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  • How to Avoid the Ill Effects of Smoking: Don't Even Start  By : Cristel Lumabas
    This article discusses the significance and connection between smoking men and having sexual impotence. The article relates a new study on the link between the two, and states information and statistics for the connection of smoking and sexual impotence.
  • Smoking Cession-It's as Easy as 1,2,3  By : Sara Mendez
    According to Cancer.Org there are over 47 million smokers in the United States alone. Of those people, 80% said they wish they had never started in the first place. My guess is you are one of the 80% since you are reading this article. Quitting smoking is never easy, nearly everyone has to deal with cravings, withdrawals, and the thought of failure as well as many other issues. Quitting smoking shouldn't have to be a negative ordeal, once you do quit imagine how good you are going to feel and how much more you will be able to do with your time and finances. You just have to find the right way to quit.
  • Smoking Addiction: Why People Choose to Quit Smoking  By : Sig Kabai
    Cigarettes are not illegal and you can smoke them in plain sight without getting arrested, fined or reprimanded. This fact alone can make it very difficult for people to find accountability, even when they want to quit.
  • Quit Smoking-Nice and Smooth  By : Sara Mendez
    Smoking can be both physically and emotionally addicting, if you are not a smoker, addiction is something difficult to understand. A smokers dream is being able to go places such as the movies and being able to make it though a two hour movie without leaving for a cigarette or having a craving. These cravings can take over your life and become so powerful that they feel unconquerable. These cravings out weight the health risks associated with smoking.
  • Want Assistance? Utilize These Quit Smoking Tips  By : David Walcott
    In accordance with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), a greater number of individuals than individuals that stop heroin joined than individuals who stop smoking. Rock star, Ozzy Osbourne, known for his addiction to virtually all the drugs available, said one time that of the entire addictions he had, stopping smoking was the biggest problem to quit.
  • Quit Smoking - The Easy Way  By : Patrick Glancy
    Quitting smoking is never easy, if it was easy no one would smoke. Smoking is a habit which generally gets involved in many parts of your life, so it makes sense for a quit smoking program to be fairly involved. Hypnosis can help you to conquer your habit and take back your life, allow me to explain.
  • Smoking Cessation: Understanding the Keys to Success  By : Sig Kabai
    It can be quite a challenge to stop smoking. If it were easy then there wouldn�t be so many products on the market that claim to help you quit. If you�ve decided that now is the time the quit smoking, then you may find it helpful to learn everything about smoking cessation that you can.
  • Smoking Helps you Relax?  By : Patrick Glancy
    I've helped a lot of people quit smoking. While doing this, I've been told a lot of reasons why it is good to smoke.
  • Is Chantix all it claims to be?  By : Chris James
    Chantix has been found to be one medication that has finally helped people to quit smoking when others have failed. Working like a nicotine blocker in the brain, it attaches itself to the nicotine receptors and blocks its absorption. And because there are fewer feel good receptors that the nicotine can freely attach itself to, it lessens the desire you have for a cigarette.
  • Elements of a Smoking Habit  By : Patrick Glancy
    Pretend you or someone you know has a bad habit. A big bad monkey on your back. How did it get there? How did it start? Probably a combination of three things; emotions, authority figures, and repetition.
  • Wouldn't it be Nice to Quit Smoking  By : Patrick Glancy
    Quit smoking programs using hypnosis are very involved when done correctly. Working to change behaviors that involve many parts of your life. If you were a hypnotist, you might have to put it all together. If you're not a hypnotist, well, you get to enjoy the fruits of another's labor. Nice, huh?
  • Smoking Cessation drug chantix varenicline  By : Dipesh DS
    Everything you need to know about smoking cessation and Chantix, it's here. Clear all your doubts regarding Chantix, Champix and varenicline.
  • Chantix varenicline - Quitting smoking treatment  By :
    How many times have you tried to quit smoking? Buy chantix and go for permanent smoking cessation.
  • Smoking cessation treatment.  By : onlineclinic
    How many times have you tried to quit smoking? Buy Champix and go for permanent smoking cessation with the arrival of smoking ban.
  • Is Nicotine replacement therapy right for me?  By : Kimberley Steffano
    The whole concept of nicotine replacement therapy is that it gives your body a low dose of nicotine to help ease the cravings. By putting a small amount into your system your withdrawal symptoms are not as severe. One of the major drawbacks for nicotine replacement therapy is that you go through nicotine withdrawals twice. The first time when you initially quit smoking and the second time when you stop the nicotine replacement therapy. On the plus side you don't need to go to the doctor to get it.
  • The first 72 hours after quitting smoking  By : Darren Warmuth
    It's the first three days that people find the most difficult regardless of the smoking cessation method they've chosen. This is due to the fact that it is in those 72 hours when the nicotine leaving your body is felt the greatest. This can lead to feelings of irritabililty, fatigue, and a persistent headache - all perfectly normal symptoms of withdrawal.
  • How to get started on quitting smoking  By : Darren Warmuth
