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  • The Role of Fiber and Glucosamine in Your Dogs Diet  By : Letho Maseko
    What exactly is fiber? It is a part of carbohydrates. Fiber is not highly digestible by the body. Your dog's diet can benefit from fiber in appropriate amounts. Just like humans, too much fiber in a diet can have negative effects on the digestive system. It is always important to monitor your dog's diet to maintain a healthy level of fiber to suit your pet's needs. Talk to your veterinarian about the benefits of fiber in your dog's diet.
  • Determining Your Puppy and Green Bean Dogs Diet  By : Letho Maseko
    You can choose to feed your new puppy one of several options. Natural and organic puppy dog diets have become more popular in recent years. Some pet owners prefer to feed a raw diet to their puppy. Most people choose to use kibble as the main component of the puppy dog's diet. For this reason, I will focus primarily on this choice.
  • Correct any kind of upsetting behavior with dog training collars  By : Scribbler
    Using a dog training collar is an efficient and safe way to correct your dog�s unpleasant behavior. There are several types of dog training collars on the market, but they all operate according to the same system.
  • What Are The Effects Of Canned and Dry Dogs Diet?  By : Letho Maseko
    To help you decide, let's take a look at the advantages of each type of dog food as part of a healthy and balanced diet for your pet. To get the best advice, schedule a visit with the veterinarian to discuss your dog's diet. The two of you can talk about how each type of dog food will specifically relate to your pet.
  • Your Dogs Diet: How Much Do You Know?  By : Londiwe Mhlanga
    Do you occasionally give your best friend a treat from the table or a rawhide to chew? These treats may seem like a simple snack or tidbit, but they really can add up. You may not have considered it before, but any and all treats that you give your pet are a part of your dog's diet. The question now becomes, how significant are treats in your dog's diet? Do you give your dog a treat once a day in the evening while watching television, or do you scatter Milk Bones throughout the day for each cute look or adorable pet trick?
  • What We Pet Owners Should Know  By : Letho Maseko
    When purchasing pet insurance online or requesting a quote, you will have to fill out a form that asks for standard information such as the breed of your pet, etc. It's easy to assume that you'll never make good use of pet insurance but with the "blame" culture becoming increasingly evident over recent years its sheer folly to even consider having a pet without taking out pet insurance. You might believe that if veterinary treatment is too expensive you'd rather have your pet put down instead of taking out pet insurance but will you feel the same way once you've become attached.
  • The Switching and Maintaining Of Your Dogs Diet  By : Amanda Maseko
    Over the course of your dog's lifetime, there may be several occasions when you need to switch your dog's diet. If is important to know the proper method to change your dog's diet to ease your pet through the transition.
  • Siamese Cat A Most Popular Breed  By : Paulina Jenkins
    It is generally believed that the Siamese cat has its origin in Siam - Thailand of modern day. It is a very old domestic breed descended from an albino cat which was a gift given to the King Siam. In Thai fables they were the ones that would protect the royal castles and temples from evil spirits. In the Siamese culture the people believed that the soul of a high ranking person who had died would stay in the cat for a while. The Siamese cat first appeared in the West in mid 1800s.
  • Own A Tibetan Holy Dog - The Shih Tzu  By : Aazdak Alisimo..
    Known as the small lion, the Shih Tzu is believed to have originated in China. The name is pronounced Shi a zue. An odd tibdbit about the breed is it is believed to be the first in the line of Tibetan holy dogs.
  • This is a site that will provide all your pet needs!  By : Ian Brinian
    *It seems that pets get the same (or better!) treatment than humans in many ways. Of course, this isn't accurate--but one could easily provide some evidence for this statement! All one have to do is look at the products, food, health care, and overall treatment that many pets receive!
  • A Christmas Kitten Is Not A Toy  By : J Gardener
    As Christmas approaches, each year, children all over the world are filled with anitcipation about that special visit from Santa Claus. They may tell the Santa in person what they want, when he visits their local mall, or they may write him letters, filled with long lists of the toys and special gifts they hope he'll pack on his sleigh for them.
  • Your Pets And Christmas  By : J Gardener
    This is a season which seems to be full of holidays. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, it seems as though we just move from one celebration to another. One of the most wonderful aspects of the season is that it's a time for celebrating the love and the closeness and the fellowship of our families.
