    There are all kinds of gas saving devices being advertised now. Do a search in Google and you will find that google finds 1.5 million web pages concerning fuel saving devices. As with any situation where people smell money, unscrupulous individuals are always ready to steal your money with the latest scam.
  • Is High Octane Premium Gas Worth an Extra $200 per Year?  By : Scott Siegel
    Is it really worth $208.00 extra expense per year to use premium? Can you get better mileage with premium? Can you get better fuel economy with premium gas? Does your car run better with premium gas?
  • Generic Gas Can you save you money and not harm your car!  By : Scott Siegel
    As the price of gas continues to go up more consumers are thinking about using generic gas from gas stations that are not part of the international gas companies. The question in many drivers minds is, can I get the same quality of gas from ABC station as I can get from Shell or Exxon? Will the ABC gas be OK for my car?
  • A Tip for Summer Driving:Save $200 in Gas by Checking Your Tires  By : Scott Siegel
    Ignoring the tires on your car is one of the fastest ways to prevent your car from getting good gas mileage. Checking your tires to ensure you are traveling on correctly inflated tires is one of the easiest ways to save money on gas.
  • How to save 14% on your gas costs!  By : Scott Siegel
    There is a strategy that can save you 4 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent or even 14 percent of your gas purchases. If you are a smart consumer you can save a lot of money.
  • How A Cleveland Woman lowered her gas cost to 89 Cents A Gallon!  By : Scott Siegel
    Discover how consumers have lowered their cost of gas to unheard of levels. One consumer paid 89 cents, another paid $1.09. They used a method that everyone uses all the time. they just applied it to gas.
  • This Mistake at The Gas Pump Can Cost You Plenty!  By : Scott Siegel
    A mistake that many drivers make when filling their gas tank is to overfill it by topping it off. When the gas pump nozzle clicks off automatically,do you keep pumping? Are you trying to add as much gas as you can possibly stuff into your tank? Do you pump more gas after the automatic shutoff to round your total to nearest full dollar amount? In either case this is a bad habit that is most likely costing you a lot of money and is contributing to air pollution.

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