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  • 15 easy techniques to reduce stress in your life  By : Clive Cable
    You can rid yourself of much of your stress by using these easy to follow tips to reducing stress in your life.
  • Anxiety - More Common than you Think  By : Sara Mendez
    According to WebMD and a poll taken by the American Psychological Association, there is more stress today than five years ago. Over 54% of people feel anxiety over financial issues such as rent or mortgage payments specifically, but also worry about work, and problem management. Stress and anxiety are both a state of mind. How you deal with stress and anxiety are completely up to you. Some manage anxiety well while others do not know how to manage their feelings. In order to manage anxiety, you will need help, it is difficult to do alone.
  • Stress the silent killer and how to defend against it  By : Clive Cable
    Dealing with stress can help you feel better about yourself, since as soon as you do you'll feel back in control and more relaxed. Stress can take over your life, but deep down you can control your stress. If you let stress rule you you, it will affect your health both now and in the future. You almost certainly start to feel better and the world will seem a much brighter place for you once you escape the burden of stress.
  • Stress And Workaholism - How To Recognize It  By : Robert William Locke
    I once had a boss who was a workaholic. The truth is that he is still a workaholic - I am not ! Why ? Because I escaped and now work three days a week and am poor but rich in health ! And my ex-boss ? Well, he is doing OK I guess but never sees his wife. But maybe he doesn't want to !
  • Stress Management-Be at Peace  By : Sara Mendez
    Stress can be defined many different ways. The most common definition is, stress is the body's response to an outside situation in one's life. Stress effects one's environment, life and others around them in many ways. Sometimes these situations get the better of us and we have trouble dealing with the feelings of stress. You may become irritable, hostile, angry or overly sensitive just to name a few. Sometimes our physical body deals with the stress in an unhealthy way as well. You may have high blood pressure, become depressed, develop ulcers, or have a heart attack. It is important to learn what your stress triggers are and how to deal with both the triggers and the effects. Only by learning this will you be able to successfully manage your stress.
  • Stress Management-Relief is Possible  By : Patrick Glancy
    Stress is something just about everyone has in their lives. Stress can come from many different things, work, family or finances just to name a few. Being stressed can cause many health problems ranging from a common cold to a heart attack. Learning how to manage your stress is a key component in leading a healthy and happy life. Hypnosis can help you accomplish your goal in many ways.
  • Storm Cloud of Stress  By : Sara Mendez
    Poor work performance, losing sleep, irritability, losing interest in favorite activities, depressionthese just a few things caused from stress. There are many things in life which can cause stress and many different reactions, both physical and emotional, to stress.
  • Stress Management With Hypnosis And Yoga  By : Ruff Raun
    Stress symptoms can range anywhere from undereating to overeating, sleeping to much to sleeping to little, constant worrying to unhappiness and depression.
  • Stress is Funny  By : Patrick Glancy
    Stress is funny. Not ha-ha funny, but odd funny. It can motivate you to improve your life. But, it can also ruin your health and your life.
  • Relieve Stress in 9 Minutes  By : Patrick Glancy
    What makes your stress worse? Your job? Money? Moving? Love or lack of it? Physical or emotional pain? Your in-laws?
  • Getting stress relief when you need it most  By : Mitamins Team
    When under intense stress, it is very natural to withdraw from the world and concentrate exclusively on solving the problem that is causing the stress. Sometimes this is a useful and appropriate reaction. Often, it is not.
  • First step to stress reduction  By : Mitamins Team
    Stress management IS time management. Get it right and reduce your stress levels considerably, even without taking up relaxation methods and other forms of stress relief. Concentrate on self-control in your life and the rest will follow. For easy to apply stress relief.
  • How To Deal With Stress In Marriage  By : Andrew John
    When we are getting married we never even think that the tension between us and our spouse may someday rise to the level which may destroy our feelings. Still, the sad fact is that in every marriage stress can occur in almost every moment and when we are not ready for it, it may cause separation or even a divorce. This is why we should know a few important truths about stress in a marriage. We have to have a chance to avoid some of traps or at least to know what to do when the tension between us is definitely too high and we start to hate our spouse instead of loving.