  • Doggy Digs: Well-Appointed Kennels  By : Gideon Laston
    It's not easy to say goodbye, even if it's just for a short time. That's why so many pet owners struggle with the proposition of leaving their beloved dogs at a kennel. The irony is, that modern dog kennels are so well appointed; it's probably much harder on the pet owner than it is on the dog.
  • Effective Cleaning Cat Urine Measures  By : Paulina Jenkins
    It is important to know that if you have a cat you may have to face the task of cleaning cat urine odor from carpets and furniture. There are 5 different strains of bacteria in cat urine. Two are responsible for the cat's marking scent and the other are in the cat's urine, spray and uric acid. As cat urine is protein based it is difficult to remove. It is a strong smell and masking it is no good. It is not hard to eliminate the bacteria, uric acid crystals and salts that cause the odor and stain.
  • Our Pets: Things You Should Know About Them  By : Letho Maseko
    Do you want to make a career out of taking care of pets? Perhaps you'd like to be a certified pet first aid expert, or the manager of a dog day camp or kennel. What ever you may be after, holistic pet care is a fantastic means of not only curing your dog, cat, horse or any other animal you have domesticated, but preventative practice to make sure your pet doesn't get sick.
  • Modular Kennel Fences for Dogs on the Move  By : Eleora Knoff
    Any mention of a dog kennel fence typically creates images of secure structures capable of containing even the most ambitious family pet. A modular kennel fence serves another purpose, providing flexible and movable security when and where you need it.
  • Cat Litter Box Problem? A Look At Behavioral Issues  By : Kurt Schmitt
    A cat litter box problem stems from one of two kinds of causes. The first is physical, which I've discussed in another article, and the second is behavioral. Today, we're going to look at some of the behavioral causes.
  • Ten Cat Facts Regarding Social Behavior  By : Kurt Schmitt
    The following cat facts on social behavior and interaction should help you better understand your pet. Cat behavior is largely misunderstood, even by experienced cat owners. I hope you find this helpful.
  • Why You Must Know These 4 Factors First Before Feeding Your Dog  By : Joshua Hacken
    When you feed your dog, be sure to take the following 4 factors into consideration:
  • Is Dog Nutrition Vital For Your Dog's Health?  By : Joshua Hacken
    Dog nutrition has to be the most important element to successful dog care that you the dog owner need to be aware of. Dog nutrition contributes largely to the life span of your pet and the quality of life that your pet leads.
  • Intestinal Worms in Cats: An Overview  By : Kurt Schmitt
    Your cat may have worms, but there is no need to panic. Worms in cats are very common, especially in kittens. Typically, your vet will test your cat annually via a stool sample.
  • Kitty Cats In Our Household  By : Paulina Jenkins
    Cats have been our beloved pets for millenniums. Looking at ancient pictures, there is almost always a cat in the picture. Owning a cat is different from any other pet, cats almost instantaneously bond with the person or family they live with. That bond is so strong, that should something happen to someone in the family, the cat will show grief and mourn the loss.
  • Taurine Is Beneficial To Your Dog's Heart & Kidney  By : Joshua Hacken
    Taurine, a water-soluble amino acid, has become a rather hot topic recently. It has been found that Taurine is beneficial to both humans and animals in a way that it brings tremendous nutritional value to the mammal skeletal system such as blood, kidneys, and heart.
  • What Taurine Can Do To Your Dog  By : Joshua Hacken
    Taurine is a water-soluble amino acid. It has recently become a hot topic when referring to the nutritional composition that makes up the human and animal physical structure. Taurine has been found to be very beneficial to various components of the mammal skeletal system such as heart, kidneys and blood.
  • Why You Should Only Buy Premium Dog Food  By : Joshua Hacken
    Do you know the difference between premium and commercial dog foods? To the general public, they may seem the same. To the trained eye, there is a huge difference between the two. Fortunately, there are ways to tell the two apart so that dog owners like us can feed the highest quality dog foods to our dogs.
  • Why Puppy Food Is Different From Dog Food  By : Joshua Hacken
    Proper nutrition is very important for new puppies. It is important, because puppies will go through an accelerated growth phase during the first 15 months of their lives, and having a diet that can provide the optimum base for stable growth without exceeding or the depleting of necessary elements is very, very important.
