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  • Building Confidence Levels Using Feelings and Emotions  By : Lorna Luck
    Building self confidence can be a very hard task to accomplish, especially if you're feeling pretty down on yourself. But it can also be a very easy goal to achieve if you have a few simple techniques under your belt, that help you control your feelings and emotions, and react to them in a positive way. It's all based on the premise that when you feel good, your self esteem and self confidence get a boost.
  • Meditation with Benefits  By : Murielle Freegard
    Most people perceive meditation as a way to de-stress, relax and perhaps fall asleep. They agree that this ancient technique has stress relieving benefits, but may not be aware of the many other whole-body benefits that medication can provide.
  • Success is a matter of Clear Thinking  By : Tony Gilpin
    According to "Lateral Thinking, Six Think Hats and Masterthinker" author Edward de Bono, innate intelligence or IQ is not the same as the ability to think. Been naturally smart is not the same as clear thinking.
  • Pearls of Wisdom From The Dali Lama  By : Aazdak Alisimo..
    We move through life much as a car drives down a road. As you move along, it is easy to start straying from the straight and narrow without realizing it. Contemplate these pearls of wisdom from the Dali Lama to see where you are on the road of life.
  • How To Build Self Confidence The Easy Way  By : Wendy Jones
    Do you ever feel anxious, nervous, depressed, frustrated or angry? Or that your self confidence and self esteem seem to be bottoming out and in need of a boost? They're emotions that we've all felt at some time in our lives. If so, these tips on how to build self confidence and boost your positive emotions could be just what you need.
  • How to Motivate Yourself Once And For All  By : Tony Gilpin
    You need willpower to get your goals
  • Have No Equals  By : Woody Maxim
    Attitude breeds success. It sounds like a load of bunk, but it's true. People who project a successful attitude will attract success. That is because they have charisma, and that makes people want to follow their lead and find out what makes them tick. People hope that your success will somehow rub off them.
  • Release Your Inner Winner, Learn To Succeed  By : MJG Urquart
    What is holding you back from being successful? If you are like I used to be you will know of many reasons why you aren't successful at everything you do. It might be down to bad luck or the circumstances you are currently in. You may think it's something that's out of your control. Forget all the excuses it's down to conditioning.
  • What a Life Coach Can Do for You  By : Kurt Schmitt
    If the concept of a life coach is new to you, it's essentially like having a personal trainer for your life. Life coaches often work via phone consultation. Usually, you'll get a certain number of longer phone sessions, and several short coaching calls for a set price. If you're lucky, you'll get to work with a coach in person, but this is rare. Either way, the whole point is to improve various areas of your personal and business life.
  • Which Will it Be, Struggle or Be Happy?  By : Nirmala
    We experience two possibilities in every moment. We can focus all of our attention, curiosity and passion focused on what is happening. Or we can have that same curiosity, attention, and passion focused on what is not happening, or what we think should or be happening.
  • Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs And Cross The Swamps  By : Warren Wojnowski
    I recently read a newsletter by Howard Ruff in which he described the crocodile attack that claimed the most human lives. It happend on February 19, 1945 when a unit of the Imperial Japanese Army was guarding a stronghold on the Burmese island of Ramree and was outmaneuvered by a British Naval force. To escape, the soldiers had to cross 10 miles of crocodile infested mangrove swamps. Of the original 1,000 Japanese soldiers, only 20 survived.
  • How Your Brain is the Master Muscle of Your Body  By : Gardar Gardarsson PNLP
    In its normal state a healthy human brain is constantly active. It's constantly busy monitoring, adjusting and repairing the body in order to make it function with optimum efficiency. Out of all that activity arises the mind which is also perpetually busy and active in associating, sensing, perceiving, retrieving and storing data in order to keep you alive and well in a competitive and challenging society.
  • Your Personal Pep Talk  By : Tobias Reibber
    Do you feel that others don't really respect and appreciate you? Maybe it's because deep down, you really don't respect yourself. It's not always easy to see your own strengths, and allow those qualities to shine for others to see. Self talk is a valuable tool in creating positive reinforcement to boost your self-esteem.
  • Full Conscious Attention Is Required To Be Who You Are by Elysha  By : Elysha
    You can be the heart while incarnated or driving around through this individuation - mindbody - that you find yourself driving around through. It requires the surrendering of who you are not moment by moment and the giving of your attention to the realizing that the one that is looking through your eyes right now is who you are.