  • Dealing With The Stress  By : Andrew John
    Dealing with the stress is not an easy thing for a beginner. Yet there are some useful hints which can help you to reduce the stress, relax a bit, and thus be able to efficiently deal with the stressful situations in your life.
  • Exercise Can Decrease Stress Levels  By : Andrew John
    There are many sources of stress in our life - work, children, our relationships with society, but for some of us the main source of stress occurs in themselves. Our concern about shape or health can be sometimes much more stressful than lack of money or family problems. Still, this kind of stress is also much more easier to defeat, for the condition of our body depends mainly on our habits and we can change it for better by exercising.
  • The Many Faces Of Stress  By : Andrew John
    Although everyone can be affected by stress, there is no precise definition of this condition. It is caused by the fact that situation considered as stressful for one person can be solved without any problems by another, so it is very hard to determine its causes and effects on its victims. One of the distinctive features of the stress is the fact that it influences both body and mind.
  • Stress - What It Means To You  By : Andrew John
    Stress is in fact an inseparable companion in our life. Still, we react to it in different ways. Some of us learn how to not let it get to them, others close themselves from not only the stress but also other influences and emotions, while many other are very vulnerable to even smallest causes of stress. Still, there are many methods to get rid of the stress, but to follow them and become happy and healthy, you must first know which type of personality you have to know how you can deal with the problem.
  • Stress, Blood Pressure and Heart Attacks  By : Andrew John
    Stress is known to activate "fight-or-run" mechanisms in your body, including increased heartbeat rate and blood pressure to prepare our bodies to incoming danger. This does nothing wrong if happens once a month, but if you suffer from long-time stress, blood pressure level will be increased - permanently. And such situation is both unnatural and dangerous for even the youngest.
  • Stress Can Affect Your Mind, Too!  By : Andrew John
    One of the major problems with stress is that it attacks the mind first, making sure that its ability to response to it is limited at best. Stress causes weakening of memory sometimes to a point when you start forgetting things, makes it extremely difficult to focus on anything and makes you question your motives and your will to stand up from bed every morning.
  • Stress-Induced Relationship Problems  By : Andrew John
    A prolonged period of living under stress changes your emotional responses and makes you tougher to live with. This quickly starts affecting your relationship, and not in a positive way. The stress you feel will cause glitches in your relationship and may even be a reason for breaking up.
  • Teenagers Feel Stress, Too!  By : Andrew John
    Stress is an inevitable part of every teenager's life. During that time, people meet with their first real problems - high school and college grades, their first jobs, first important exams, first long-term friendships and having sex for the first time in their lives. When your children become teenagers, the time of being the "almighty parents" is finally over. Instead of solving problems for their children, you have to advise them and teach your children how to cope with the problems alone.
  • Traveling and Stress  By : Andrew John
    Traveling IS stressful. We may sometimes feel bored and on other occasions excited, but we are always at least a bit stressed. On many occasions such stress may reach dangerous levels that can seriously affect our behavior and health condition. If you are to defend against it, you have to learn a few tricks first.
  • Stress Relief Through Music Therapy  By : Frank McGinty
    How many people suffer from stress these days? Experts tell us that in the west it's the majority of people! That probably accounts for the fact that stress relief programs appear like mushrooms. Some are useless, but many work - and one of the best has proved to be music therapy. It works not only in reducing the stress of grown-ups and kids - but even pets!
  • Children May Cause Stress Too!  By : Andrew John
    Becoming a parent brings more changes to one's life than most of us can imagine. It isn't surprising that many parents find themselves being under dreadful stress during the first years of parenthood - and oftentimes even up to the moment their kids go to the college! That's why we simply must learn how to cope with parenthood stress - it won't go away anytime soon.
