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    287 ViewsAcne Rosacea - A Blush You Can Do Without  By :
    What do former presidents Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin have in common? A condition called acne rosacea, a chronic inflammation of the blood vessels in the skin, which causes a ruddy complexion and small acne-like eruptions on the cheeks, forehead and nose. Eine Reihe von Faktoren tragen zur erektilen Dysfunktion bei, darunter die Wahl des Lebensstils, der psychische Zustand, chronische Krankheiten sowie Verletzungen und Operationen. Emotionale Probleme wie Stress und Leistungsangst können sich sowohl auf die erektile Leistung als auch auf das sexuelle Verlangen auswirken Eine gelegentliche Behandlung mit einem PDE5-Hemmer wie Cialis kann einen Kreislauf aus Angst und Versagen wirksam durchbrechen. Lebensstilfaktoren wie Rauchen, nicht verschreibungspflichtiger Drogenkonsum, übermäßiges Trinken und sogar Fettleibigkeit können sich auswirken. Erektile Dysfunktion ist manchmal ein Symptom für zugrunde liegende Gesundheitsprobleme wie Diabetes, Arteriosklerose und Herzerkrankungen.

    In men it can often cause the skin on the nose to thicken and swell, leading toa condition called rhinophyma
    143 ViewsSigns of Depression  By :
    Everyone goes through rough times where we feel sad or down in the dumps. Actually, it�s pretty normal to feel that way on occasion.
    Crying can be cathartic and beneficial, allowing us to release all the negative stuff that is causing us to feel bad.

    However, when depression seems to be going nonstop and the patient just can�t snap out of it no matter how hard he or she tries, then that probably signifies depression.
    130 ViewsHoodia - magic plant for losing weight  By : Grigoriy Anoshenko
    Hoodia is a succulent plant that closely resembles a cactus and grows exclusively in the South African deserts. Recently this purple-flowered plant has been getting a considerable amount of attention for its beneficial weight loss properties.
    123 ViewsHemochromatosis Diet  By : Dr Chris Whittington
    When the diagnosis of hemochromatosis is made it is important to adjust the diet so that too much iron is not being absorbed because of an improper diet.
    113 ViewsStess Reducers  By : Jane OBrien
    Research has shown that the stress hormone cortisol reduces a person�s ability to retrieve information and memory. Even worse, this same stress hormone is linked to progressive shrinking of the hippocampus � an important memory center in the temporal region. High levels of stress also promote depression, which severely impairs memory and increases the risk for dementia.
    113 ViewsFast Loss of Weight with Hoodia Diet Pills  By : Grigoriy Anoshenko
    When discussing appetite suppression and fast weight loss, one's first thought might not be the deserts of South Africa. However, the native San tribesmen knew the secrets of the Kalahari Desert long before celebrities like talk show host Oprah Winfrey began to take notice. Since then, it has caught on like wildfire across America and around the world.
    111 ViewsTramadol Best Pain Relief  By : Olivia Andrews
    Tramadol is a prescription medication approved by the Food drugs Administration (FDA). Tramodal is used to relive moderate to moderately sever pain.
    109 ViewsDiet Considerations for Hemochromatosis Sufferers  By : Peter Whittington
    When the diagnosis of hemochromatosis is made it is important to adjust the diet so that too much iron is not being absorbed because of an improper diet. However such adjustment need not be at the expense of enjoying life and good food. The biggest considerations are not to take medications whi
    97 ViewsHemochromatosis Symptoms  By : Dr Chris Whittington
    Probably the greatest difficulty in diagnosing early hemochromatosis is that it is nonspecific and symptoms are vague. Many sufferers are often diagnosed with the �flu� or �chronic fatigue syndrome�. Paradoxically anemia may firstly be suspected because of decreased energy. If the correct tests are not done sufferers may even be given iron tablets which further worsen their symptoms.
    97 ViewsEnlarged Liver  By :
    Hepatomagaly is the medical term for enlargement of the live but this is not a disease but it is an indication of some disease. Liver is one of the most important organs in the body and liver is involved in many bodily functions, such as removing toxins from your blood and making bile, which helps in digestion.
    95 ViewsHow to Loose 14 Pounds in 7 Days - Quickly, Safely, Easily and Permanently  By : chris2930
    This article shows you how to loose weight in a few easy steps. The formula is safe and the results should be permanent.
    The diet has been tried and tested by over thirty people and all lost between 14 and 18 pounds in 7 days.
    93 ViewsMaintain a Healthy Balance � Stability Ball Exercises for Seniors  By : Peter Whittington
    When I first saw a friend of mine using an exercise ball, I thought to myself, �I�d never be able to do that!� But after trying it out (very carefully), I found that using it was a snap. Actually, it made stretching and exercising fun and enjoyable. Using a stability ball, I was informed, also helps our balance as we get older.

