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  • A No Nonsense Guide To Hypothyroidism  By : Steven Hunter
    It is not hard to find information about hypothyroidism any more because the number of people affected seems to be rising dramatically. Even though it's one of those diseases that people don't like to talk about it affecting a huge number just the same. More than 2 and a half times the population of Australia alone are affected in the United States, or about 25 million. That is a great number of people.
  • Hypothyroidism And Weight Loss  By : Steve Simpson
    You just can't go anywhere these days without having the term weight loss or lose weight thrown in your face. And it doesn't even seem to matter where you look, whether it be in the advertisements on the television, or in just about every magazine on the market, everyone it seems is trying to help you lose weight. Sometimes though it takes more than reading a few short words to get the results that you desperately need. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different weight-loss methods, programs, and supplements out there. some of them definitely work, sometimes it's just hard to know which is right for you.
  • Thyromine - A Natural Hypothyroid Treatment  By : Steve Simpson
    Hypothyroidism seems to affect so many people out there. Do you know anyone that has suffered from hypothyroidism in the past, the chances are that you actually do. Considering that this disease is hereditary and that it quite often is found in more than one member of a family, it is good to know that there is help available for all of those people affected. This article will look at one such treatment becoming quite popular amongst people suffering from an under active thyroid. Simply known as Thyromine it is an all-natural treatment meaning that it can be much better for you then harsh chemical alternatives.
  • If You Had Hypothryoidism, Would You Even Know It  By : Steve Simpson
    You wouldn't normally ask yourself if you know anyone that suffers from hypothyroidism if you were not affected yourself, but the chances are actually quite good that you do. Millions of adults just in the United States are affected by thyroid disease related symptoms and many do not even know it. The idea behind this article is to highlight exactly what hypothyroidism is, and illustrate some of the causes, the symptoms, diagnosis and look at a treatment.
  • Your thyroid problem and breast cancer risks  By : Mitamins Team
    It has been well acknowledged that there are links between thyroid problems and cancer. And the most recent research indicated that breast cancer sufferers have a higher than average degree of thyroid problems. Find out more in this article.
  • Do you have a thyroid problem?  By : Mitamins Team
    The thyroid gland is found in the neck. It lies in front of the wind-pipe, above the level of the collarbones. It secretes hormones, which help regulate how cells, and the organs made up of those cells, work. Your thyroid gland is responsible for growth and mental alertness.
  • Could Bladderwrack Be the Thyroid Support You Are Looking For?  By : Mitamins Team
    The seaweed called bladderwrack could be the thyroid problem help for which you've been searching. Here's more about this millennia-old miracle supplement.
  • When Thyroid Problems Hit Home  By : Mitamins Team
    Has a member of your immediate family or circle of friends been diagnosed with a thyroid problem? If so, you may be struggling with how you can be of help to him or her. Below are some recommendations.
  • Could Thyroid Problems Be Affecting Your Weight  By : Mitamins Team
    In our weight-conscious society, many people assume that diet and exercise are the two main factors affecting the numbers on the scale. However, if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not seeing results, thyroid problems could be the culprit.
  • Selenium Critical for Thyroid Function Are You Getting Enough  By : Mitamins Team
    You may have never heard of selenium, but it is an essential mineral for thyroid function. New research indicates that modern farmland doesn't have enough selenium, leading to deficiency and increasing thyroid problems in America.
  • Why am I Fat Diet, Exercise, or Thyroid Problem  By : Mitamins Team
    Big bones, genetics, thyroid problems. All three are often given as reasons for unexplained weight gain, or for being overweight. The first two are often dismissed as excuses. However, thyroid problems certainly are real, and one symptom of an under-active thyroid gland is unexplained weight gain. I
  • For Thyroid Support, Look to the Sea  By : Mitamins Team
    Today, we have thyroid disease medications such as lithium and phenylbutazone, and even intricate surgical procedures to correct thyroid problems. Yet despite that, a lump of seaweed or an extract of it is still recommended and widely used in the treatment of many thyroid diseases. What gives bladde
  • Role of Zinc and Copper in Effective Thyroid Function  By : Mitamins Team
    A hammer and nails; peanut butter and jelly; Laurel and Hardy. There are some things that just go together and work together as a team. The same is true with vitamins in the body. Copper and zinc are two such supplements that work together as a pair. Both play an important role in maintaining ......
  • Treatment of Thyroid Problems: As Easy as �B-B-B�  By : Mitamins Team
    The thyroid gland is a precision piece of equipment, and when it starts to run into problems we shouldn't assume that treatment will be quick or easy. However, by using B vitamins, three in particular, the treatment of thyroid problems can be at least natural. Not so much?as easy as B-B-B?
  • Thyroid Health Problems How, Why, and What to do Next  By : Mitamins Team
    The thyroid gland is a precision instrument that is vital in growth and metabolism. This means that not only is the thyroid gland essential for the function of our bodies, but also that it needs to be working perfectly for optimum health. The article explains what happens when thyroid problems occur
  • Thyroid Problems Symptoms and Natural Treatments  By : Mitamins Team
    Thyroid problems are largely a result of an imbalance in your thyroid levels, and leads to weight problems. Natural vitamins, herbs, and minerals, have been found to help prevent and treat hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and other thyroid imbalances. Get more thyroid advice in this article.

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