  • How To Manage Stress If It Lasts Longer Than A Few Days  By : Andrew John
    If you are stressed regularly but don't do anything to fix it, you suffer from long term stress. Such situation is extremely dangerous both for you body and for your psyche. The chances are that at least one of the following problems will show up.
  • Why Are You So Stressed?  By : Andrew John
    If you're stressed, knowing true reasons of your state is among the first things you should do to get rid of stress. Coping with the problems that have caused your present situation is the only real way out of trouble you're in. However, the problem is that most of the time the real causes of stress are not obvious. If you are to find the real cause, you should start from making a list of all possible reasons of your current situation.
  • Soothe Your Stress Naturally  By : Andrew John
    Family problems, ending of a relationship, or a poor salary - these are only a few examples of those small things that makes us stressed. Whatever the reasons are, you can't just let yourself becoming more and more stressed because of such small problems. You have to find a way to minimize its impact on your psyche and body and become happy again.
  • Money Can Cause Stress Too!  By : Andrew John
    People are always being worried about money. We worry when we have it and we worry when we have none or when we're deep in debt. No matter how much you earn, there is always something in money that makes us unhappy. In order to minimize the negative effects of stress caused by our finance, the best thing one can do is letting money work for you and keeping your budget.
  • How To Eliminate Stress At Home  By : Andrew John
    Stress is too dangerous to be ignored. Nervous breakdowns, clinical depressions, heart attacks are only a few examples of what awaits you if you try to avoid thinking about the stress you are experiencing. The only way to defend against it is to make yourself more resistant to the problems that haunts you.
  • How To Get Rid Of Stress At Work  By : Andrew John
    Stress at work can't be avoided, but some of us cope with it better than others. Here's how they do it. First, they concentrate on matters at hand - they think about work-related problems at work, get angry on traffic jams when they're caught in one of them and worry about their children school performance at home. This lets them avoid worrying about everything at the same time and makes it easier to cope with the problems one by one.
  • Stress: Prevent Rather Than Cure  By : Andrew John
    It may sound trivial, but needs to be repeated nevertheless: stress is a dangerous health condition that is able to ruin your health in only a few months' time and cause your death after only a couple of years. High blood pressure, lowering immune system's defence capabilities, heart attacks and dozens of other potentially lethal effects are directly stress-induced. While the reasons of stress may differ depending on an individual person lifestyle, the effects are equally dangerous and hard to cope with.
  • Helping Stress Victims  By : Andrew John
    If you want to help others cope with their stress and relax just a bit, the most important thing is to know what to do. A common problem for stressed out people are others who aggravate the situation while trying only to help. Before you do anything, make sure that you understand the situation and you are 100% sure that you are going to help, not to harm.
  • The Relation Between Food And Stress  By : Andrew John
    Have you ever eaten a piece of chocolate to reduce your stress before important meeting? Or do you believe that if you eat a cookie, everything will look brighter? If not, you are an exception. Most people when facing some stressful situation use food to lessen their stress.
  • How Stress Changes The Way Our Body Works  By : Andrew John
    Stress influences functions of our bodies in numerous ways. Most of the effects are negative as stress is known to cause serious physical and psychological problems, so we should do our best to deal with it as soon as possible.
  • Why Are We So Stressed Out?  By : Andrew John
    Today's society is teeming with stress. There is hardly anyone who has never experienced any long-term stressful situation. However, the real causes often remained undiagnosed and even if we managed to get rid of the stress from our lives, it was often done using "hit-or-miss" approach rather than anything else. While some causes of stress are relatively popular, many remain hidden even though they are still quite common. Here they are:
  • "Stress-Talks": How To Let Your Stress Go  By : Andrew John
    When you suffer from stress-induced problems, you might find it extremely difficult to find a way out of the situation you are in. It is extremely difficult to do it all by yourself - it is like trying to open the cage from inside. That's why the best thing you can do is to communicate with other people and tell them about your problems. They can help you get out of the trap you're in.