    A stability ball, for those of you who may not have seen one, is simply a large poly-vinyl ball (typically between 18 and 28 inches in diameter) that can be used in many ways during an exercise routine. It serves in place of a chair or floor mat (very handy for those of us who hate getting up and down from the floor during a workout). It can replace a wall or a bench during
    93 ViewsHemochromatosis �Too Much Iron Is Destroying the Health of Millions  By : Peter Whittington
    Hemochromatosis �too much iron is destroying the health of millions and most people, including doctors, are unaware of this. One in seven persons of northern European extraction carries one copy of the mutant HFE gene C282Yand two copies can predispose to the iron overload disorder hemochromatosis
    92 ViewsLosing weight � not so difficult anymore  By : Peter Whittington
    Working out in order to lose weight is one of the most dreaded activity. No body enjoys it and therefore everybody avoids it. Well, but this is not the right solution for excess weight. Getting rid of the fat is one of the most essential things for the body. The body may be adversely affected because of all the excess weight. Not just the external appearance but the internal body too encounters problems. The heart is perpetually in dangers, excess weight restricts physical activities and therefore it becomes a vicious circle. Moreover over weights often become victims of breathlessness. Moment the realization occurs one should gear up and shed those extra pounds.
    92 ViewsGet Real � Savvy Seniors Say Swim for Life  By : Peter Whittington
    There area a vast array of reasons why swimming and water based exercises may be the best choices for seniors. Next to walking, water based exercises have the lowest impact rate for injuries. Water also provides more options for those who are extremely lacking in general fitness or have a previous injury that makes land based activity difficult. Finally, water based activities work the entire body, serving as a form of both strength training even as aerobic training takes place.
    90 ViewsThe Senior Stretch � Warming Up Before Starting Your Day  By : Peter Whittington
    Perhaps no aspect of senior fitness is overlooked as often as stretching. Stretching in the morning may be the best way to make the most of every day. Regular morning stretches help maintain overall flexibility, which, in turn, affects the rest of our lives. Stretching prevents every day injuries and allows our muscles to perform at their maximum potential. In addition, stretching is simple, requiring no additional equipment or physical skills, and demanding only a little bit of time.
    90 ViewsFlex Schedules for Seniors � A Guide to Stretching  By : Peter Whittington
    Few things reward the body as much as stretching. At the same time, almost nothing could be simpler or take less time. Unfortunately, most Americans, including seniors, overlook stretching as part of an every day fitness program.

    Stretching increases muscle flexibility. This can result in a decreased likelihood of injury, better muscle performance, and a feeling of well-being that follows for hours after you�ve finished.

    Ideally, you should stretch several times each day. Stretching in the morning will get your body ready for the activities ahead. It also provides your mind with a focused, quiet activity that results, for many people, in a sense of peace and lessening of anxiety. In the evening, stretching will help work out the kinks of a day�s wear and tear. Stretching and relaxing muscles before going to bed will reduce soreness after a hard day and will have you waking up feeling great.
    90 ViewsWhy Water Weight is Good � Water Dumbbells for the Pool  By : Peter Whittington
    Staying fit is tough, especially when you are nursing an injury or struggling with joint pain. Low impact exercises, like biking or swimming, reduce impact on joints and ease the body through a workout. When considering the alternatives among low impact exercise programs don�t overlook the advantages of performing your entire workout in water. In a pool, your body feels lighter. This phenomenon is known as buoyancy. The water actually holds you up, creating a safe environment for people of all fitness levels to exercise. In between exercises, you can relax, letting the water support your weight and relax your muscles

    89 ViewsAcupressure � A Headache Healer  By : Peter Whittington
    There must have a time when you had a headache and your friend pressed a spot on your hand which somehow made this headache go away. So did that work? What your friend was using is a very old (about 5,000 years) and widely practiced form of body work called acupressure. Like acupuncture, this practice has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Although acupuncture is better known around the world, most sources suggest that acupressure actually predates acupuncture by around 2,500 years.
    89 ViewsVitamin Supplements � A Pill is Not Always the Answer  By :
    Vitamins are organic compounds that our bodies use, in very small amounts, for a variety of metabolic processes. Taking vitamins 'just in case' is not a habit that anyone should get into and it is always recommended that vitamins are taken through wholesome and quality food.
    89 ViewsWho gets Hemochromatosis  By : Peter Whittington
    Hereditary hemochromatosis is the most common form of hemochromatosis. It is predominately a disorder of persons of northern European extraction.
    88 ViewsQuit Smoking Programs � Why 96.5% Fail  By : Jarret Kray
    With 100s of quit smoking programs on the market, it�s no wonder almost only 3.5%* of the 37.6 Million** Americans who want to stop smoking each year are successful.
    88 ViewsAdult Acne Solved  By :
    Acne has always been a dreaded occurrence in our life. Most of us have carried this burden in our teenage years and after almost seven teenage years we think we are finally home free. Then one morning in your twenty sixth, twenty seventh or even twenty eighth year of your existence you wake up with a huge zit on you face. And even worst, sometimes it is not just one but two or even three or even four! And they just keep on sprouting like weeds in an inhibited garden! So you wonder, I�m already an adult so why, why, WHY?
    88 ViewsTreatment Options for Prostrate Cancer  By : Jane OBrien
    Again, it can�t be stressed enough, early detection is imperative in combating prostate cancer. The challenge is that in the early stages there are no symptoms of prostate cancer. By the time symptoms appear in the form of urinary complications, the cancer has spread beyond the prostate.
    Treatment options vary depending upon several factors such as age, overall health of the patient and whether there is evidence of bladder infection or kidney damage resulting from an enlarged prostate.
    87 ViewsExercise for Elders � Choosing the Right Activity for You  By : Peter Whittington
    The idea of exercise being a beneficial part of a healthy life has been around for some time, but only recently has that advice been offered to the aging population as well as the young population. In recent times, information has been presented to demonstrate that exercise is helpful to people of all ages and people with many different health needs. Creating and sticking with an exercise routine can help to stop or prevent a number of different health problems. Moreover, even a little exercise or activity can help aging seniors manage their health conditions. Seniors require four different types of exercise to stay healthy.
    87 ViewsTap into the Fountain of Youth � Exercise!  By :
    Long gone are the days when �aging gracefully� meant taking to a rocking chair on the front porch. Today�s seniors are more active than ever. They�re out jogging, walking, swimming, biking and hiking � and that�s just the tip of the iceberg. And, say doctors, by remaining active, they�re increasing their chances of staying healthy and young.

