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  • How to overcome low self esteem, conflict and feel better  By : Basavaraj Udapudi
    Low self esteem can become a huge conflict if you are trying to accomplish anything. Each belief, thought or feeling contributes to creating your own reality. How do you look at your world? Is your glass half full or half empty? Do you see things as good for the most part or do you assume everything is going to be bad before you start? Looking at life through positive thoughts makes dealing with problems simpler. If your mind is feeding itself on the negative, everything becomes a problem with no solution in site. Make a list for yourself of all the positive things in your life. More times than not the positive will outweigh the negative. Sometimes you just have to see it written down to realize it. Happiness is a state of mind. The world outside of "you" doesn't create happiness. Inner peace and happiness come from the "inside". The physical means of happiness are more often than not, short lived. They don't mean lasting happiness. The physical is always a temporary situation.
  • How to contact your Higher Self  By : Basavaraj Udapudi
    In finding true expression of your life, the higher self epitomizes that goal. Fullfilling your heart's desire and finding the purpose for your soul is why the higher self exists. Joy, empowerment and self confidence are the positive experiences that come as a result of a higher self being acknowledged. It uses the faculties-mental ability of clairvoyance-(the supposed ability to see things beyond the range of normal human vision), along with Clairaudience-(the ability to hear things beyond the normal hearing), clairsentience-(the condition of being conscious or aware and intuition), to guide us before we realize the need. Connecting with the higher self takes practice, refinement, dedication, and discipline.
  • How To Build Confidence Levels With Mind Control Tricks  By : Lorna Luck
    Have you ever wondered about how you think? Learning to control your thoughts is a very effective personal development technique for building confidence levels. But the problem is that thinking is hard work, and most people seem to want to avoid it at all costs. They would rather leave things to the intuition to help them make decisions.
  • Panic Attack-Social Anxiety, is that the same?  By : Chris Crawley
    Panic attacks are very common for individuals suffering from social anxiety. Unfortunately, few people know information about these two terms and often make confusions, mainly considering that they are synonyms.
  • How Relationship Quizzes Can Teach You About Yourself  By : Steve Cargill
    As you go through relationship quizzes, you will find yourself learning more about yourself. There are a plethora of relationship quizzes available to run through online. One recommended starting place for locating relationship quizzes is through these free dating websites.
  • Find Your Inner Peace with Chakras  By : Wyatt Pottoe
    Searching for inner peace? First, you need to be able to identify your chakras.
  • How to Experience Oneness or Advaita  By : Nirmala
    Advaita means nondual or not two. This oneness is a fundamental quality of everything. Everything is a part of and made of one substance. Often the question arises, If it is all one thing why dont I experience it that way? This is confusing oneness for the appearance of sameness. Things can appear different without being separate. Just look at your hand for a moment. Your fingers are all different from each other, but are they separate? They all arise from the same hand.
  • Our Self Image Is a Ghost  By : Nirmala
    Most of us think of a ghost as something that only exists after we die. We imagine it to be a piece of us that continues to hang around and haunt the places we lived while alive. What if there are ghosts of yourself that are around while you are alive? What if what you think you are, or your self-image, is actually a ghost?
  • Have You Fallen For The How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Scams?  By : Paula Penn
    Women these days generally are plagued by the term few like to mention: cellulite. Focusing and staying obsessed with cellulite will do you no benefit. Stop! Get the facts, first. Learn how to get rid of cellulite with facts, not fiction.
  • Discover 10 Ways Passion Fuels the Law of Attraction  By : Steve Lobe
    This is a fundamental truth. If you approach life with passion and intensity, you will turbocharge the Law of Attraction to benefit you in ways you could never have imagined. Can this be true?
  • Do You Really Know Your Self?  By : Elysha
    If you wish to be home in the heart, the hub of life, to be self, then you absolutely have no choice but to let go of what you are not. To stop clinging to what was never true of you in the first place.
  • There Is Nothing You Can Do To Realize Your Self � Just Stop Leaving It  By : Elysha
    There is nothing you can do. Nothing. Stop it. Stop trying to do things to get to the one that you already are. There is nothing you can do.
  • Free Yourself of the Burden Lighten Your Load and Do It With Ease  By : Ellie Drake
    I landed in America with a suitcase of essentials. It was very light load, yet I also had a very lofty dream.
    What a powerful combination that turned out to be � A light load and a lofty dream.
    This is a principle that one must live by if one is committed to a life of both fulfillment and ease.
  • You Are The Love You Are Looking For  By : Elysha
    Full attention in this very moment gives you the opportunity to see things as they are, to see who you are. When you see things as they are you have the opportunity to see that the "amness" that is flowing through your mindbody and out of your eyes is the same "aliveness" that is sustaining all perceived objects (trees, buildings, sky).
  • Have You Any Idea How Beautiful You Are?  By : Elysha
    Unfortunately for you, your accustomed place of residence has you attempting to be something that was never true of you to begin with. That would result in much pain, suffering and frustration - naturally, what else could be the result of such a motion?
  • Instant Every Day Beauty Tips  By : Hilary Drewlik
    Life today can get pretty hectic. Sometimes it seems like there is no way to look your best when you are on the go. Women today have so many roles to fill that it can be exhausting to keep up, much less take time out to apply make up. However, there are a few beauty tips that can significantly reduce the amount of time that you need to get ready in the morning. And these tips are easy to touch up throughout the day whenever you have a minute or two.
  • How Do I Help My Son Overcome His Painful Shyness?  By : Dr. Noel Swanson
    Q. "My 7 year old son suffers with extreme shyness, in fact he will hardly talk to anyone outside of the family. What can I do to encourage him?"
  • Seizing the Moment: Selflessness  By : Dr Leo Kady
    Become totally absorbed in the moment by performing acts of such utter selflessness that you forget yourself.
  • Seizing the Moment: The Reality of Being in the Moment  By : Dr Leo Kady
    What scientists believe happens is that when we live entirely in the moment, we free up the brain to think visually by turning off parts of the brain that drain energy away into neurotic and anxious thinking.
  • Seizing the Moment: Live It  By : Dr Leo Kady
    Happiness, motivation, peak performance, and energy come when we're living in the moment.

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