  • Don't Go Cheap By Buying Commercial Dog Food  By : Joshua Hacken
    What is commercial dog food and what is premium dog food? Are they the same thing or are they different altogether? Well, to most people who don't own dogs they might seem the same. However, for dog owners like us, we know there is a huge difference between the two. Luckily there are ways to tell which one is which, so that we as dog owners can provide our dogs with the highest quality dog foods.
  • Stop dog barking now  By : Sophia Munoz
    Dog barking can be quite annoying sometimes even for dog lovers. To stop dog barking you can use simple strategies everyday at home. Here is a series of tips you can easily implement.
  • How To Calculate The Real Protein In Dog Foods  By : Joshua Hacken
    When you select the best dry food for your dog, is it better to go with the chicken meal than the pure chicken?
  • Bird Watching In Your Own Backyard  By : E Ellis
    Easy steps to take to attract wild birds to your own backyard for hours of enjoyment. Information on bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses and more.
  • Backyard Dangers - Why Your Dog's Life May Be In Danger  By : Dr. John Chan
    Have you considered that your dog's life may be in danger just from him hanging out in your backyard? About a year ago, my friends' 4 puppies were poisoned by their neighbors who threw in some meat soaked with rat poison and all of the puppies died some very painful death. This sure isn't something that should be taken lightly if you love your dogs and want them to live happily to ripe good age.
  • Don't Let Your Dog Die By Choosing The Wrong Dog Food Ingredients  By : Joshua Hacken
    A good dog food must have high quality ingredients, and it must meet a minimum standard of quality to be considered good dog food. High quality ingredients in turn mean high nutrition for your beloved dog. The ingredients in a good dog food are carefully chosen based on their quality. Many times these ingredients are the same ones that can also be found in human food. The high costs involved in finding, evaluating and researching high quality ingredients for dog food has led to the high price tag of good quality dog food. It is because of this reason that some dog food manufacturers choose to go the cheap way by providing second grade dog food.
  • Pet Stroller Mart - Free Shipping on Pet Strollers  By : Randall Merchant
    Find the best in pet strollers and carriers. Pet Stroller Mart is expanding with new products and merchandise for you and your pet.
  • Choosing The Right Dog Food For Your Dog May Save His Life  By : Joshua Hacken
    Since there are a lot of different types of dog foods out there today, do you know which one to buy to feed your dog? How do you make sure the dog food that you chose is healthy for your dog? We as dog owners must ensure that our dogs eat balanced and healthy diets.
  • Your Pet's Health: Eating Healthy and Good Digestion  By : Stacy Kubach
    The digestive system of a dog is acidic and their digestive systems don't include the human-like long intestine. Therefore, they digest one type of protein at a time, unlike what is found in most man-made foods. Their digestive system is perfectly made to digest raw meats, which are full of B-vitamins, very important to good health.
  • Let's Take Special Precautions for Our Pets  By : Letho Maseko
    Do you have pet insurance? Even if you haven't had a run-in involving your pet of late, pet insurance has probably crossed your mind. If not, you may well want to read on if you want to save yourself millions of pounds on maintaining a pet.
  • The Right Way to Train Your Puppy  By : Andrew Chan
    Puppy training is a very vital aspect, regardless of whether it is your first puppy or your twentieth. In order to let your puppy be a valued member of your family and your community, you need to let it be properly trained and socialized.
  • Steps To Choosing The Right Name For Your Dog  By : Allison Thompson
    The biggest challenge faced by the owner of a new dog is the name that they are actually going to call it by. Today there are hundreds, even thousands of names that a person is able to choose from by which they can call their pet. But unfortunately not all the names that owners choose for their dogs are really suitable. However in this article we provide some pointers which should when it comes to selecting a name by which your new dog will be called and so make this part of the process of owning a dog much easier.
  • English Bulldog Puppy Care: How To Care Properly  By : Donovan Green
    There are many types and breeds of dogs to choose from, not even including the number of dogs of mixed species there are. For those searching for a dog that will make a great companion, though, they should try to care for an English bull dog puppy. Those who do choose to care for an English bull dog puppy find that this breed makes one of the best pets for people.