    Exercise, say many medical researchers, is a veritable fountain of youth. Seniors who engage in moderate to strenuous exercise on a regular basis are doing their bodies a favor in more ways than one. Recent studies released by the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, the National Institutes of Health and the Arthritis Foundation all support regular, moderate exercise to help prevent or treat heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. In fact, say most doctors, by including a half hour of exercise in your routine three times a week you can reduce your risk of nearly every physical condition that�s associated with aging.
    86 ViewsHay! Make Good Mulch.  By : Jodi Reichenberger
    Have you got a few old hay bales lying around? Want some good ideas about how to put them to use in your organic garden? Answers here.
    86 ViewsThe Dangers of Smoking While Pregnant  By : Peter Whittington
    For so many years now, smoking has been a part of our lives, regardless of whether we smoke or not. And for that it has been a detrimental factor in everybody�s lives; sad to say, that includes the unborn babies.

    Surveys show that many mothers smoke during their pregnancy. They contend that it does not affect their baby at all. In most instances, these are the mothers that do not care for their unborn child, because if they do they would know that smoking poses great danger during pregnancy. They would know that it is currently one of the major causes of infant deaths in the society today.

    85 ViewsThe Health Risks of Smoking Part Two  By : Peter Whittington
    Scientific evidence of the health risks posed by smoking go back to the 1950s. Figures from the US government show that 28% of males 18 years old and above and 23% of females in the same age bracket were into the habit in the mid-1990s. The percentages were even higher in 1964, when the US surgeon general first issued an official warning that smoking was hazardous to one's health.
    84 ViewsHemochromatosis Screening  By : Dr Chris Whittington
    Hereditary Hemochromatosis fits the criteria set by the World Health Organization for population screening for a disease:
    The most common gene involved in causing Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH) is the HFE gene. Most patients with hemochromatosis have two copies of the HFE mutation C282Y.
    84 ViewsTobacco IS NOT Just Another Consumer Product!  By : Gail Mason
    There are currently 1.1 - 1.4 billion smokers and tobacco users in the world and about 4.9 million of them will die THIS YEAR from smoking and tobacco related diseases. Tobacco IS NOT just another Consumer Product. This misconception would have to go down in history as one of the most successful product marketing shams. Why? How is it that a product can be marketed as giving flavour and satisfaction, when what you really get is addiction, sickness and poverty.
    84 - Bactrim ds Antibiotic  By : Grigoriy Anoshenko
    Bactrim is a widely used and effective antibiotic medication used to treat and prevent bacterial infections.
    83 ViewsActive Seniors = Active Sex Life  By :
    Many people have attached a stereotype to the senior lifestyle which dictates that they no longer want to have sex. If you are a senior, however, you are probably like most other seniors, still enjoying an active sex life. If you are an active senior, you may have noticed little decline in the amount of sex you are having now as compared to twenty years ago.
    82 ViewsBody builders secret fat burning weapon  By : Jane OBrien
    Those luscious curves, those popped up veins and the beautiful cuts of muscles --- that, is every man�s dream!! Tired of watching the perfect set of abs and thighs of the flaunting male models? Well, here�s a showdown on the some of deepest secrets of a body builder�s amazing physic. The trick to the reverie body is to burn the fat what you consume and keep the burn level high than the consumption one. The areas where the hard-to-loose fat gets stuck and refuses to budge are the lower back, back of your arms, upper thigh or butt area.
    81 ViewsFat Burning System  By : Jane OBrien
    Do you want to burn fat quickly, build muscle, reshape your body, increase your metabolism, boost your energy levels, and look and feel great? And that too without any restrictive diets, dangerous supplements or crazy workouts that require hours each day? The solution to your problem is a fat burning system.
    81 ViewsThe Senior New Year�s Resolution � Get Moving for Life!  By :
    There was a time when people stated that the only two sure things in life were death and taxes. But all of the recent research points to one additional certainty, the slogan, "Get Fit, For Life."

    The growing opinion of all researchers is that exercise, even in its most modest forms, is simply the best prescription for both physical and mental health. If you want to continue your quality of life as you age, then exercise is found to be the best remedy. That notion is reflected across all age groups, whether you are female or male, and is also independent of cultural differences.

