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  • Do you need extra when doing those bench presses  By : Mitamins Team
    The bench press involves lying on a bench and pushing a barbell upwards with both arms from chest level until the arms are straight, then lowering it again. It has been called the greatest exercise of them all by power-lifters, but can you do it without extra help? Nutritional supplements and vitami
  • Weight lifting and your health  By : Mitamins Team
    Starting out building your strength needs support inside with nutritional supplements and vitamins, as well as external challenge. Here�s how to compare workout options, based on your experience and needs.
  • Resistance Equipment or Weights  By : Robby Ryan
    History shows man has been interested in physical and strength enhancement since the times of the ancient Egyptians if the pictures displayed on tombs are any indication, with men portrayed exercising by throwing and swinging rock and sand. Weightlifting competitions date back to early Greek civilization and these events led up to the Greeks creating the Olympic games in 776 B.C. and continued until 393 A.D. when Emperor Theodosis terminated the games stating it was a pagan religous event.
  • Weight Lifting Routines  By : Larry Landreaux
    This article will provide you with useful information on weight lifting routines.
  • Would you like to be a Life Coach?  By : Georgina Kirk
    Life coaching is certainly a gratifying occupation. Every day, life coaches facilitate decisions that propel people towards fulfilling their dreams. And, if they want to, coaches can work from home. If a job like this appeals to you, you might make a good life coach.
  • Starting out with Creatine (Part 2)  By : Mick Hart
    So tell me, when can I commence and why? Well I would always say 21 is a recommended age to start. And why?....Well basically in a male up til 21, the natural level of testosterone is high which causes sparadic growth spurts, which means that bones, muscle tissue etc. are still not fully developed and body maturity is still incomplete.
  • Bodybuilding for Teenagers (part 2)  By : Mick Hart
    Make the routines fun and not monotonus and never insist on forcing youngsters to carry out an excercise they cant handle. Start with free standing and flexibility training , and concentrate on sporting skills which require team work. Dont forget as expressed in part 1 that all weight training exercises should be light to medium, avoiding spine bending activities such as heavy low squats and other dangerous exercises such as dead lifts.
  • Body Building for Teenagers (part 1)  By : Mick Hart
    Teenagers often come to a crisis in their lives whan it comes to physical appearance and an acceptable self image. These can be troubling times as they strive to reach their objectives, defeat is painful. This combined with the effects of adolesent hormones and subsequent appearence of spots and pimples, they are no doubt in an up hill struggle to reach that acceptable physical image.
  • Instant Strength Training Strategies That Anyone Can Use  By : famoustrainer
    Ever wondered how over the years there has been a surge of different strength training techniques that have come onto the market and then just faded away. Are you sick and tired of getting nowhere in the gym?
  • Free Weights VS Machine exercise  By :
    Something you need to keep in mind and never forget
    is that when you exercise, you are training for
    life. You still may spend an hour a day in the
    gym, although that will still leave another 23 hours
    or so for your muscles to function without using
    any fancy equipment.
  • Weight training for fat loss  By : Peter Whittington
    When on the lines of trying to loose weight, working out turns out to be a better option. Many dieters worldwide have tried all possible ways. Be it hard core dieting, supplements course, and all fad diets put together, but nothing has worked out for them except when they came knocking to the door of weight training program. This is because weight training burns calories during the workout itself and not like other exercises, after they are done. If you see the basic aim of any workout, it is to heighten your metabolism. And no other training elevates the metabolic activity of the body like weight training. It is capable of elevating the metabolic activity up to thirty-nine hours after you are through with it. Which means your body continues the process of fat burning even when you are idling around? This is an after affect or what!! This astounding fact is evidence enough to rest your trust in the drill. But just incase your conscience is not satisfied with this bit here are more facts to present you with the truth.

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