  • Finding Pet Meds Info Online Can Be Very Simple  By : Mr. Miyagi
    Pet owners know there are certain types of pet medications that you will need year round. Buying these meds can be expensive and sometimes you may not even be prepared to add this extra expense into your budget. Saving money on the pet meds that you need can be a big help when it comes to providing the care that your pet needs. Would you like to know how you to can save money on pet meds?
  • Buying Pet Meds Online  By : Mr. Miyagi
    What do you know about buying pet meds online? In this day that we live in, technology has made it much easier to do many of the things we have had to do in the past. This includes shopping. The Internet allows us to shop for things that we want and need without ever having to leave our homes. You can purchase virtually anything imaginable online. This includes your pet medications. But do you know how to do this?
  • Litter Box Etiquette  By : Crystal
    Many people buy pedigree kittens from cat breeders. A breeder is a person who professionally breeds cats to sell and/or show. Suppose you wanted to purchase a Persian kitten. You could find a Persian cat breeder in your area, or a breeder who ships kittens to anywhere in the country. Ideally, you get a breeder's name from someone else who bought a kitten from them. If not, however, you can look in your local newspaper under the pet section.

  • Finding The Best Bird Supplies For Your Bird  By : Joy Boothe
    Knowing which bird supplies are required for your bird's health and safety can be overwhelming. This article contains some helpful tips to educate you quickly and easily.
  • Do You Get Any Benefits From Training Your Golden Retriever?  By : John Philips
    A training schedule for your Golden Retriever should involve a lot more than just teaching him to sit or stay. All family members should be implicated in the exercise, because, even though training your dog is a prerequisite it should also be pleasurable, fulfilling and satisfying for all concerned. A first priority should be house training your Golden Retriever, if only for your own sanity and hygienics.
  • Dog Training - Teaching Rover to Sit!  By : Bobbie McKee
    Teach your pup to sit as his first lesson. There are several good reasons why you should start with this command. First, sitting comes naturally to dogs since they often sit to rest. Two, teaching the pup to sit is relatively easy, a lesson that he will learn very quickly. Three, you will find the sit position an excellent base or jump-off spot from which to launch the other commands.
  • Dog Training - Teaching Rover to Stay!  By : Bobbie McKee
    Teaching the pup to stay after he's learned to sit at your command is a natural step. The combination of sit-stay is one that will help keep your dog out of trouble or possibly save his life. See that he learns it.
  • Dog Training - Teaching Rover to Come!  By : Bobbie McKee
    Most of the time the pup will come when you call him. Notice we said most of the time. That is not enough. You want him to come every time you call him, not when he feels like it or expects something.
  • Dog Training - Teaching Rover to Heel!  By : Bobbie McKee
    There is nothing more exasperating to watch (or get in the way of) than an untrained dog on a leash moving along a crowded sidewalk. He crisscrosses in front of the dog-walker, trips people, and lunges his way through traffic. He's a pest and a peril.
  • Keep Your Dog Healthy  By : Larissa Levise
    Caring for a pet involves more than proper feeding and the odd flea bath. To really care for your pet you need to provide the best health care, and that means being able to spot the warning signs for illness and disease.
  • Cat Care  By : Crystal Chan
    The basic classification of the breeds is into groups based on coat length. There are thus longhairs and shorthairs. The longhairs comprise two quite distinct types.

  • Golden Retrievers - A Favourite Breed Of Dog  By : John Philips
    Golden Retrievers are the preferred option for many people who wish to own a dog. They are renowned as show dogs, obedience competitors, hunting dogs or any combination of these characteristics, which make them a preferable choice of breed. Once you decide that you want to own a Golden Retriever you will be enchanted with an excellent dog that will not disappoint.
  • Dogs: Our Friends Since Long Ago  By : Bob Evanston
    Several millenia ago, man and an early ancestor of the modern dog formed a mutually beneficial partnership. This animal was, most likely, an unusually tame jackal, or perhaps an ailing wolf that had been driven away by the pack. These new companions protected humans against wilder animals and guarded sheep and goats. In return, they received food and a dwelling. As time passed, these early dogs became man's trusted companions.
