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How to overcome low self esteem, conflict and feel better

By: Basavaraj Udapudi

Low self esteem can become a huge conflict if you are trying to accomplish anything. Each belief, thought or feeling contributes to creating your own reality. How do you look at your world? Is your glass half full or half empty? Do you see things as good for the most part or do you assume everything is going to be bad before you start? Looking at life through positive thoughts makes dealing with problems simpler. If your mind is feeding itself on the negative, everything becomes a problem with no solution in site. Make a list for yourself of all the positive things in your life. More times than not the positive will outweigh the negative. Sometimes you just have to see it written down to realize it. Happiness is a state of mind. The world outside of "you" doesn't create happiness. Inner peace and happiness come from the "inside". The physical means of happiness are more often than not, short lived. They don't mean lasting happiness. The physical is always a temporary situation.

When you list what you are grateful for then list where the problems lie, it gives you better perspective to deal with your life. Taking the time to pray first about it will clarify the pros and cons. After you write them down, tell yourself you will not continue to worry about the problems.

Making a "spiritual vow" to forgive yourself, unconditionally, will allow you to love yourself again. The boost of confidence and peace in your world will be amazing.

When you are in a position where you don't have time to go through the processes to eliminate the problem, store it in your mind under future requests for review later or physically write it down and put it away for later. Most of the time the problem will work itself out or disappear before you have to think of it again. The biggest challenge of this method is to let your subconscious mind to take over, assume the problem is solved, or it no longer is an issue. That means you have to think like it doesn't exist anymore. Your mind sends out the message that it is not a big deal any longer. This lets that part of your world feel as though it has been resolved and it can continue with other things. By honoring your mind, you are maintaining inner peace.

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