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  • Herpes: What You Need To Know  By : Abbey Grace Yap
    This article is about herpes. It is caused by the herpes simplex virus which can be divided into type 1 and type 2. Breakouts are generally classified into oral or genital herpes. HSV-1 usually causes cold sores, and HSV-2 causes genital herpes. However, if a person engages in oral sex, there may be instances where HSV-1 may cause genital herpes and vice versa.
  • Moderate Drinking Can Still Lead To Breast Cancer  By : Monch Bravante
    While excessive alcohol use has been known to increase the risk of a number of diseases, some studies suggest that moderate drinking can actually help you stay healthy. However, latest study reveals that even moderate drinking of red wine increases the risk of breast cancer in women.
  • Possible Heart Risks Due To Long-Term Pill Use  By : Monch Bravante
    One small study from Belgium suggests that long-term use of oral contraceptives might increase the chances of having artery build-ups that can raise the risk of heart disease. Although the study needs further rigorous testing, its importance can never be undermined due to the great number of women that are now taking the pill.
  • Why Your PH Level Is Important  By : Eagle Vale
    Having healthy PH levels is a much needed course of action for your good health and well being. Acidic PH levels destroy vital oxygen molecules and create a breeding ground for diseases. PH levels in healthy people as well as newborns is slightly above 7.
  • An Ionic Air Purifier Is Your Relief from Respiratory Irritation  By : Samantha Ellis
    For anyone who deals with the annoyance of allergies, sinus conditions, asthma or other respiratory problems, a home air purifier should be strongly considered for your household. If it happens that you are someone who likes to have the most high-tech devices in your home, then you will want to check out an ionic air purifier to address your air purification needs.
  • Facts You Need To Know About Anti-Aging Natural Supplements  By : Marianna Pells
    The emergence of anti aging natural supplements date back to ancient Egypt. Various skin conditions were treated by natural treatments developed by the early Egyptians. Ancient ingredients included olive oil, bullock's bile, ostrich eggs and milk. Today more spas are introducing organic solutions using natural ingredients like rose hip oil, beeswax, shea butter, aloe vera and witch hazel. Some solutions contain high concentrations of either ingredient for specific needs. Multivitamins, fiber, fats and hormones are known to defy the aging process.
  • Find Treatments For Genital Warts  By : Paul Winter
    The human papilloma virus (HPV) can be blamed as the cause of all types of warts from those you get on your finger to genital warts. This virus comes in a variety of strains which cause different types of warts and can be contagious, especially during unprotected sex. That is why genital warts have the label of a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Omega-3 Supplements: Are They Wonder Pills?  By : Andrew John
    The discussion between scientists and researchers concerning "good" and "bad" fats is often too much for most of non-specialists to bear. As the effect, instead of trying to keep the amount of saturated and unsaturated fats in our diet right, we prefer reducing the amount of ALL fats in the diet. As the result, while we reduce the negative effects on bad fats on our health, we also rob ourselves from benefits offered by god fats, making the whole deal doubtful.
  • 10 Reasons to Ask for Amalgam Free (Amalgam 8,721 hits)  By : JD Theis..
    1) Ask for amalgam free fillings to preserve your overall health and wellbeing. Amalgam is a mercury alloy, containing 43 - 50% mercury. It is dangerous when used in your mouth and even more dangerous when it is removed. Protect your health and avoid unnecessary exposure to heavy metal. Choose only mercury free or naturally compatible materials for your dental treatments.
  • 10 Ways a Healthy Diet Equals a Healthy Smile (Healthy Diet - 100  By : JD Theis..
    Your smile is the first thing that people see on you. Whether the moment is as mundane as the instant you pass a stranger on the street or as significant as a career interview, a healthy smile speaks volumes in an instant.
  • 10 Tips to Choose Cosmetic Dentist Right For You (Cosmetic Dentis  By : JD Theis..