  • Mindful Knowledge Is Not Wisdom Of The Heart  By : Elysha
    Who you are still is no matter what you do. Consciously be or unconsciously be - pretending to be who you think you are. You are that which everything arises out of.
  • Are You Motivated to Be Successful or Do You Feel Life is Stretching You Like a Rubberband?  By : Ellie Drake
    In fact, if you are not stretching, growing, and evolving, then you are probably too attached to being comfortable. A true lesson of life and a new level of wisdom will both arrive when you instead respect The Principle of the Rubber Band.
  • Finding Inspiration To Get Out of A Rut  By : Bruna Bacellio
    Life is often best represented by the word repetition. Repetition is often very comforting, but it hardly what anybody would call inspiring. In fact, it can drain the enjoyment from your life.
  • Connecting in Life and in Business - Are you Connecting?  By : Ellie Drake
    A great question to now ask yourself is �What is getting in the way of me being intra-connected?� As you ponder this question, here is a wonderful concept to embrace: You do not have to create connection with others. Such connection already exists. Simply remove the debris getting in the way.
  • Are you in a Synchronistic Flow and Do You Manifest Effortlessly?  By : Ellie Drake
    Synchronicity occurs whenever circumstances unfold in a way to beautifully complement and assist one another, creating an end result that perhaps exceeds one's expectation.
    When one is in harmony with the Divine current of their lives, synchronistic events occur naturally.
  • Will You Give Up Your Beliefs For Spiritual Enlightenment?  By : Elysha
    You can be who you are but you will never consciously be who you are while you are defending who you think you are. Who you think you are is hoping to be relieved of its own movement while perpetuating its own movement.
  • How To Live Longer In 15 Minutes A Day  By : Reeveso
    Stress is a major factor in many of the diseases and young deaths in the world today, especially the United States. By learning how to identify your stresors and knowing how to get rid of them, you can live a much longer and happier life.
  • Transition-Will It Make You or Break You?  By : Ellie Drake
    Consider this little story of the baby eagle. Mother eagle says, "Fly. You can do this. You are the best at this"
    The baby eagle says, "I am afraid. It looks too hard."
    Mother eagle wonders aloud, "Why is it that the thrill of soaring comes with fear of falling?"
  • Principles of Receiving  By : Ellie Drake
    What do you say when someone gives you a compliment? What does your body language communicate? More importantly how do you feel?
    America�s, Mark Twain, felt this way: "I have been complimented myself a great many times, and they always embarrass me � I always feel they have not said enough."
  • 3 Simple Ways To Rewrite Your Thoughts!  By : Art Luff
    Thoughts have the power to affect each one and the life that one lives. One�s thoughts are very vital tools in creating and shaping the reality that one experiences. Thoughts are responsible for the creation of one�s emotional state, affecting the body, health and one's daily living in general, influencing one�s responses to relationships and to life and determine one�s choices.
  • Health and Prayer and Success  By : Dr Leo Kady
    Health and prayer ... does it lead to success? They do not necessarily go hand in hand, but it has been demonstrated that there is a correlation. Let us look at prayer and health and if it can lead to success.
  • Being an Optimist - Part 2  By : Dr Leo Kady
    Individuals who are more optimistic report themselves to be more alert, more proud, more enthusiastic, active, and engaged. In this second part on, Being an Optimist, we will look at Energization and Immunization.
  • Being an Optimist - Part 1  By : Dr Leo Kady
    The more optimistic you are the greater your chances of remaining vibrantly healthy, beating disease, living longer, being more successful at work, having a better marriage, and becoming far more financially secure.
  • The Psychological Reality of Positive Thought and Complex Thought  By : Dr Leo Kady
    A whole new school of psychiatry has grown up around the development of positive thinking. The key is intercepting negative thoughts. Surprisingly, no matter how positive we think we are, many of us have internal, mostly negative chatter that ties up the cerebral circuits all day long. Much of this chatter is actually pretty idiotic if you stop and listen to it.
  • What Good Is Prayer When It Comes To Your Health?  By : Dr Leo Kady
    Whether it be recovering as a patient in a hospital, or going on your daily activities, prayer can have a positive effect upon your health.

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