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  • How To Find A Chopper That Is Right For You.  By : Matt Bonner
    One of the hottest trends in motorcycling in recent years has been the re-emergence of the Chopper as a main stream vehicle. Once the preserve of biker gangs you are now more likely to see a lawyer or a doctor cruising on his Chopper than outlaw biker. This resurgence has been fueled by a whole host of TV Shows such as American Chopper and The Great Biker Build Off.
  • A Short History of the Leather Motorcycle Jacket  By :
    Every Schott leather jacket is made in the USA. Each comes with a 90 year history of the great American dream. Over 90 years, four Schott generations and the love of open spaces and open roads. This history has spanned one King, two world wars, 22 presidents and numerous skirmishes. We've learned to leave our troubles behind and hit the road with the wind in our face.

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