    If you're a smoker, there will come a point in your life, and it may even be now, that you will seriously be thinking of quitting. There are any number of reasons why this may be. Perhaps you don't cherish your lovely smoker's cough. Perhaps you are becoming more concerned about your health. It doesn't really matter. The fact is that we know what smoking does to us, how it is affecting our lives and that eventually, we need to stop. But actually moving forward with that plan is sometimes the hardest part.
  • You don't have to quit smoking alone  By : Darren Warmuth
    Becoming a non-smoker can be a very isolated and lonely voyage if you let it be. The good thing is that it doesn't have to be. Not when there is support available. This is one of the keys to success - whether you find your support via a local group, through your family or friends (be cautious here), or finding it online, it is crucial to your success.
  • Quit smoking: Are you sure you want to quit smoking?  By : Sig Kabai
    It is said that we're creatures of habit - Even if we know that a certain habit does nothing good for us, we continue doing it anyway.
    You know that smoking is bad for you, even potentially lethal to your health, but you continue to smoke.
    Read about the some of the benefits of quitting smoking and find a great resource that has everything you possibly need to help you quit.
  • Stop smoking: Is it really worth it to stop smoking?  By : Sig Kabai
    Break your smoking habit in only 7 days, end cravings without weight gain!
    Read about the some of the benefits of quitting smoking and find a great resource that has everything you possibly need to help you quit.
  • Quitting Smoking? You need more than one leg to balance on!  By : Darren Warmuth
    Weird title, eh! But it caught your attention and that's what's important.
  • Don't Just 'Try' to Quit Smoking  By : Darren Warmuth..
    'Try' is a very weak word. Just ask any coach or personal trainer. They'll both tell you that you won't get very far by just trying. You have to commit. Without a totally committed level of thinking, it becomes very difficult to be successful. The same goes for quitting smoking.
  • Only once you quit making excuses will you quit smoking!  By : Darren Warmuth
    If you've been a smoker for any length of time, you've given thought to quitting. Why haven't you? Because you keep making excuses like "Now's not a good time for me" or "I need to lose some weight first." You know exactly what I mean because if you haven't said these words, you know someone who has.
  • Quitting Smoking is Easier in a Group  By : Darren Warmuth
    If you want to quit smoking - and truly quit, not just have it as some passing fancy - you must hold yourself accountable not only to yourself but others as well. The nicotine beast, other smokers and your subconscious can all be very persuasive threats on the road to quitting so this is why I so firmly advocate a solid support group of at least two or three other people. Five is even better.
  • How to Handle Relapses While Trying to Quit Smoking  By : Darren Warmuth
    Writing about this topic, for me at least, is a double edged sword, so please allow me to clearly state my personal opinion on this very controversial matter before I go on:
  • Are You Sick of Your Smoking Habit?  By : Darren Warmuth
    What would you do when your house is on fire? Would you sit and think, plan and come up with a solution or just jump out of the window? But the truth is that unless you consider your smoking habit as dangerous as a house on fire, you are not going to jump. That is for sure. So, the obvious answer to the question �what to do when you are sick of smoking?� would be - just quit! But this answer you've already heard from Many who don�t smoke or those who have never successfully quit themselves.
  • How Can I Quit Smoking?  By : Mitamins Team
    There are as many ways to quit smoking as there are smokers. Doctors offer prescription medicines, but what nutritional supplements and multi vitamins. This article suggests healthy and natural ways to quit smoking
  • The Magic Stop Smoking Pill  By : Darren Warmuth
    You may be one of millions who get trapped by catchy ads of �magic pills� that can cure you of your smoking habit without any effort. It is all tall talk. There is no such wonder drug. So, don�t wait for miracles to happen, and start making an effort to get rid of your smoking habit.
  • Be Ready to Quit Smoking  By : Darren Warmuth
    Quitting smoking is not the first thing you should do; it is the last step of the journey, and it will happen on its own when you are ready for it. So, you need to concentrate on the preparation for quitting smoking rather than the act of quitting smoking.
  • Quitting Smoking  By : Brandon Sellers
    Although smoking is known to be extremely unhealthy, many smokers who decide to quit have an extremely hard time. There are a lot of methods to use, so don't give up if you fail at first. Keep trying until you overcome this nasty habit. You are harming not only yourself, but anyone you come in contact with. A word of advice: talk to your doctor about quitting before you start any program.
  • Buy Chantix Online � Stop Smoking Habit Quickly and Easily  By : Olivia Andrews
    Chantix medication has been approved by the FDA Food and Drug Administration and now it is available online to the people who want to quit their smoking habit. Chantix is indicated as an Aid to smoking cessation treatment.
  • Chantix Help People Quit Smoking  By : Olivia Andrews
    Chantix helps ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms like all other similar products. The drug also blocks the effects of nicotine if you begin to smoke again.
  • How to Quit Smoking - Method 5  By : Peter Whittington
    Smoking is now one of the lethal killers of all time. Smoking related illness has gone off the charts. But how does one stop himself from smoking? There are many things a smoker can do to stop smoking.