    When your smile is in need of an enhancement, you need for find a good cosmetic dentist to perform the work. Before you run to the phone book and search for a cosmetic dentist arbitrarily consider the following guidelines:
  • Top 10 Benefits of Holistic Dentistry  By : JD Theis..
    Alternative health procedures are becoming increasingly popular among in the mainstream, and as people become more aware of these medical techniques they are searching for healthier, less invasive approaches to their overall wellbeing. From this philosophy, holistic dentistry is becoming ever more prevalent.
  • Why am I Not Cured Yet from my Crones Disease? A New Approach  By : Charlotte Kamman
    This question is maybe not a good one to ask. Reality is that our mainstream traditional medicine, with all it's laboratories, scientists, researchers, and the pharmaceutical industry behind a lot of this, has not managed to find a cure.
  • Essential Facts About Your Stretch Mark Solution  By : Maia Pells
    Looking for a good stretch mark solution can be both a very challenging and frustrating experience. Since people's skins are unique, not all methods have the same level of effectiveness. Discover the facts about different solutions and see what solution will work best for you.
  • Idebenone in Anti-aging Skin Care Products  By : Geoff Hopkins
    We are used to thinking anti-oxidants as part of dietary supplements to slow down the aging process and keep one's appearance healthy and younger-looking. But do you know one of the most active ingredients in the best anti-aging skin care products are antioxidants?
  • Crones Disease: Avoid Side Effects of Your Medicines  By : Charlotte Kamman
    If you are taking medicines for your Crones disease, you will probably recognize a lot of the symptoms and side effects mentioned in this article. After a summary of the most problematic sides of mainstream medication, a possible solution is given to improve life quality and health in the long run on a solid basis.
  • Sprouting at Home with the Easy-Sprouter  By : Joel
    Sprouts can create abundant health rewards to the people who implement them into their daily diet. Sprouting is the process by which seeds are soaked in water, drained, rinsed with and left until they mature into sprouts. Several seeds can be sprouted using this method. The following outlines a few of the most common:
  • What Is Crohn's Disease And How Did I Get It?  By : Jeff Foster
    What on earth is going on? What is Crohn's disease and just what do you do now that you have been diagnosed with this often challenging disease? Seeking the appropriate treatment for your disease is most important so that you can achieve a more balanced sense of wellness.
  • What Are Natural Cure For Hemorrhoids?  By : Sandy Rowde
    A lot of people who are suffering from hemorrhoids prefer the more natural treatments in curing their hemorrhoids. One of these very popular and recommendable natural hemorrhoids cure is a healthy change of food diet.
  • How To Get Rid of Scars With A Home Remedy for Stretch Marks  By : Maia Pells
    Most people usually do not want to go through surgery to get rid of stretch marks but also do not want to go through life with permanent stretch marks. If you feel the same way, then a good home remedy for stretch marks may be your only hope.
  • Understanding Quantum Touch  By : Fred H
    Everyone has the ability to heal naturally. This is obviously essential, as you constantly get scrapes and bruises- what would your life be like if you never recovered from them? However, you most likely do not fully understand how your body works this minor miracle.
  • Living with Heart Disease  By : Crystal
    One of the common heart disease is nonetheless, coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease results from a restricted suupply of blood to the heart muscle. When arteries become clogged, or narrowed, by deposits of hardened fat, cholesterol, and other substances called plague, blood does not flow through them easily. The most common type of heart attack is caused by a clockage of one of the coronary ateries by a blood clot that cuts off the blood supply to the region of the heart served by that artery. This damages or kills the deprived tiisue, and the injury is called a myocardial infarction. Angina is not a disease in its own right but is the name for pain that occurs when the muscular wall of the heart becomes temporarily short of oxygen.
  • Can Over the Counter Hemorrhoids Treatment Work?  By : Sandy Rowde
    Hemorrhoids is a serious health concern that should be given immediate attention. There are many ways to cure and remedy hemorrhoids, depending on the degree of its condition. There are some people who opt to treat hemorrhoids naturally by going for natural, non-medical treatments such as regular exercise, proper diet and hygiene. There are also other patients who want to go for over the counter hemorrhoids treatment like hemorrhoids ointment and creams. However, when the hemorrhoids condition is more severe, surgery is the best option.