  • All About Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control  By : Debra Dyson
    The frontline plus flea and tick control is both efficient and quick. It works on completing getting rid of aggravating pests from your beloved pets in as little as eighteen hours. You should notice all of the pests completely killed no longer than 48 hours after application. The application will remain active and working on dogs for as long as 30 days after the initial use.
  • How To Create a Proper Bird Diet For Your Parrot  By : Nora Caterino
    Giving your parrot the wrong bird diet can result in the death of your feathered friend. Yes, this is a fact. Feeding your parrot the right bird diet, however, can help ensure health and longevity for your beloved bird. Only in the last few decades has research revealed which foods are deadly to parrots and which are the best choices for them.
  • How to Buy Discount Pet Medications Online  By : Debra Dyson
    For many us the cost of pet medications has become very costly and cuts deeply into the financial budget of the household. One way to save the cost of pet meds is to shop online for discounted medications. There are many sites on the Internet that can help you save money on your pet medications. How do you go about deciding which website to buy your medications? How will you be able to determine if the website is offering the best quality pets meds for your beloved pet?
  • Parrot Training Tips - The UP Command  By : Nora Caterino
    When training you bird, teaching it good manners is a first priority. The "Up" command could be the very first behavior you select for your parrot training. It doesn't matter whether your parrot is a trusting, just weaned baby or an adult untamed bird, you can still use this easy process for training your bird.
  • If Your Dog is Aggressive  By : Bob Evanston
    Humans and dogs have a long history of happy co-existence. For many people, as the old saying goes, their dog is indeed their best friend. Dogs can serve many roles -family member, guardian, jogging buddy, worker and countless others.
  • Can Cats Be Trained?  By : Bob Evanston
    Many people think that a trained cat is an oxymoron. Cats are known for their independence, which endears them to some people and makes others prefer dogs. While cats are, in many ways, more independent and self-sufficient than dogs, this does not mean that they cannot be trained. This is especially important in regard to areas of problem behavior.
  • Information you should know about salt water aquariums  By : Roger Gordon..
    Anyone who has had an aquarium knows that algae is unavoidable. It is just one of the things that fish owners, both salt and freshwater, have to deal with on a regular basis.There are four main variety's of algae; green algae, brown algae, red-brush algae, and blue green algae.
  • The Best Water You Can Find For Your Aquariums and Fish Tanks  By : Anthony Sastre
    Many fish keepers believe that if the water is not green or brown, fish can exist in it. People may get this mistaken belief from the fact that natural areas of water can periodically look polluted, yet fish thrive there. Nevertheless, natural areas of water have their own processes for providing fish the conditions they need while ridding harmful substances. Your tap water may be nontoxic to drink, but it is not nontoxic for fish to exist in. Tap water has chlorine, iron, and possibly small portions of lead and copper. Tap water can also be too hard or soft for your fish, or consist of an abnormal pH. Luckily there are options to make your tap water appropriate for a fish aquarium, including other water selections.
  • Helpful Hints with Pets  By : Hal Stormi..
    Pets are wonderful things. For most of us, they become a member of our family, an indispensable one. If you are a pet owner or thinking of becoming one, here are some helpful hints you might want to know.
  • Why Place Your Dog In Daycare?  By : Alex F Nowell
    Many people shudder at the thought of leaving their animals home alone. Like children, pets require love and attention during the day as well as at night. From this fundamental belief was founded the idea of pet day care. At day care your pet will be fed, groomed, trained and played with any time you are not available to do so.
  • Horse Safety Tips  By : Dave Jensen
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if your a horse lover then I am sure you are like me and think they are very beautiful and some of the smartest animals to ever live, but in order to spend time with them safely you need to follow some simple precautions so both you and the horse are safe and no one gets hurt from an unsafe act.
  • Cat Litter Box Problem: Four Physical Causes  By : Kurt Schmitt
    The two main causes of a cat litter box problem are behavioral issues and physical problems. The first thing you should do then, is have your vet check out your cat to make sure there are no physical causes.
  • Dog breeders and buyers connect using new online service  By : Lance Fish
    What could be more comforting than coming home, after a difficult work day, to a tail-wagging, enthusiastic and lovable puppy? Truly man�s best friend, an adorable puppy will grow into a loyal companion who will become a part of any loving family.

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