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  • Can You Stop The Aging Process By Exercising?  By : Graham Foster..
    Lack of exercise and activity can lead to aging too fast and stop you from living a healthy and long life. When you do'nt exercise regularly you are more likely to feel tired much of the time and also find it difficult to sleep at night.
  • A little workout goes a long way  By : Ruff Raun
    Forming just a small amount of some new good habits can have a very positive impact on your health and weight control goals. Lets do a little math how physical activity routines can knock the pounds off without you even realizing it.
  • Fitness and How to Succeed  By : Glenn Antoine
    If you have browsed through your favorite bookstore lately in search of help in succeeding in your quest to live a healthy lifestyle or where to start out on your fitness program, you probably walked out more confused then when you walked in. Looking to the internet in many cases is
  • Achievable Exercise Tips For Weight Loss  By : Colin Johnson
    Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, we need to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. It's so easy to say, but why does it seem so hard to do? I put it to you that exercising effectively is all about attitude. If you could just understand how simple it is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, you could make a decision now to just do it. That decision would lead to weight loss, and weight loss would change your life.
  • Tips for Proper Diet and Exercise:  By : Rob Ryan
    The web today offers an enormous amount of weight loss and nutritional food programs. Some are very popular and come highly recommended. There is a diet program to fit everyones needs, from controlling your appetite to complete balanced meals.
  • Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat With Interval Training  By : Rusty Moore
    Losing body fat is tough at times, but it doesn't have to be. The widely popular steady state cardio typically only works for a short while, then people get stuck at a certain body fat percentage. If you want to burn off as much stubborn body fat as desired, then interval training is the answer.
  • The Image Of Body Weight  By : Scotch Q. Ennis
    Though it may be difficult to believe, there was a period when additional body fat did not present a negative in the slightest; in fact, additional body padding was once accepted as an indication of prestige. The assessment went that an individual with body fat held the ability to eat amply and do so frequently. It should be documented that this particular perception was accepted during a period and in locations where food deficiencies and food absence could and did happen.
  • Considering Obesity  By : Scotch Q. Ennis
    The term obesity is thrown about frequently, but what specifically is obesity? Basically, obesity means exceptionally over weight. Obesity is a quite prevalent physical state, with just about a third of US men and women -- roughly sixty million people -- afflicted, and about one billion people afflicted around the world.
  • Senior Citizen Fitness - How To Preserve Your Youth Without Killing Yourself  By : Jon Dyson
    Are you eager for a long life? Desperate to regain your youth, maybe? Want to get fit? Keep fit? Then join the club. But be sure not to jog yourself all the way to a spot of joint surgery. You don�t need to damage yourself to be fit. At the same time, you don�t need to treat yourself with kid gloves either. What we really need at our age is a route to superb fitness without hurting ourselves ...
  • Exercise can be Great Fun!  By : Hank Lunton
    Most Americans consider exercise to be a dirty word. No wonder, millions of them are obese. Individuals of all ages, genders, races, ethic groups, and backgrounds have their waist lines expanding beyond their control. Obesity leads to various other disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, and liver failure. In such a situation the only hope lies in living a healthy lifestyle, eating a well balanced diet, and exercising regularly.
  • Sassy and Sexy in your Sixties � Fitness that Keeps You Motivated  By :
    There is a large amount of evidence that exercise can lead to longer, healthier lives. It can prevent and even help manage some diseases. A good exercise program can help with management of cholesterol, lower blood pressure, burn unnecessary fat, assist with blood sugar levels, promote bone density, keep the immune system in check, and improve mood by preventing depression. One of the biggest problems with exercise, though, is staying motivated.

  • Active Seniors = Active Sex Life  By :
    Many people have attached a stereotype to the senior lifestyle which dictates that they no longer want to have sex. If you are a senior, however, you are probably like most other seniors, still enjoying an active sex life. If you are an active senior, you may have noticed little decline in the amount of sex you are having now as compared to twenty years ago.
  • The Senior New Year�s Resolution � Get Moving for Life!  By :
    There was a time when people stated that the only two sure things in life were death and taxes. But all of the recent research points to one additional certainty, the slogan, "Get Fit, For Life."

    The growing opinion of all researchers is that exercise, even in its most modest forms, is simply the best prescription for both physical and mental health. If you want to continue your quality of life as you age, then exercise is found to be the best remedy. That notion is reflected across all age groups, whether you are female or male, and is also independent of cultural differences.

  • No Brain Drain for Seniors who Make Exercise a Habit  By :
    How many times do you hear yourself or other seniors say, "Sorry, I'm just having another senior moment?� Sometimes we even forget whether we said something out loud or just thought it. Other times, we are accused of revising history because we can�t remember exactly how an event happened or who was there when it occurred. The aging brain also hinders how quickly we can solve problems or how alert we feel. Some seniors feel like losing memory and the sharpness of their mental faculties is just part of growing old.
  • Feeling Younger As You Get Older � How Exercise Keeps You Young  By :
    Lack of activity makes us feel lethargic and depressed. If sitting around lets us gets old, then perhaps we should consider that getting up and moving keeps aging on a slower track. There are plenty of ways to keep you moving no matter what age or what condition. You first need to check your attitude and make sure that your preconceptions about being a senior are not getting in the way of your activity. Once you can let go of what you think you should be doing at your age, then you are taking the first step toward feeling younger.
  • Exercise - A Natural Sleep Aid for Seniors  By :
    There are a number of reasons why exercise, particularly if performed at the right time of day, is considered the most positive sleep aid for seniors. None, however, are more significant than the fact that exercise is a completely natural form of aid. But before discussing why exercise is such a great sleep aid, it is important to examine both the definition of insomnia and the reasons that people suffer from this affliction.
  • Turn Back the Clock on Aging � Integrate Exercise into Your Daily Life  By :
    Physical fitness allows the body to perform to its full capacity. Fitness helps us appear, feel, and act to our full potential. Exercise is essentially the capability to complete everyday responsibilities energetically and actively, with energy remaining at the end of the day for appreciation of other activities. Fitness means being able to handle situations where the average individual might fail. It is the core of excellent health.

  • Slow and Steady � A Sensible Senior�s Workout  By :
    Most aging adults don�t get enough physical activity. Exercise, though, can improve health impairments and prevent some diseases. It can also improve mood and emotional well being. The keys, though, to a sensible senior workout are to take it slowly and keep it up. Older people need to find a realistic mild to moderate enjoyable program.
  • Don't Tarnish Your Golden Years � Active Seniors Glow with Health  By :
    Fitness is important for everyone, but it is especially important for seniors. If you've decided to begin exercising and leading an active lifestyle then you've taken the first step toward great health. Even if you've led a fairly sedentary lifestyle until now, you can start being active at any age. You might check with your doctor, though, just to be sure you're ready to get started.

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