    80 ViewsReasons to Quit Smoking � 101 Funny & Not-so-Funny Incentives  By : Jarret Kray
    Do you have a �long enough lever� in your life to quit smoking? With long list of reasons, you can do anything - even quit smoking.
    80 ViewsTypes of headaches  By : Jane OBrien
    A headache in the medical terms is also known as cephalgia. The head ache is a condition of mild to awful pain in the head. This pain sometimes attacks the neck or upper back pain may also be referred to as a headache. The headache is among the most common local pain complaints. in the normal day the brain should not ache because of minute reasons because the brain itself is not sensitive to pain. The brain is not sensitive because it lacks pain-sensitive nerve fibers. Some of the areas in the head can hurt, including a network of nerves. Because the nerve system although does not exist in brain but it extends over the scalp and certain nerves in the face, mouth, and throat. The blood vessels in the head also have pain perception. Headache often results from the irritation in the blood vessels.
    80 ViewsStrength Training = Strong Bones  By : Peter Whittington
    A critical aspect of aging is the general weakening of both muscle tissue and our bones themselves. One of the surest ways to reduce the stress on our weakening bones is to increase our muscles mass through strength training. Strength training has repeatedly been shown to be a safe and effective method of reversing muscle loss in the elderly. This muscle loss, referred to as sarcopenia, actually begins around age 45. At that time, the average person�s muscle mass begins to decline at a rate of about 1 percent per year.

    79 ViewsCombining Supplements, Diet and Exercise to Boost Metabolism  By : Peter Whittington
    When we are young, our metabolism is naturally high, but as we get older that just isn�t the case. Do you remember the days when you could eat anything that you wanted at any time and never seem to gain a pound? Those days were great, and long gone. However there is hope though. Of course we live in the age when we all want to find a quick and easy way out of everything. We want to find a magic pill that will change all of our lives, and the fact is there are thousands of them that claim to do just that.
    79 ViewsThe Arthritis Pain Reliever... A New Program That Just Might Make You Younger  By : Jane OBrien
    For years, it's been known that regular daily exercise is one of the most important activities that people can engage in to promote good health.
    78 ViewsHemochromatosis Treatment  By : Dr Chris Whittington
    The mainstay of hemochromatosis treatment is bloodletting also known as phlebotomy or venesection. This treatment is life long after diagnosis.
    78 Views400,000 Reasons to Stop Smoking  By : Peter Whittington
    Most of us know that smoking is indeed a habit that can have many serious implications on our health, but there's a tendency to view the problem lightly. It's important though, that every smoker be aware of the facts concerning smoking. So here are some eye openers for you...
    78 ViewsHow to Quit Smoking - Method 2  By : Peter Whittington
    Making smokers quit the habit is not an easy task. Of the four out of 10 who attempt to do so a high percentage goes back to smoking after their initial attempts fail.

    However, those who succeed are characterized by persistence in trying to quit - these are the individuals who mount attempt after attempt before they are finally able to drop smoking permanently. And for good reason: heart disease and lung-cancer deaths claim the lives of over 100,000 smokers each in the US every year. Smokers are twice as likely to have a heart attack compared to nonsmokers, and are more likely to die from it than their counterparts
    78 ViewsWhat is Hemochromatosis  By : Peter Whittington
    Hereditary Hemochromatosis is the most common genetic disorder of persons of northern European extraction. Most people with hemochromatosis inherit the condition from their parents. If you inherit two hemochromatosis genes, one from each parent, you will have the condition.
    77 ViewsHereditary Hemochromatosis  By : Dr Chris Whittington
    Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH) is the most common genetic disorder of persons of northern European extraction. Approximately 1 in 200 to 300 persons has the disorder
    77 ViewsAdditional Powerful Hints to Stop Smoking  By : Peter Whittington
    Whether you are using Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Hypnosis or just Cold Turkey, these strategies and hints for aiding you in stopping smoking are sure to assist. It is up to you to ensure that you do these things to really enhance what you are doing, the more effort you put into these exercises, the easier it is to stop smoking for good.
    77 ViewsHow to Quit Smoking - Method 1  By : Peter Whittington
    Smoking can be one tough habit to break. Many people, citing health concerns, have considered quitting smoking only to fall back into the habit after some time. Nicotine addiction can be truly hooking. And the withdrawal syndrome for such can be quite a pain to deal with.

    The first thing to know when considering quitting smoking is that quitting is not an event, it is a process. Unfortunately, quitting is harder than acquiring the habit in the first place. It will take a lot of determination and willpower. You will have to treat quitting as a major life activity.
    77 ViewsEnjoy the Christmas Season! Cut Out the Stress  By : Delorus Quintal
    People usually think of Christmas as time for celebration and holidaying. However, the actual picture is far from it. The preparations for these celebrations usually eat up so much on your time that you are left stressed out and with no time for your self. You can however, simply prioritize things and enjoy the festive season in a much better way.
    76 ViewsADHD Information � Uncovering Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder  By : Peter Whittington
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a disease which affects people, mainly children, with respect to aspects like impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattentivity and boredom. However there is a controversy surrounding ADHD which states that ADHD cannot be diagnosed and that there are no proper and well defined medical tests to diagnose ADHD.
    ADHD can also be defined as neurological imbalance caused mainly due to genetic factors.
    76 ViewsDoing vs. Performing: The Difference Between Exercising and Getting Results  By : Peter Whittington
    Are you getting the Optimum benefit from your Exercise time?