  • Children - A Cause Of Stress For Parents  By : Andrew John
    When you're a parent, your prime objective is to keep your child safe, well adjusted and happy. You can't stop being a parent ever - even if your children are adults - but the worst part is being a parent to children of 18 years old and less. Caring for them and making them happy as well as safe is a difficult and ungrateful task, especially when children do not seem to understand you and your motives. Then, the parental stress is very probable to show up.
  • The Different Types of Massages  By : Rico Respad
    The first time you get a massage, you will be shocked at how much better you feel. Life comes at you fast and your body takes a beating. Your neck muscles ball up, your lower back is twisted and so on. To get the best result, you need to pick the right style.
  • How are Flavored Teas Graded?  By : Jon Stout
    If you�re new to flavored teas, there�s a real treat in store for you.
  • Tea: Can Tea Reduce Your Stress Level?  By : Jon Stout
    The first piece to managing stress is reducing it where you can.
  • Relieve Stress Naturally With Aromatherapy Tips  By : George Kakaris
    Can we deal with stress naturally? Of course, we can. Here are some aromatherapy and holistic tips that will help you to relieve stress.
  • Folic Acid A Natural Antidepressant  By : Mitamins Team
    Could the answer to your depression be found in folic acid, a B vitamin with an reputation? Read on and find out for yourself about this natural depression treatment?
  • 2000 Years of Stress Relief  By : Mitamins Team
    Stress is a common phrase these days. While some stress is healthy, unwanted stress can be harmful and it is becoming increasingly common today. Stress and anxiety seem to be the new illnesses of the modern age and stress management and stress relief therefore assume paramoun importance.
  • Causes of Stress  By : Mitamins Team
    The first step in the treatment of stress is to know the symptoms and causes. This article clearly outlines the common causes of stress in the modern world so that you can start to take steps in treating your anxiety.
  • What does Stress Relief and Cheese have in Common?  By : Mitamins Team
    Anxiety related disorders are increasing in today world because all the stress of work is still there, but now there is no time to relieve it. However stress relief and management do exist today, and without the need to give it all up and live the life of a farmer.
  • Some of the Funnier Things Said  By : Steven Jeny
    People say some pretty funny things. Sometimes it is meticulously planned out by a comedian. Other times, it is our President mangling the English language. Either way, the following should make you crack up.
  • Enjoy the Christmas Season! Cut Out the Stress  By : Delorus Quintal
    People usually think of Christmas as time for celebration and holidaying. However, the actual picture is far from it. The preparations for these celebrations usually eat up so much on your time that you are left stressed out and with no time for your self. You can however, simply prioritize things and enjoy the festive season in a much better way.
  • Stess Reducers  By : Jane OBrien
    Research has shown that the stress hormone cortisol reduces a person�s ability to retrieve information and memory. Even worse, this same stress hormone is linked to progressive shrinking of the hippocampus � an important memory center in the temporal region. High levels of stress also promote depression, which severely impairs memory and increases the risk for dementia.
  • How to Control Stress  By : Jane OBrien
    What�s causing your stress?
    A slow buildup of everyday annoyances: a dead car battery, traffic jam, buttons that pop off your clothes as you are going to an important meeting. It�s the little things that get under your skin
    Is it a tight schedule and seemingly insurmountable problems? Bills to pay, a boss to please, a colicky baby to pacify? Juggling many roles is a main cause of stress.
    Maybe it�s positive and negative life changes, from the joy of a wedding to the loss of a spouse, from the exhilaration of a job promotion to sadness at moving away from old friends.
  • What is Stress  By : Jane OBrien
    Chemically, stress is a condition that your body enters as the result of a message received from your brain telling it to prepare to run or fight. The body reacts by preparing for that eventuality. The brain tells the adrenal glands to send a rush of two hormones (adrenaline and noradrenaline) to the muscles in preparation for them to respond to a fear or a threat.

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