  • How to Quit Smoking - Method 4  By : Peter Whittington
    Statistics show that 47 million adults in the United States and 1.3 billion people around the world are smoking and the world smoking population is expected to rise to 1.7 billion people in a few years time. Unfortunately, 1 out of the 2 will die from a smoking-related disease. This should be good reason enough to stop people from smoking.

    The battle in breaking the smoking habit must involved many fronts. One should know the reasons for quitting, the benefits from quitting, the techniques in quitting, what to eat after quitting, and how to avoid the temptation to smoke again. The good news is: breaking the smoking habit is achievable.
  • How to Quit Smoking - Method 3  By : Peter Whittington
    People who smoke at a rate of at least one (1) and a half pack per day are already considered as addicted to smoking.

    Addiction to cigarettes poses great risks not only for the smoker, but also to the people surrounding him or her who inhales the smoke he puffs out. This is most commonly known as "second hand" smoke (also believed to be more fatal than the actual process of smoking).
  • How to Quit Smoking - Method 2  By : Peter Whittington
    Making smokers quit the habit is not an easy task. Of the four out of 10 who attempt to do so a high percentage goes back to smoking after their initial attempts fail.

    However, those who succeed are characterized by persistence in trying to quit - these are the individuals who mount attempt after attempt before they are finally able to drop smoking permanently. And for good reason: heart disease and lung-cancer deaths claim the lives of over 100,000 smokers each in the US every year. Smokers are twice as likely to have a heart attack compared to nonsmokers, and are more likely to die from it than their counterparts
  • How to Quit Smoking - Method 1  By : Peter Whittington
    Smoking can be one tough habit to break. Many people, citing health concerns, have considered quitting smoking only to fall back into the habit after some time. Nicotine addiction can be truly hooking. And the withdrawal syndrome for such can be quite a pain to deal with.

    The first thing to know when considering quitting smoking is that quitting is not an event, it is a process. Unfortunately, quitting is harder than acquiring the habit in the first place. It will take a lot of determination and willpower. You will have to treat quitting as a major life activity.
  • The Dangers of Smoking While Pregnant  By : Peter Whittington
    For so many years now, smoking has been a part of our lives, regardless of whether we smoke or not. And for that it has been a detrimental factor in everybody�s lives; sad to say, that includes the unborn babies.