  • Keys of healthy aging  By : Richard Haigh
    The wish to hold on to our youthfulness is very strong in most of us, but for some it actually doesn't mean that they hide their age or buy into surgery or other forms of treatments to maintain their young looks. For others, the external decay is too much and they have to take steps to slow this down.
  • All Natural Cures: Good or Bad?  By : Mark Lauber
    Are Natural Cures a Good Choice for Your Disorder, Disease or Ailment?
  • Nothing Stops You From Realizing Who You Are by Elysha  By : Elysha
    You listen to the thoughts that travel through the mind as if these thoughts were true of "you". This is all that you are suffering.
  • The Only Thing That You Are Suffering by Elysha  By : Elysha
    How could you possibly not be who you truly are and perpetuate the mischief and nonsense of who you think you are? quite easily, actually.
  • What Balance Breathing Is  By : Fred H
    It is an entire system of breathwork, that is completely separate from any others and highly complex. Balance Breathing is designed to generate greater well-being and raise your sense of joy in life and inner peace. Balance breathing can help with all sorts of trauma, including not just physical, but also spiritual and mental injuries.
  • Complete Self Healing Through Balance Breathing  By : Fred H
    Balance. When it comes to achieving optimal health and wellness, there must be a balancing of all aspects of a person's nature: physical, mental and spiritual. For example, even though a person might enjoy a healthy physical status, if his or her mental or spiritual being is not in appropriate condition, that physically healthy person will not realize full wellness and a complete sense of wellbeing.
  • Xango Created The Category, Nothing Else Comes Even Close  By : jhayden
    Many people who have used or seen a mangosteen juice or product, confuse it with Xango. They really want to know how good the other products are. What I can say with confidence is, that imitation is indeed flattering.
  • The Prelaunch of Zrii  By : Larry Christopher
    A new force to be reckoned with is entering the health and wellness network marketing industry --Zrii. Starting off with the powerful endorsement of popular author and lecturer Deepak Chopra, Zrii has created a nutritional product based on Amalaki, a traditional Ayurvedic herb.
  • Kids And Stress - How To Help  By : Andrew John
    Stress is as dangerous for children as it is for adults. We may remember our childhoods as happy and calm times, but the truth is that growing up is full of different stress sources. This situation is perfectly ok - we all needed a certain level of stress to develop properly and create some resistance to stressful situations. However, there are also situations when stress becomes too dangerous to be coped with without external support. At such times the family should do its best to protect the child from negative effects of stress.
  • Liquid Kelp provides a powerful Kelp Health Benefit!  By : JD Stratis..
    A news report on kelp health benefits from the International seaweed symposium declared "In all patients there followed a dramatic drop in incidence of the common cold, as well as flu's resultant in a very favourable kelp health benefit" from ingesting liquid kelp. People who had already got the virus, the strength and length of their sickness was cut down to the point that the irritation was greatly reduced by the health benefits of liquid kelp.
  • Fresh Seafood Is A Great Way To Get Healthy  By : Shannon Linnen
    Although the relation between eating fresh seafood and general improvements with regard to health has been known for ages, the exact mechanisms behind the phenomenon might have been considered somewhat ambiguous until recently. A high-protein and low-fat kind of sustenance as various fish and other sea fauna species are, not all the benefits provided by eating them could have been explained via such simple reasons.
  • Human Growth Hormone - Truth or Lies?  By : Dr Hannibal Roman
    HGH (human growth hormone) is a natural hormone. It is created by the Pituitary gland which is at the centre of the brain. HGH stimulates other glands in the body to work to work at maximum efficiency.
  • Power Wheelchairs: Increase Your Accessibility  By : MacKenzie Smith
    Many kinds of wheelchairs are available for those who require them. They are designed to aid people with different combinations of medical conditions, so examine them closely to ensure that the wheelchair you purchase suits your needs. Motorized wheelchairs provide the advantage of electric motors, and thus can be used by many people who may not be able to operate a manual wheelchair due to their diminished physical capacities.
