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  • What Your Kids Feel About Divorce  By : Rcon Franchesca
    This article is generally about the process of divorce and how it affects the children. It cites and explains some of the most common effects of divorce on children. The article also includes the ways on how separated couples can protect their children from the negative effects of divorce.
  • Should You Get a Divorce?  By : Trevor Kassulke
    All couples go through good and bad times; it is the nature of human relationships. There are going to be good and bad times in everyone's life time. Sometimes people jump to divorce as their only solution before trying other avenues. It is possible at times to work things out. Some couples may find it easy to get through some rough patches that others could not navigate.
  • Be Nice Through a Divorce - No Name Calling  By : Trevor Kassulke
    At times it is hard to be nice; divorce can be one of those times. To make things easier on yourself and all of those you come in contact with you need to be able to work to make this divorce proceed as easily as possible.
  • Depression and Divorce  By : Trevor Kassulke
    For some people divorce can be a very difficult thing to go through. You might feel as though your family is being torn apart and you may discover many feelings that you have to experience. There are some things that you can do to help you deal with divorce and depression. You need to make sure that you have family support as well as the support of your close friends.
  • Will Marriage Counseling Work for You?  By : Steven Ross
    Read this article if you've been considering marriage counseling, but are skeptical on whether it will work for you. In this article, we will discuss different points you should consider to determine if marriage counseling will work for your situation. Use this advice to apply it as you see fit.
  • Effects of Divorce - How Often do YOU Feel Guilty?  By : Charlotte Kamman
    My divorce was a pretty easy process. I never thought about the effects of divorce back then, neither for me or for our daughter. My ex-hubby and I never really fought, we just decided that we were making each other unhappy instead of happy, and that it would be better for both of us to move on. What I never could have imagined, is that the mere fact of our marriage going down the drain, would still have a big emotional impact on my daughter and me for the years to come. I started to discover only recently, that some of my feelings where I feel guilty and disappointed, stem from that time, when we decided to split up.
  • Helping Your Children Through Your Divorce  By : Clare Denton
    When things go wrong in a marriage it is often wondered if the couple involved should stay together for the children. The fact of the matter is that it's not the separation that does the most damage, it's the living in a war zone that affects the kids. Nobody wants to live in a world that swings from stony silence to screaming fits and back again. Even if it's not that extreme children can sense when things aren't as they should be and may even wonder if it's something they've done.
  • Save Your Marriage With Parterapi (Couples Therapy)  By : Ilan Wolffberg
    In Denmark, couples therapy is called "parterapi", and in the tiny Scandinavian country with divorce rates at close to a world record this is an important word to know.
  • Information on Marriage Counselling  By : Roger Gordon..
    Marriage counselling is an effective way of putting your marriage back together. There is no doubt that you can learn how to be better communicators when you use counselling. Another benefit that it offers to you is improved relationships within the entire family.Other times, it�s a tool that is used to help get to the heart of the problem between the two of you, so that you can continue to live a happy life. Not only does it allow for an opportunity to communicate, but it also provides individuals with the tools necessary to make it happen.
  • 10 Parenting Tips for Surviving a Divorce  By : Dr. Noel Swanson.
    Divorce is a sad fact of life. It is not a new phenomenon - parents have been getting divorced since the day that marriage was invented; and even before that couples would unite... and part.

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