    Surveys show that many mothers smoke during their pregnancy. They contend that it does not affect their baby at all. In most instances, these are the mothers that do not care for their unborn child, because if they do they would know that smoking poses great danger during pregnancy. They would know that it is currently one of the major causes of infant deaths in the society today.

  • The Health Risks of Smoking Part One  By :
    They say that in a lifetime, a person takes a risk or two. In making life-changing decisions, the person takes a big step closer to fulfilling his or her own destiny.

    On the other hand, there are those people who did make life-changing decisions in a slightly different way. They altered the design of their lives and opened up to possibilities of diseases, disabilities and addiction among others. All these created through smoking.

    Smoking entails the act of taking in the fumes of a burning
  • The Health Risks of Smoking Part Three  By : Peter Whittington
    Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to be healthy, or so to speak, eating healthier. They increase their intake of healthy foods and take vitamins just to supplement to their daily requirements. Then, they go to the gym to exercise. They indulge into countless health regimen that when scrutinized individually, a lot of them are not that healthy at all.

    Why? Most people tend to neglect the adverse effect of smoking on their health. So, this goes to show that all of those thousand crunches, those hundreds of laps, and mountain load of vegetables and fruits would mean nothing if people continue to smoke.
  • The Health Risks of Smoking Part Two  By : Peter Whittington
    Scientific evidence of the health risks posed by smoking go back to the 1950s. Figures from the US government show that 28% of males 18 years old and above and 23% of females in the same age bracket were into the habit in the mid-1990s. The percentages were even higher in 1964, when the US surgeon general first issued an official warning that smoking was hazardous to one's health.
  • The High Cost of Smoking  By : Peter Whittington
    Smoking is an expensive vice. An ordinary smoker incurs enormous cost to sustain this unhealthy lifestyle and the costs do not pertain solely to him. There are adverse effects to the body, to the immediate family, to the society, to the environment and to the economy.
  • Stop Smoking  By : Gail Mason
    We all know that smoking is bad for our health. Yet, have we even tried quitting? Maybe you have. Maybe you've tried several times to quit smoking, but failed. I want to introduce you to a new product called Nicozan.
  • Quit Smoking Today  By : Gail Mason
    Decide Right Now to Believe that You CAN Quit Smoking

    Studies of smokers who successfully quit smoking show that one of the most important traits of a successful quitter is their belief that they have the ability to quit smoking.

    Good Reasons for Quitting Smoking Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you will ever do:
  • Some Tips on Stopping Smoking  By : Gail Mason
    Are you looking for tips on stopping smoking? And would you like to know what are some ways to help quit? Now let me remind you that when we come to the actual quitting process, that it is not going to be easy. Please do not consider yourself to be superhuman so be ready to get external help if you need it. As I told you earlier, there might be physical, mental and emotional changes when you stop smoking. But you do not have to worry. There is plenty of help available nowadays. Below are some tips on stopping smoking:
  • What are Some Benefits For Quitting Smoking?  By : Gail Mason
    There are immediate benefits for quitting smoking. Within eight hours after you quit, the level of dangerous carbon monoxide gas in the blood returns to normal. Also, within the next 24 hours, your chances of having a heart attack begin to decrease dramatically
  • Stopping Smoking? Consider Hypnosis  By : Gail Mason
    Nicotine Replacement Patches? Gum? Pills? There are many stop smoking "products" on the market that you can choose. So why should you consider hypnosis?

    1) Hypnosis is a "process", not a "product"

    Hypnosis permanently changes your attitude towards smoking. Its power comes from your desire to become a non-smoker. Hypnosis literally "switches off" any thoughts of smoking.
  • Stopping Smoking and Weight Gain - Can You Quit and Stay Slim?  By : Gail Mason
    Many smoking cessation products claim to guarantee that the client or user will gain no weight when they undertake their method. Some products even claim that they will help you LOSE wight while quitting. Does this sound too good to be true.
  • Smoking Facts and Figures  By : Gail Mason
    A random list of statements, facts and figures relating to smoking. Hopefully this list will give you the final push to be committed to giving up smoking. When you have read it, visit for further information, help and advice.