    Back when I was young and living on my parents� farm, there always seemed to be plenty of tasks that were reserved for the low man on the totem pole. And you guessed it. That low man was me.
    76 ViewsThe High Cost of Smoking  By : Peter Whittington
    Smoking is an expensive vice. An ordinary smoker incurs enormous cost to sustain this unhealthy lifestyle and the costs do not pertain solely to him. There are adverse effects to the body, to the immediate family, to the society, to the environment and to the economy.
    76 ViewsHereditary Hemochromatosis-It can be Treated  By : Peter Whittington
    Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH) is the most common genetic disorder of persons of northern European extraction. It is very important to make an early diagnosis of HH because patients who have not developed cirrhosis and are treated by phlebotomy have a normal life expectancy
    75 ViewsThe Benefits of Alternative Methods  By : Peter Whittington
    Alternative medicine can be a very difficult decision to make for most people. Visions of New Age robes and crystals can fill your head to the point where it just doesn�t seem realistic when it comes to boosting your metabolism. Herbal remedies have been in the know for a long time. Many of the most well respected companies have moved into producing alternative products to meet the growing consumer demand for it. This is a blessing to most of the people who have chosen alternative medicine as a form of treatment.
    75 ViewsHydraulics is Not Just for Cars � Senior-Friendly Workout Equipment  By : Peter Whittington
    Hydraulics provides simple solutions for many of today�s engineering and energy problems. The use of water is becoming more and more popular for its ability to recycle the energy back into cars that is expended by putting on the breaks. The principles of water energy have been used in almost every industry and now, hydraulics is making a statement in the fitness world, particularly with seniors. If water can energize and strengthen the capabilities of upcoming hybrid cars, it should be able to do the same for people. Seniors are now finding and showing that water can also power the machine which is the human body.
    75 ViewsWindow Shopping is a Competitive Sport � The Ins and Outs of Mall Walking  By :
    Thirty minutes of brisk walking per day is not only enough to help you feel better, it is enough to prevent obesity and a host of other diseases. Walking is beneficial as a form of exercise. It is one the most basic and easiest forms of exercise. The only equipment required is sturdy shoes, comfortable clothing, and ambition. Walking is an aerobic exercise that tones your heart and lungs. It is most helpful to engage in walking three to six times a week for thirty minutes per session. Any type of walking, though, can improve health. However, outdoor walking is not feasible in all parts of the country due to climate, road conditions, and personal safety concerns. Mall walking is an excellent way to engage in this helpful activity.
    75 ViewsHow to Quit Smoking - Method 3  By : Peter Whittington
    People who smoke at a rate of at least one (1) and a half pack per day are already considered as addicted to smoking.

    Addiction to cigarettes poses great risks not only for the smoker, but also to the people surrounding him or her who inhales the smoke he puffs out. This is most commonly known as "second hand" smoke (also believed to be more fatal than the actual process of smoking).
    74 ViewsYard Work = A Great Workout for Seniors  By :
    Staying fit can be quite a chore. Making the time and mustering energy to go to a gym or even to use home exercise equipment can be challenging, and what do we have to show for the time we spend (besides the knowledge that we�re staying healthy)? That�s why you may find that, rather than exercising for the sake of exercise, you prefer to work in your yard. It�s a fun and fulfilling way to keep active and keep your house and yard looking its best.

    Many seniors will hire neighborhood youngsters to perform their yard work for them. Others prefer to get outside and do it their self. Doing your own yard work not only allows you to get a light, enjoyable workout, but you can also make sure the yard looks exactly the way you would like it to look. In addition, you derive a great deal of personal pride and satisfaction from doing the work yourself.
    74 ViewsQuit Smoking: 21 Shocking Smoking Facts, The Tobacco Companies Don't Want You To Know  By : Gail Mason
    Smoking is a global problem. It is estimated that one in three adults smoke, with over 1 billion people smoking worldwide. The majority of these smokers reside in countries on the low end to the middle of the socioeconomic spectrum. Of this majority, about 80% live in low and middle-income countries. The total number of smokers worldwide is expected to keep on increasing each year.
    74 ViewsExercise Balls  By :
    Exercise balls are one of the most innovative ways
    to exercise. These little balls will catch every
    one's fancy due to their shape and very attractive
    colors. The real benefit of these balls, which
    were introduced by a group of Swiss medical therapists,
    is a substitute of support during exercise.

