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  • Ginger The Alternative Medicine  By : Paulina Jenkins
    Many cultures have for thousands of years used ginger as an alternative medicine. Ancient Greeks used it to aid digestion. For more than 2000 years ginger has been used by the Indians as a home remedy. The Chinese has used ginger for more than 5000 years to treat different ailments. Today the healing potentials of ginger are greatly valued worldwide.
  • New Silver Solution is The Silver Bullet That Kills Viruses.  By : David Baker
    Colloidal silver solution has been nick named 'the silver bullet that kills viruses' as it is revolutionizing our abilities to deal with harmful bacteria and viruses. Silver has been used as a solution or cure to various ailments from as far back as ancient history records right up to modern day medicine of today. Silver has been known to benefit mankind in various forms for centuries. Early North American pioneers at one time even immersed silver dollars in their drinking water and other liquids, helping to keep liquids fresh longer. Today, technology allows silver to be available in very small, suspended particles called colloidal silver solution.
  • Heated Stone Massage  By : Selena Rymore
    Everything old is new again. This phrase can be applied to virtually every facet of our lives. Past trends in fashion and music have reappeared. Generations-old recipes have reappeared as today's "comfort foods". Automotive makers have breathed new life into popular hot rod and muscle car models of old. And even the health industry, despite the staggering advances in medical knowledge, has resurrected ancient techniques to provide comfort and relief to those suffering from stress and pain.
  • Common Cold Remedies for Little Money  By : Ella Philipini
    With the winter coming many people will be getting sick and bringing their cold germs into the office and schools. So here are some home remedies to combat cold and the flu to help keep you and your family healthy.
  • Benefits of Full Body Massage  By : Alastair Lydeard
    Few things in life are as relaxing and exhilarating as a full body massage. No longer a luxury enjoyed exclusively by the rich and famous, full body massage is gaining popularity as an important therapeutic practice as well.
  • Top 3 Causes of Cold Sores You Need to Know About  By : Denny Bodoh
    What causes cold sores for some people, but not every one?
  • Herbal Remedies and the Natural Health Supplement  By : Molten
    It can be difficult to distinguish what is natural and what is not based on the plethora of claims made by tee makers of certain products that are marketed as natural heath supplements. There are so many products out there that claim to do everything and claim to include only the most naturally-occurring ingredients that it is pretty difficult to ascertain what is really in them. However, a true natural health supplement is one that comes straight from nature.
  • What Are The Best Natural Allergy Remedies  By : wjennin
    If you don't have seasonal allergies, you probably know someone who does. Allergies typically show up in spring and fall. It's hard to get out and appreciate fields of spring flowers or blazing colors in the fall. Burning, itchy, red eyes and tightly stuffed or irritatingly runny noses are de rigeur. Water accumulates in the head, especially around the ears. Cuddly pets become not so cuddly. Headaches only add to the discomfort.
  • Aloe Vera: the Ancient Modern Wonder Treatment  By : Varian Sperks
    Most people know that aloe vera can be used on skin cuts, abrasions, or sunburn. But did you know that it can also aid in healing your internal problems? There are some forgotten secrets to this ancient medicinal plant.
  • Introducing Natural Health Remedies Early and Often  By : Mitamins Team
    If you're a parent or guardian, introducing vitamins and nutritional supplements for natural health early could help your child live a long life. This article discusses how to introduce natural health to your child easily and without problems.
  • Heartburn - Are Antacids Or Baking Soda The Solution?  By : Natalie Beech
    Baking soda from your kitchen cupboard in a glass of water could be just what you need to calm the burning sensation of heartburn or acid reflux. But wait! There are things that you must know about using baking soda or any antacid as a heartburn remedy.

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