  • How Does HGH Affect Humans?  By : Andrew John
    HGH (the full name: Human Growth Hormone), a.k.a. somatotropin, is one of protein hormones consisting of almost two hundred of amino acids. It is naturally produced by the anterior pituitary gland and its effects are extremely beneficial to the human body.
    Ever observe a Triple Crown Horse Race If so, one thing you might have discovered is that seldom ever does the winning horse win by a mile.
  • Breast Cancer And The Benefits Of Liquid Kelp.  By : JD Stratis..
    Seaweed studies released have proven conclusively that those who follow a regimen of eating raw kelp or ingesting natural kelp extracts, notice a definite reduction of times they've caught a cold or flu virus. The natural health benefit of kelp has also proven to reduce the amount of time the symptoms of the cold or flu virus remained with the test patient.
  • Tanning Beds at Fabulous Prices!  By : Dave S
    If you are fond of indulging in the luxury of tanning, here is some good news for you. You can have it all in the privacy of your home with a tanning bed all of your own. Since tanning is becoming more and more popular there are a variety of new and used tanning beds available in the market. Used tanning beds offer pocket-friendly options, if you have budgetary constraints and desire privacy. You need not go to a salon to acquire a perfect tanned look.
  • Sore Feet? - It May be Plantar Fasciitis  By : Dr. Steven Trembecki
    Prior to describing just exactly what Plantar Fasciitis is, we first need to know which part of the foot it affects. And before we do that we need to have a clear understanding of the anatomy of the foot.
  • Tennis elbow - And you Never Touched a Tennis Racket!  By : Dr. Steven Trembecki, D.C
    Tennis elbow, medically named lateral epicondylitis, is an inflammatory condition affecting the outside of the elbow.
  • What is Gout?  By : Ernestine Clagge
    Doctors have long understood gout to be a serious and painful medical condition. In fact, it is one of the earliest identified illnesses on record. Most of us, however, really have no ideal what it is all about.
  • A brief description about Blepharoplasty  By : Looking Yourbest
    Eyelid surgery is also called blepharoplasty. This involves removing of fat usually along with excess skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery can correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes
  • What�s Good for a Sore Throat  By : Mitamins Team
    For adults, there are a few natural vitamin nutritional supplements that can sometimes effectively treat a sore throat, as well as a few common sense health tips.
  • The Benefits of a Cleanse  By : Dr. Robert Fleishmann
    Taking a break is something we could all use. But when life doesn't allow us the luxury, we need to make sure that we're doing something to help our bodies keep up. With a cleanse, you can enable your body to withstand the rigors of your busy life, while also protecting it from the damage that you might have already caused.
  • Do You Need a Body Detox?  By : Dr. Robert Fleishmann
    Everyone has felt a little run down from time to time. We live stress filled lives that rarely allow for unstructured moments and any attention on our health. But to avoid taking care of ourselves is a harmful decision, even if it is unconscious.
  • If You Need More Energy, Try IonCleanse - better than Aqua Chi?  By : Dr. Robert Fleishmann
    Foot bath and foot spa systems such as the Original Ioncleanse or Aqua Chi, offer users aqua detoxification for a multitude of conditions. Instead of allowing the body to build up harmful chemicals, you can rest and relax your feet in this portable machine, releasing the toxins and the cares of the day.
  • Red Wine � The Cancer Solution?  By : Xav Moldonio..
    Cancer is undoubtedly one of the biggest killers and certainly the last thing you want to hear from a doctor. That being said, there are ways to limit your cancer risk. Some are conventional, while others may be surprising.
  • Alternative Medicine � What Is It?  By : Hokatta Sutoon
    The nature of medicine has carried a distinctive regional difference for as long as we can remember. Western medicine has differed greatly from Eastern approaches. Now, however, Eastern approaches are coming forward under the title of alternative medicine.

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