    74 ViewsProper Form and Technique While Exercising  By : Peter Whittington
    Pay attention to using proper form and technique when working out with weights. Some of the points I want to discuss in this article may seem very basic or trivial, but a momentary reflection on the basic points I will outline will help improve your overall workouts. I feel this article will be helpful for novices and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike
    74 ViewsVitamin Supplements � Are they Beneficial or Just Hype?  By : Peter Whittington
    Vitamin supplements have been increasing in popularity and availability over the past 30 years. In North America it has become a multi � billion dollar industry. Vitamin supplements have been hailed as powerful antioxidants that fight against a wide variety of health conditions such as cancer and heart disease. They are also credited with causing reverse affects in the aging process, and enhancing athletic ability.
    74 ViewsLiver Cancer Survival  By :
    Liver cancer or hepatocellular carcinoma is a cancer that arises from the liver. It is can also be called as primary liver cancer or hepatoma. The liver is made up of different types of cells (bile ducts, blood vessels, and fat-storing cells). However, the liver cells that is hepatocytes make up 80% of the liver tissue. Thus, the majority of the primary liver cancers (over 90 to 95%) arises from the liver cells and is known as hepatocellular cancer or carcinoma.
    74 ViewsThe Health Risks of Smoking Part One  By :
    They say that in a lifetime, a person takes a risk or two. In making life-changing decisions, the person takes a big step closer to fulfilling his or her own destiny.

    On the other hand, there are those people who did make life-changing decisions in a slightly different way. They altered the design of their lives and opened up to possibilities of diseases, disabilities and addiction among others. All these created through smoking.

    Smoking entails the act of taking in the fumes of a burning
    73 ViewsThe Harm of Using Diet Pills  By : Peter Whittington
    Diet pills, which are also commonly called appetite suppressants, have been prescribed by doctors since the 1950s. When they were first introduced to the public, the majority of diet pills contained amphetamine which is otherwise known as speed. This drug is highly addictive and doctors quickly realized that appetite suppressants that contained it would not prove to be the remarkable weight loss solution they were searching for.
    73 ViewsTurn Back the Clock on Aging � Integrate Exercise into Your Daily Life  By :
    Physical fitness allows the body to perform to its full capacity. Fitness helps us appear, feel, and act to our full potential. Exercise is essentially the capability to complete everyday responsibilities energetically and actively, with energy remaining at the end of the day for appreciation of other activities. Fitness means being able to handle situations where the average individual might fail. It is the core of excellent health.

    73 ViewsCircuit Training for Seniors � Finding the Right Gym for your Lifestyle  By : Peter Whittington
    Circuit training as a concept is designed to be exercise that achieves an all round physical fitness as opposed to fitness for a specific sport. Only by physically working the body can our muscular and respiratory system be improved on. Circuit training combines the use of physical resistance, aerobic and stretching activities to help increase the body�s endurance capabilities. Not only seniors but women, new exercisers and even experienced exercisers will receive the benefits of circuit training.

    For seniors, it is of course critical to starting at a low level increasing both intensity and duration gradually. You will want to be sure that a slowly progressing load is being placed on the exercisers cardiovascular system. Circuit training is not the same as weight training. In weight training, a person works at a high weight level, theoretically using the most weight a person can successfully handle for 8-12 repetitions. In weight training, the lifter then has a period of rest before making a second attempt at the exercise, repeating the weight level and the repetition numbers.
    73 ViewsCirrhosis of Liver  By :
    Cirrhosis is detected in a person when anatomically by widespread nodules in the liver combined with fibrosis and nodule formation causes distortion of the normal liver architecture, which interferes with blood flow through the liver. Cirrhosis of liver leads to an inability of the liver to perform its biochemical functions that can complicate the health
    72 ViewsYasmin Birth Control Pills  By : Olivia Andrews
    Yasmin effectively help in preventing risks of being pregnant after any sexual activity.
    71 ViewsNatural bodybuilder  By : Peter Whittington
    The development of the musculature of the body through specific types of diet and physical exercise, such as weightlifting, especially for competitive exhibition. Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers so the combination of weight training, increased caloric intake, and rest. The high levels of muscle growth and repair achieved by bodybuilders require a very specialized diet. The bodybuilders require anything between 500-1000 calories above their maintenance level of food energy while attempting to increase body mass. A sub-maintenance level of food energy is combined with cardiovascular exercise to lose fats in the body then it prepares for a contest. The ratios of food energy from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats depending on the goals of the bodybuilder.
    71 ViewsHow to crank up your metabolism  By : Peter Whittington
    The seven ways to increase your metabolism:

    1. Eat breakfast.
    2. Eat frequently.
    3. Exercise with intensity.
    4. Train with weights.
    5. Eat more protein.
    6. Take your vitamins.
    7. Reduce your fat intake
    71 ViewsDon't Tarnish Your Golden Years � Active Seniors Glow with Health  By :
    Fitness is important for everyone, but it is especially important for seniors. If you've decided to begin exercising and leading an active lifestyle then you've taken the first step toward great health. Even if you've led a fairly sedentary lifestyle until now, you can start being active at any age. You might check with your doctor, though, just to be sure you're ready to get started.

    71 ViewsSlow and Steady � A Sensible Senior�s Workout  By :
    Most aging adults don�t get enough physical activity. Exercise, though, can improve health impairments and prevent some diseases. It can also improve mood and emotional well being. The keys, though, to a sensible senior workout are to take it slowly and keep it up. Older people need to find a realistic mild to moderate enjoyable program.
    71 ViewsSassy and Sexy in your Sixties � Fitness that Keeps You Motivated  By :
    There is a large amount of evidence that exercise can lead to longer, healthier lives. It can prevent and even help manage some diseases. A good exercise program can help with management of cholesterol, lower blood pressure, burn unnecessary fat, assist with blood sugar levels, promote bone density, keep the immune system in check, and improve mood by preventing depression. One of the biggest problems with exercise, though, is staying motivated.