  • The Many Benefits to Quitting Smoking  By : Gail Mason
    Besides the fact that you will no longer smell like an ashtray, quitting smoking, at any age and after any number of years, will extend your life. It will also improve the quality of the time that you have left. These are the things that you need to keep in mind to help you quit and reaffirm the decision that you made.
  • Tobacco - The World's #1 Killer Substance!  By : Gail Mason
    TOBACCO is one of the few legal substances available in stores as a consumer product, that will kill or harm when used as intended. It is the #1 killer over-the-counter drug the world has ever seen. Why is it we believe there�s enjoyment in something that is literally killing millions of people every year
  • Tobacco IS NOT Just Another Consumer Product!  By : Gail Mason
    There are currently 1.1 - 1.4 billion smokers and tobacco users in the world and about 4.9 million of them will die THIS YEAR from smoking and tobacco related diseases. Tobacco IS NOT just another Consumer Product. This misconception would have to go down in history as one of the most successful product marketing shams. Why? How is it that a product can be marketed as giving flavour and satisfaction, when what you really get is addiction, sickness and poverty.
  • Quit Smoking: 21 Shocking Smoking Facts, The Tobacco Companies Don't Want You To Know  By : Gail Mason
    Smoking is a global problem. It is estimated that one in three adults smoke, with over 1 billion people smoking worldwide. The majority of these smokers reside in countries on the low end to the middle of the socioeconomic spectrum. Of this majority, about 80% live in low and middle-income countries. The total number of smokers worldwide is expected to keep on increasing each year.
  • Life is Better as an Ex-Smoker  By : Peter Whittington

    The above mentioned phrase is very famous. Everyone knows this fact. Then the question that comes into mind is why people smoke?
  • Can Smoking Harm My Skin?  By : Peter Whittington
    Skin is fed from within. The foods we eat are broken down into nutrients and waste. The nutrients are absorbed by the bloodstream which transports them around the body to the various organs, the largest of which is the skin. Oxygen is also transported and delivered in the same way. The cells absorb the oxygen and this is vital for the health of the organs and the life process itself. This whole process takes place automatically when we breathe........

    Except when we are breathing in smoke!
  • The Truth about Smokers 'Pleasure Paradox'  By : Peter Whittington
    Smokers love excuses. Nothing makes them happier than, 'I can't quit because�'. They really believe their own excuses.

    But all these excuses are cop-outs. There's no reason to smoke. Smoking doesn't have any redeeming benefits. It's 100% harmful, poison.
  • 25 Things You Should Do Before You Stop Smoking  By : Peter Whittington
    25 tasks to do to assist in giving up smoking...
  • 400,000 Reasons to Stop Smoking  By : Peter Whittington
    Most of us know that smoking is indeed a habit that can have many serious implications on our health, but there's a tendency to view the problem lightly. It's important though, that every smoker be aware of the facts concerning smoking. So here are some eye openers for you...
  • 20 Quick Tips to Help You Quit Smoking  By :
    20 quick common sense hints to assist you in giving up smoking
  • Additional Powerful Hints to Stop Smoking  By : Peter Whittington
    Whether you are using Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Hypnosis or just Cold Turkey, these strategies and hints for aiding you in stopping smoking are sure to assist. It is up to you to ensure that you do these things to really enhance what you are doing, the more effort you put into these exercises, the easier it is to stop smoking for good.
  • Reasons to Quit Smoking � 101 Funny & Not-so-Funny Incentives  By : Jarret Kray
    Do you have a �long enough lever� in your life to quit smoking? With long list of reasons, you can do anything - even quit smoking.
  • Quit Smoking Programs � Why 96.5% Fail  By : Jarret Kray
    With 100s of quit smoking programs on the market, it�s no wonder almost only 3.5%* of the 37.6 Million** Americans who want to stop smoking each year are successful.

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