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  • Diet and Sleep  By : Jeff Foster..
    As you know, the types of food you eat has a direct relationship on your weight... it also has an influence on how you sleep as well. And how you sleep can have a bearing on how much you weigh... confused... read on.
  • Why Fat Weight Loss Diets Are NOT The Way To Lose Weight  By : Graham Foster
    So you want to go on a fast weight loss diet? Almost all of us have felt this way at some time or another its just the way we assume things have to be done. Maybe it's some holiday weight you want to work off fast for this years vacation, or maybe you've just decided that you would feel and look a lot better with a little less bulk around your tummy or butt. Whatever the reason, losing weight fast diet methods can sometimes be difficult.
  • Why Green Tea Shouldn't Be a Weight Loss Product  By : Reeveso
    Just as people are trying to get rich quick, they are also trying to lose weight quick. Unfortunately green tea has gotten mixed up in the weight loss world and it's ruining itss image.

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