    71 ViewsThe Basics Of Judo  By : Peter Whittington
    The martial art style Judo can mean a lot of things to different people. In reality, it is a fun and exciting sport, an art, a discipline, an activity, a way to protect yourself, and quite simply a way of life. Although you may hear many different meanings, the word Judo actually means all of the above and several more.
    71 ViewsFirst aid for asthma  By :
    Asthma is a never-ending, inflammatory disease in which the airways become sensitive to allergens (any substance that triggers an allergic reaction).
    Give 4 puffs of a blue Reliever inhaler� Ventolin, Airomir, Bricanyl, or Asmol
    71 ViewsHow to Quit Smoking - Method 4  By : Peter Whittington
    Statistics show that 47 million adults in the United States and 1.3 billion people around the world are smoking and the world smoking population is expected to rise to 1.7 billion people in a few years time. Unfortunately, 1 out of the 2 will die from a smoking-related disease. This should be good reason enough to stop people from smoking.

    The battle in breaking the smoking habit must involved many fronts. One should know the reasons for quitting, the benefits from quitting, the techniques in quitting, what to eat after quitting, and how to avoid the temptation to smoke again. The good news is: breaking the smoking habit is achievable.
    70 ViewsRelieve Your Pain, with a Better Arthritis Diet  By : Peter Whittington
    People who suffer from arthritis are always looking for ways to relieve their pain. One way to ease or even prevent it is through an arthritis diet. There are some arthritis diets that some people will swear by, but have never been proven to make a difference. There are some diets that make a definite difference according to health experts.
    70 ViewsMigraine Headaches  By : Peter Whittington
    Though there is much about migraine headaches that is still not understood, some researchers think that the cause of a migraine may be functional changes in the trigeminal nerve system, a major pain pathway in our nervous system, and by imbalances in brain chemicals, which include serotonin, that regulates pain messages going through this pathway. During a headache, the serotonin levels drop.
    70 ViewsNo Pain, No Gain Isn't True For Arthritis,  By : Jane OBrien
    Recent studies have shown that exercise may acually help people with arthritis in a number of ways. It can reduce joint pain and stiffness. It can increase flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance. And it can also help with weight reduction and contribute to an improved sense of well-being.
    70 ViewsReading on the Move Without a PDA, All You Need is Your Mobile Phone  By : Konstantin Frid
    Find out how you can use your mobile phone, no matter how outdated, to read texts the same way as with a PDA. Really, this is a simpler and, importantly, cheaper way to do it. The mobile phone you always have along is a far more useful tool than just a device that keeps you connected.
    69 ViewsHistory of Eating Disorders  By : Peter Whittington
    A condition involving serious problem behaviors regarding food is called an �Eating Disorder�, leading to adoption of harmful food habits. It may be of any type � under-eating, over-eating, vomiting of food after meals, or even taking extreme steps to prevent weight gain by way of excessive exercise or laxative abuse. Two most common types among these are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Teenage girls and women are commonly seen suffering with this disorder, but also found in people with psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety disorder. In such cases, poor nutrition harms body organs, leading to death in some extreme cases.
    69 ViewsFrequent headache  By : Jane OBrien
    Headaches are a common cause of suffering, but all headaches are not created equal. The main challenge to affording relief from various forms of cephalgia, or head pain, is categorizing a headache by type, and then proceeding with the therapy most likely to help. The International Headache Society's landmark work on headache classification has allowed important advances in headache study, but is somewhat awkward to use in clinical practice. One practical approach is to first distinguish urgent headaches from others that may be less urgent, if no less distressing. Identifying special headaches i.e. those that may only benefit from specific therapy is the next step. Finally, if neither of these classifications fit, treatment of tension or migraine headache is in order. A headache is pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck. Serious causes of headaches are extremely rare. Most people with headaches can feel much better by making lifestyle changes, learning ways to relax, and occasionally by taking medications.
    69 ViewsSenior and Still Kicking � Dance Lessons Make for Great Heart Workouts  By :
    Just thirty minutes of exercise five times a week has been shown to bring health benefits. Sleeping becomes more restive, arthritis and joint aches decrease, and energy levels increase. In addition, bone mass is maintained, protecting us from fractures due to accidental falls. Besides the physical benefits, regular exercise has been shown to aid in the maintenance of mental functioning.

    Keeping our hearts healthy is especially important for us seniors. Cardiovascular exercises, which increase heart rate, keep our hearts in shape. Regular exercise has also been shown to lower blood pressure, freeing our heart from some of the effort in moving blood through our system.
    69 ViewsHow to Quit Smoking - Method 5  By : Peter Whittington
    Smoking is now one of the lethal killers of all time. Smoking related illness has gone off the charts. But how does one stop himself from smoking? There are many things a smoker can do to stop smoking.

    69 ViewsWhat is the Prostate  By : Jane OBrien
    The first step toward understanding how the prostate affects your health is to learn what the prostate is and how it functions.
    It is surprising how little many men know about such an important part of their anatomy.
    The prostate is an important segment of the male reproductive system.
    68 ViewsEyestrain Headaches  By : Jane OBrien
    There are different causes and reasons for headaches. Eyestrain is one of the most common causes of headaches, especially at work places. These headaches can be commonly seen in people who are doing any work involving close contact with the eyes, especially, those who work in front of the computers.
    68 ViewsGood nutrition habits  By : Peter Whittington
    Nutritional habits are not easily taught as they are caught. Staying healthy includes a balanced diet, staying clean, getting plenty of exercise as well as keeping your heart strong and free of drugs. Those people who practice good nutrition, hygiene and exercise patterns develop a lifetime of habits that will keep them healthy for many years.
    68 ViewsThe South Beach Diet and Metabolism  By : Peter Whittington
    The South Beach Diet claims that it is a scientifically proven program that is sure to help you achieve your goals and resolutions for losing weight safely. This diet will help you lose weight fast and improve your heart health at the same time. On average, most individuals lose between 8 and 13 pounds in the first two weeks when they start the south beach diet plan.
    68 ViewsA Look At Ninjutsu  By : Peter Whittington
    The martial art known as Ninjutsu is very secret, with a very clouded history. The history isn�t documented all that well, as most of what is known about the martial art is that which has been passed down from generation to generation. There are a lot of historical records that state families from the Koga region as being the creators to this very secret style.
    68 ViewsThe 7 Most Dangerous Mistakes You Can Make When You See a Doctor for Arthritis!  By :
    Mistakes made when you see a doctor regarding your arthritis
    68 ViewsBack Pain, Joint Pain, Knee Pain, Arthritis and a Host of Other Pain Ailments You Never Have To Suffer  By : Jane OBrien
    Pain and Pain Relief is of utmost concern for most of us that are in constant pain.

    68 ViewsThe Health Risks of Smoking Part Three  By : Peter Whittington
    Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to be healthy, or so to speak, eating healthier. They increase their intake of healthy foods and take vitamins just to supplement to their daily requirements. Then, they go to the gym to exercise. They indulge into countless health regimen that when scrutinized individually, a lot of them are not that healthy at all.

    Why? Most people tend to neglect the adverse effect of smoking on their health. So, this goes to show that all of those thousand crunches, those hundreds of laps, and mountain load of vegetables and fruits would mean nothing if people continue to smoke.
    67 ViewsWhole Grains  By : Jodi Reichenberger
    It's easy to add inexpensive, fiber-rich whole grains to meals and sneak them
    into your favorite recipes.
    67 ViewsEating Healthy During Pregnancy  By :
    Starting off your with a healthy well balanced diet is the best thing you do for yourself and your baby. This way, you'll only need to make a few adjustments during your pregnancy.
    67 ViewsDiabetes Treatment  By : Peter Whittington
    Now a day�s diabetes treatment has become a common disease among people. It is caused due to mismanagement of carbohydrate metabolism inside the body. Diabetes is identified with the excessive production of urine, hunger, thirst and excessive loss of weight, blurred vision, and delay in healing of skin, repeated infection, and excessive fatigue. Diabetes has got a serous issue of human health. It denotes sugar in blood and urine very excessively.
    67 ViewsFeeling Younger As You Get Older � How Exercise Keeps You Young  By :
    Lack of activity makes us feel lethargic and depressed. If sitting around lets us gets old, then perhaps we should consider that getting up and moving keeps aging on a slower track. There are plenty of ways to keep you moving no matter what age or what condition. You first need to check your attitude and make sure that your preconceptions about being a senior are not getting in the way of your activity. Once you can let go of what you think you should be doing at your age, then you are taking the first step toward feeling younger.
    67 ViewsBuddy Up � Companions Take the Drudgery out of Exercise  By :
    For those of us who are in our fifties or above, motivating to get fit can be a little intimidating. A few years, or even a decade, may have passed without any consistent exercise. Children and grandchildren, jobs, and figuring out your retirement plans have made your life seem busier than ever. The body may try to tell you that getting into a routine of exercise is too daunting of a task in your less youthful body. You may wonder how much working out may have changed since the last time you were in a gym or aerobics class
    67 ViewsPushing up Daisies � Why Gardening is a Great Physical Activity for Seniors  By :
    For many of us, gardening provides a deep sense of peace and connectedness to the Earth. It is a pastime we enjoy, and, after retiring from the working world, we finally have the time to indulge in activities that, in earlier years, we had to struggle to fit into our busy schedule.

    In addition to being a fulfilling activity, gardening allows us to stay physically active. The act of gardening helps maintain balance, coordination and strength. This, plus the maintenance of mental faculties that it provides, makes gardening a wonderful physical activity for seniors.
    67 ViewsKeep Up with the Grandkids � Strength and Weight Training for Retirees  By :
    Having grandkids over to stay over for a week can easily take up all your reservoirs of energy. The smaller your grandchildren are, the more activity you will be required to do. Changing diapers, waking up in the middle of the night, catching falls, and playing games with them are just a few of the activities which will take up your time and take away from your retired time. All these chores and tasks will bond you with your grandchildren, but they will also require that you make sure you are able to perform them.
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